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Bologna Gourmet

5661 Palmer Way B, Carlsbad, CA 92010

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    Asparagus Flan

    Tortino flan, served with parmigiano cheese and truffle oil.


    Cozze Alla Sorrentina

    Steamed mussels with cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, white wine, parsley, and garlic.



    Tomino cheese, wrapped whit prosciutto, honey, and walnuts.


    Prosciutto & Burrata

    Velvety burrata mozzarella, served with prosciutto di parma.


    Grilled Artichoke

    Served over a bed of arugula, and siracha mayo.


    Basket Of Bread


    Grilled Octopus



    Burrata Salad

    Velvety burrata mozzarella, served with arugula, cherry tomatoes and prosciutto di parma.


    Cesarina Salad

    Hearts of romaine with croutons, Cesar dressing, and shaved Parmigiano.


    Elizabeth Salad

    Arugula salad, shaved Parmigiano cheese, walnuts, and sliced pears, served with Italian dressing (EVOO and balsamic vinegar).


    La Pinsa
    Pinsa Romana is a mix between focaccia & pizza.

    Margherita Style Pinsa

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil.


    Burrata Pinsa

    White stone pinsa with arugula, prosciutto di Parma, velvety burrata cheese, and cherry tomatoes.


    Salsiccia Pinsa

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushroom, Italian sausage, and onion.


    Vegetariana Pinsa

    Pesto stone pinsa topped with veggies, mushrooms, and Parmigiano cheese.


    The Layers Pasta
    Only available Friday, Saturday

    Lasagna Bolognese

    Traditional homemade lasagna pasta sheets prepared in layers with hand-made besciamella cream, bolognese meat ragu sauce, and aged Parmigiano cheese.


    I Primi Piatti

    Tagliatelle Con Bolognese Ragu`

    Homemade flat egg noodles served with our traditional homemade Bolognese meat (100% beef) ragu sauce.


    Gnocchi Al Pesto

    Traditional homemade ricotta cheese gnocchi dumpling served with blended fresh basil, pine nuts, Parmigiano cheese, and EVOO.


    Bucatino Amatriciana

    Homemade thick traditional spaghetti served in light spicy tomato sauce, with cured pork cheek, pecorino cheese, and shallot.


    Mushrooms Ravioli

    Portobello mushrooms stuffed ravioli in butter and sage sauce.


    Bucatino Cacio & Pepe

    Homemade thick traditional spaghetti served in creamy white pecorino cheese sauce, with black pepper and truffle oil.


    Spaghetti Alle Vongole

    Classic durum wheat semolina pasta served with clams cooked in white wine, parsley, and garlic.


    Rigatoni Puttanesca

    Large tube shaped pasta served with homemade spicy tomato sauce, anchovies, cappers, and olives.


    Spaghetti Ai Frutti di Mare

    Classic durum wheat semolina pasta served with clams, mussels, and shrimp in red sauce.


    I Secondi Piatti

    Chicken Parmigiana

    Breaded, light fried chicken breast in marinara, topped with mozzarella cheese, finished in oven.



    Grilled Italian mild sausages and marinated chicken filet, served with a side of the day.


    Lamb Chop

    Lambchop meat, sous vide cooking style (2 hours at 135*) served with a side of the day.



    Grilled shrimp over a bed of arugula served with a side of the day.


    Soft Drinks





    San Pellegrino Water


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