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Indulge yourself with a good old cheeseburger but in a long, baguette-like bun that perfectly captures all the flavors and juices inside.

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So, what鈥檚 in the best cheeseburger sub?

A soft and fresh, or crunchy, toasted bun. Whether fresh or toasted, the bun holds the filling and the toppings in and creates the perfect meat to bread ratio.

Perfectly cooked seasoned ground beef. High-quality minced or ground beef is cooked to perfection by local chefs. It is mixed with seasonings, spices, and cheese, and when ready, the hot meat is put in a long bun or roll.

Melty cheese. As the name says, cheese is one of the main ingredients in the cheeseburger sub sandwich. It can be melted within the ground meat mixture, and/or put on top of the sub.

Fresh veggies. Shredded lettuce, fresh onion slices, juicy tomato chunks are one of the most used and preferred veggies for the cheese sub.

Juicy sauces. Sub sauce, Mayonnaise, and Worcestershire sauce are the most common sauces that can be used as a spread on the bun, or over the sub.

*Optional: Some shredded parmesan on top because it鈥檚 a cheeseburger sub, right? Or any other topping preferred!

The Bacon Cheeseburger Sub

Add some crispy bacon on top of the cheeseburger sub and you get a mouth-watering bite. Order some bacon strips, fried until golden-brown for a crunchy, satisfying sub, or some real bacon bits for a chunkier, yet delicious sandwich.

Cheeseburger Sub Calories

The appetizing cheeseburger sub is packed with all the good stuff, like meat and cheese, hence lots of calories as well. One 8-inch sub can yield somewhere between 500 to 850 calories in its toppings, and a 12-inch sub can have from 700 to around 1300 calories.

Want to cut calories? Pick some fresh toppings like veggies and reduce the number of sauces to minimize your calorie intake.

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