Our flat fee per order pricing ensures that you're only paying for the value we're providing. Your success is our success, just like a partnership should be.

Just $2.25 per order

$0 for orders under $10
As low as 2.0% processing
No setup fees
Our flat rate pricing ensures that you earn more with every order regardless of size. Shops we work with see a 40% increase in average online order value.

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It's time to move on from the 30% commissions the delivery apps can take. With our flat fee per order pricing, you make more regardless of order size.

Delivery App's Commission on a $40 Order
Delivery App's Commission on a $40 Order
You keep $28.
Slice's Fee on a $40 Order
Slice's Fee on a $40 Order
You keep $37.75 — almost $10 more per order!

Our Fair Refund Promise

We want to be your partner, not just another vendor. That’s why we not only have the industry’s best customer support (for you and your customers), but will also solve any order issues with you. Non-shop mistakes, chargebacks, credit-card fraud...let those be our problems. Not yours. That’s our promise.

Our Packages

The value of Slice goes far beyond better pricing. Our packages offer you a diverse set of products and services that solve your most common challenges.

Get listed on the largest pizzeria marketplace
Slice Essentials
Standard Slice benefits, plus...
Slice App Listing
Slice Rewards
Slice Marketing
Empower your shop with online ordering and automated marketing
Slice Premium
All of Essentials, plus...
Online Ordering
Customized Website (optional)
Boosted Search Ranking
Automated Loyalty Marketing
Order Anywhere Network
Most Popular!
Get the complete technology solution for pizzerias
Slice Complete
All of Premium, plus...
Slice Register
Slice Payments
Delivery Management
Limited Availability

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