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San Antonio is a cultural melting pot renowned all over the US for its culinary inventiveness. That's an amazing achievement and one that has seen San Antonio bestowed with prestigious titles like the City of Gastronomic Creativity. Pizza in San Antonio hasn't been left behind when it comes to innovation either. From the early 80's, when pizza first arrived in this Texan city, wafts of baking dough mingled with the aroma of melting cheese have been tempting people off the city's streets. Some of those that started out small back in the day have grown to become well-known country-wide chains. It's the family-run establishments though that are proving inspirational with toppings on their New York or Chicago-style pies. By combining ingredients from the city's mixed heritage they're elevating pizza in San Antonio to a whole new level on the food landscape.

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San Antonio is known for Chicago-style pizza

Texas is a US state where things have a reputation of being just a little bit bigger than everywhere else. That applies to sculptures, cowboy boots, amusement park rides and appetites. Chowing down on a Chicago-style pizza in San Antonio is one way locals and visitors eradicate the hunger pangs. And it's a tasty way to do it too. When you get a hold of a slice of Chicago-style pizza baked in a deep dish, stuffed full of herby tomato sauce combined with the fillings you've chosen and topped with lashings of sumptuously melting cheese, you know you're in for a treat. It doesn't matter that San Antonio is over a thousand miles south of Chicago, the pizzerias in San Antonio have mastered the art of making Chicago-style pies and often with an additional touch of their own individual flair. Whatever your favorite food is, be it Tex-Mex, Greek, the all-American barbecue, or even a kebab, in San Antonio don't be surprised to find you can get it served on or in your pizza. If you're looking for some of that award-winning gastronomic ingenuity San Antonio is famous for with your pizza, you'll find that too.

Best pizza delivery in San Antonio

When you're hankering for pizza, you don't want to be hanging about waiting for the delivery guy to arrive at the door. The House of Pizza is centrally located in San Antonio which makes them ideally geographically placed for swift deliveries no matter where you are in the city. Pies at the House of Pizza are stone-baked and while that may be a traditional manner of preparing pizzas, the interior of this pizzeria is totally ultra-modern. If your favorite shade is lime-green, you'll love its fast-food restaurant appearance. If not, don't worry, you won't be seeing the color clash if you're having your pizza delivered. One thing to be said about The House of Pizza is - they don't stint on their choice of toppings. If you're mega hungry don't miss out on The Works. It's loaded with ten different ingredients and you get to choose each and every one of them. If that doesn't amount to a pizza feast, then nothing does.

Best take-out pizza in San Antonio

There are times when you don't want to sit at a table or wait for a pizza delivery to turn up on your doorstep. Grab and go can be the perfect option if you're happy to eat on your feet or want to make the most of a spell of good weather and eat al fresco in the nearest park. If you're planning on visiting San Antonio's Natural Bridge Caverns or the Natural Bridge Wildlife Park and want to munch on something when you get there, Jet's Pizza on the Stone Oak Parkway is the ideal choice for a takeout. Their pizzas suit all picnic and takeout predilections as they serve up thin-crust, hand-tossed, deep-dish, New York and Detroit-style and have some great veggie options too. The good thing is, whether you order a slice or an entire pie, your San Antonio pizza take-out from Jets will still be steaming hot when you finally find the bench where you want to sit down to eat it.

Best pizza near San Antonio

New Braunfels

New Braunfels is a city thirty miles west of San Antonio with a historic German-Texan heritage, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to make pizza. Drop in at Inferno's Wood Fired Oven and Spirits and your appetite will ignite as soon as you set eyes on the menu. Try one of their signature Scorpion Pepper pizzas doused with Trinidad Scorpion Pepper sauce and it may well set your mouth on fire.


Castroville is a Texan town that knows how to add a touch of oh-la-la flair to their Italian fayre. At the Texas Hillside Bistro you can get pampered at the spa or take a dip in the restaurant pool while waiting for your pizza to cook. Dive into one of the bistro's specialty flatbreads, like the brisket and barbecue or the vegan version, and you won't come up for air until the last crumb is finished.


Somerset is only a short distance from Downtown San Antonio and looks like somewhere you'd drive through if it weren't for Constantino's Pizza. This rustic pizzeria has an old-world décor that suits its rural location to a tee. If you sit in or take a table out on the deck, you won't be seated for long before you're heading back to their all-day pizza and wings buffet for another scrumptious helping followed by apple fritters for dessert.


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