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Cape Coral has a lot of influence from the state of New York when it comes to their pizza tastes. Each year, many New Yorkers come to Florida to visit family, have a vacation, or move to settle down in a sunnier home. The area is very appealing for many reasons, making Florida a popular retirement location.

Cape Coral is known for the Gulf Coast beaches, with many golf courses and other family attractions. There are waterparks and more, making the area ideal for some family fun. That also means that there are going to be plenty of family pizza places in the area.

Due to New York’s influence, the New York slice is very popular in some areas. However, the Chicago-style pizza seems to be the most popular option today. You will find both in the area, but many of the locals tend to prefer the Chicago deep-dish pizza today.

Want to learn more? Slice Life has you covered! We included everything you need to know. So, whether you live in the area and want to experience something new or are looking to plan a vacation in Cape Coral, you can find a delicious pizzeria to try.

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Cape Coral is Known for Deep Dish Pizza

The Chicago Deep Dish is one of the most popular options that you will find in Cape Coral, Florida. Many people enjoy the amount of toppings and sauce that the pizza can hold. It is baked in a dish, allowing the crust to form walls that make a slight bowl shape.

Due to the unique style of the crust, the Chicago pizza can hold a massive amount of toppings and sauce. Overall, we recommend that you try a classic deep-dish pizza while you are in the area. There are plenty of restaurant options, with more appearing all the time.

The area is a popular vacation destination, so you can find several different, unique pizza toppings here. We recommend that you order through us, so that you can enjoy your meal as soon as possible!

Best Delivery Pizza in Cape Coral

If you are trying to find fast delivery, order from Jet’s Pizza. For the area, they have a very low delivery charge. Plus, they are open late into the night on most days. They have two different locations in Cape Coral, so you can order from the one that is closer to you.

They are always very prompt with their service. When you place an order online, you can be confident that you are going to receive your meal hot and fresh. They use a variety of toppings and include some authentic Italian recipes on their menu.

Their staff are also very kind and fast. They are always working on the next order, so you can get yours fast. They can get quite busy during the day, since they are popular- especially right around lunchtime. We recommend that you order with us, so you don’t have to worry about a super long wait!

Best Takeout Pizza in Cape Coral

Are you thinking about where you want to get takeout in Cape Coral instead? IRagazzi Pizza has some of the best choices when it comes to takeout. Their staff gets to work as soon as they see they have a new order, which keeps the flow of the restaurant moving along smoothly.

They handle your food very carefully, ensuring that you always get the best meals from them. The store also does offer delivery, if you want to try, but aren’t able to leave for takeout orders at the moment.

They are a fun place to grab some takeout from for a family dinner on the way home from work. If you have kids, they will be sure to be excited about IRagazzi’s!

Overall, we recommend that you order through Slice Life. Pizzerias in Cape Coral can get very busy around the middle of the day- especially during the beach season. When you order ahead with us, you can be sure your food is prepared for when you need it.

Best Pizza Near Cape Coral


Citrola’s Italian Grill and Pizzeria has some of the best Italian food in the area. They are also a wonderful wine bar, allowing you to enjoy a delicious drink with your pizza. It’s the perfect way to unwind for locals and vacationers alike.

Cypress Lake

House of Pasta is considered one of the best local Italian places in the area. They also have plenty of pizza options and several other dishes for you to try out. Their food is always made fresh, so we are confident you will find something here that you love.

Fort Myers

Downtown House of Pizza has an amazing atmosphere and a very wide menu. They have several different salads and pastas too for you to try. Everything is made fresh and they only use the best ingredients in making their meals.


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