Red Tomato Pizzeria

37 Boston Post Rd, Madison, CT 06443

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Red Tomato Pizzeria a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

The Traditional (No Mozzarella) Pizza$7.00 +
Crushed Italian tomatoes, Pecorino Romano cheese, olive oil, garlic.
Mozzarella Pizza$8.50 +
The White Clam Classic Pizza$14.00 +
Freshly shucked clams, olive oil, garlic, oregano, and Pecorino Romano cheese.
The White Broccoli Pizza$10.50 +
With mozzarella, virgin olive oil, and garlic.
The Deluxe Pizza$14.50 +
Mozzarella, sausage, pepperoni, bacon, onions, peppers, mushrooms.
House Special Pizza$14.50 +
A white pie with mozzarella, sliced fresh tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, Pecorino Romano and olive oil by popular demand.
The Veggie Pizza$14.50 +
Mozzarellla brocoli, mushrooms, onion, pepper, eggplaant, spinach.
Pesto Pie Pizza$12.00 +
Our famous dough covered with pesto, a light coating of mozzarella cheese, finished with garlic and olive oil.
Shrimp Scampi Pie Pizza$16.60 +
One white pie with olive oil, mozzarella, shrimp, garlic, parsley, and lemon juice.
Buffalo Chicken Pie Pizza$12.99 +
A red pie with mozzarella, hot sauce.
Patato Con Rozmarino Pizza$12.00 +
White pie with mozzarella, olive oil, sliced potatoes, garlic, Romano.
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$12.99 +
A white pie with chicken, bacon and ranch dressing.
Meat Lovers Pizza$14.50 +
A red pie with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and meatball.
California Pizza$14.50 +
White or red pie with chicken, fresh garlic, tomato, olives, artichoke hearts.
Hawaiian Pizza$12.00 +
A red or white pie with mozzarella, ham, and pineapple.
Polo Bianca Pizza$14.50 +
White pie with mozzarella, grilled chicken, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic olive oil.
Seafood Delight Pizza$15.99 +
White pie with mozzarella fresh clams, shrimp, garlic, olive oil.
Florentine Pizza$14.00 +
White or red pie with mozzarella, spinach, mushroom, ricotta, garlic.
Philly Steak Pizza$14.50 +
Red pie with steak, mozzarella, onion, peppers, mushrooms.
Chicken & Broccoli Pizza$14.00 +
Red or white pie with mozzarella, grilled chicken, broccoli, garlic, olive oil.
Three Cheese Pizza$12.99 +
Red or white mozzarella, feta, ricotta.
Cheese Bread$11.99
Garlic Bread$11.99
Basil Bread$11.99
Spinach & Cheese Bread$11.99
Pepperoni & Cheese Bread$11.99
Broccoli & Cheese Bread$11.99
Ham & Cheese Bread$11.99
Ham & Cheese & Tomato$11.99
Grilled Chicken & Broccoli Bread$12.99
Sausage & Pepperoni Bread$12.99
Sausage & Pepper Bread$11.99
Dinner Salad$6.99
Mesclun mix, mushrooms, onions, sliced tomatoes.
The dinner salad plus Canadian ham, genoa salami, Stella sharp cheese, prosciutto, provolone, stuffed peppers ask for croutons at no additional charge.
Caesar Salad$6.99
With romaine lettuce, croutons, Pecorino Romano.
Chef Salad$9.99
Garden salad with turkey, ham, roast beef, Stella sharp cheese.
Buffalo Chicken Salad$10.99
Hot breaded chicken, hot sauce and crumbled bleu cheese.
Hawaiian Salad$10.99
With ham, pineapple, stella sharp cheese.
Greek Salad$9.99
With mixed greens, onions, croutons, olive, and feta cheese.
Buffalo Wings$9.99 +
Breaded Boneless Wings$9.99 +
Stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, and Romano cheese.
Classic Calzone$11.00 +
Choice of white, wheat or rye bread. All served with a bag of chips.
Roast Beef Sandwich$7.99
Ham & Cheese Sandwich$7.99
Lettuce, tomato, oil.
Turkey & Cheese Sandwich$7.99
Lettuce, tomato.
Genoa Salami & Cheese Sandwich$7.99
Lettuce, tomato.
Pepperoni & Cheese Sandwich$7.99
Lettuce, tomato.
Capicola & Cheese Sandwich$7.99
Lettuce, tomato.
Tuna Salad Sandwich$7.99
Lettuce, tomato.
Italian Combo Grinder$10.99
Ham, salami, capicola, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, oil.
Turkey Grinder$8.99
Provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, oil, or mayo.
Red Tomato Special Grinder$10.99
With ham, turkey, roast beef, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, oil, or mayo.
Pizza Steak Grinder$9.99
Pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese.
Veggie Grinder$8.99
Lettuce, tomato, onions, mushroom, provolone cheese, oil or mayo.
Capicola Gronder$8.99
Lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, oil or mayo.
Tuna Salad Grinder$8.99
Lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, oil or mayo.
Genoa Salami Grinder$8.99
Lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, oil or mayo.
Buffalo Chicken Grinder$9.99
Hot sauce, bleu cheese, provolone cheese.
Chicken Parm Grinder$9.99
With red sauce and provolone cheese.
All served with lettuce and tomato, deluxe served with fries and pickles.
Hamburger$5.99 +
Cheeseburger$6.50 +
Double Cheeseburger$7.99 +
Bacon Burger$6.99 +
Texas Burger$7.99 +
With bacon, bbq sauce, grilled onion, cheese.
Red Tomato Burger$6.99 +
With mushrooms, and onions.
Patty Melt$7.99 +
With onions, tomato, provolone cheese on rye bread
Served with a bag of chips choice of white, whole wheat or sun-dried tomato wraps.
Steak & Cheese Wrap$8.99
Steak, lettuce, tomato.
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$8.99
Buffalo chicken tender, bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato.
Caesar Grilled Chicken Wrap$8.99
Romaine lettuce, Romano cheese, caesar dressing.
Turkey Wrap$8.99
Low-fat ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese.
Bacon Wrap$8.99
Low-fat ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese.
Avocado Wrap$8.99
Low-fat ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese.
Veggie Wrap$8.99
Lettuce, tomato, onion, mushroom, roasted pepper, provolone cheese.
Red Tomato Wrap$9.99
With grilled chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato, red roasted pepper, sharp Stella cheese.
Avocado & Tuna Salad Wrap$8.99
Lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese.
Greek Salad Wrap$8.99
Lettuce, tomato, olive, onion, feta cheese, Italian dressing.
Grilled Chicken Wrap$9.99
Lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese.
Ranch Wrap$9.99
Lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese.
Italian Combo Wrap$9.99
With ham, salami, pepperoni, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, house dressing.
Served with sour cream & salsa, deluxe served with fries and pickles.
Cheese$6.99 +
Steak & Cheese$7.29 +
Philly Steak & Cheese$7.29 +
Onions, peppers, mushrooms.
Chicken$7.29 +
Buffalo Chicken$7.29 +
Veggie$7.29 +
Onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomato, broccoli.
Served with salad and bread.
Stuffed Shells$11.99
Manicotti Overrun$11.99
Manicotti Overrun with Meatball$13.99
Cheese Ravioli$11.99
Cheese Ravioli with Meatball$13.99
NY Cheesecake$3.99
Carrot Cake$3.99
Chocolate Cake$3.99
Fountain Soda$1.50
Foxon park white birch, orange, cola, diet cola, assona (lemon).
Snapple Ice Tea$2.00
Pink Lemonade$2.00
Apple Juice$1.50
Bottled Water$1.50