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You can easily get some with the Slice App! This tasty dish is made of pasta pieces that contain fillings like minced meat, cheese, fish, or vegetables, typically served with sauce.

This pasta kind was first mentioned in the 1300s. And it was also well established in Rome in the 1500s. Later on, a canned version was developed during the First World War. And from there, different companies made it popular in Europe and the U.S.

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The Ravioli Story

Ravioli is pasta with filling, typically served in sauce or bouillon. There are different filling variations depending on the area. For example, in Rome, the filling is made from spinach, black pepper, ricotta cheese, and nutmeg. Whereas in Sardinia, it is made of grated lemon rind and ricotta.


Ravioli were first mentioned in Francesco di Marco Datini’s letters. He was a trader from Prato in the 1300s.

In Venice, there was a document called “Libro per Cuoco” which features the dish. This was in the mid-1300s, and this special pasta was made of green herbs, egg, and cheese, cooked in bouillon.

Additionally, the dish became popular in Rome when Bartolomeo Scappi cooked it for the papal conclave of 1549. He served the pasta together with boiled chicken.

Ravioli were established in England during the 1300s. Evidently, it was featured in the Anglo-Norman vellum parchment called “Forme of Cury”. And the pasta was named “ravioles.”

Moreover, canned ravioli were developed by the Italian army during the First World War. And they were made popular by companies like Buitoni and Heinz. This was in Europe and the UK. As for the US, they were popularized by Chef Boyardee.

This canned pasta kind can be filled with cheese, Italian sausage, beef, or chicken. And it is often accompanied by some type of tomato sauce.

In addition, a toasted version was created in St Louis. It is made by breading and deep-frying the pasta. And it is a highly demanded snack!

If you’re in Chicago, you can find this mouthwatering pasta dish in Joe’s Pizza! And they have other delicious appetizers as well.

Ravioli Variants


This version of the dish is made of pasta dough, lobster, and a sauce. The lobster is used as a filling. The lobster tail is boiled, and after that, it gets sliced while the chef adds butter, garlic, and other herbs.

Then, the filling is placed inside the pasta. And the assembled pasta gets cut into squares. Next, the squares are boiled. Lastly, cream sauce is added on top of them. And the sauce is made from onions, garlic, tomatoes, parmesan, basil, and more.


This version is similar to the lobster one. However, instead of a lobster tail, the filling consists of ricotta cheese, cream cheese, provolone cheese, egg, and parsley. As for the sauce, it could be made of olive oil, crushed garlic, basil pesto sauce, heavy cream, parmesan cheese, and marinara sauce. The rest of the cooking process is the same.


This version is easily prepared. Restaurants start off by creating breading for the pasta. And the breading consists of milk, flour, and bread crumbs. The pasta pieces are coated in milk, then flour, then milk again, and finally they’re topped with bread crumbs.

When the coating is done, the pieces are fried in hot oil until they turn golden brown. Additionally, parmesan cheese could be sprinkled on top. And they can be served with some marinara sauce.

As for the pasta filling, this could be cheese, meat, or other options like spinach and cheese.

There is an excellent restaurant in Houston called Villa Roma Pizza where you can get delicious ravioli!



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Awesome fresh ravioli in meat sauce reminded me of my Great Italian Grandmothers ravioli and sauce.

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