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Best Pizza Shop

62 Main St, New Canaan, CT 06840

Open until 10:00 PM

Full Hours
    Detroit Style Pizzas

    Burrata Baby Pizza

    Grande mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce, thin sliced eggplant, burrata, basil


    Hot Chicken Pizza

    Crispy buffalo chicken, banana peppers, mozzarella, béchamel.


    House Red Pizza

    Grande mozzarella, tomato sauce.


    House White Pizza

    Our world class dough, grande mozzarella, ricotta, pecorino, basil.


    Italian Hippie Pizza

    Grande mozzarella, pistachio pesto, vodka sauce, tomato sauce


    Papa Yo Pizza

    Béchamel, charred potato, caramelized onion, fontina.


    Shroom Pizza

    Grande mozzarella, béchamel, mushrooms, truffle cream.


    The Girl King Pizza

    Grande mozzarella, tomato sauce, fresh garlic, purple onion, double pepperoni, honey sriracha.


    Cacio e Pepe Square Pizza

    Black pepper bechamel, pecorino, grande mozzarella.


    K - Town Special Pizza

    Grande Mozzarella, Crispy Korean BBQ chicken, corn, sesame seeds, scallions


    The Queens Guy Pizza

    Grande mozzarella , vodka sauce, béchamel sauce , ego pepperoni, mikes hot honey


    New York Pies

    NY Slice Pie

    Our signature canotto-ny 18inch crust topped with fresh tomato sauce, grande mozzarella, parmesan and basil. Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


    Gluten Free Pizza


    Cauliflower Pizza


    Margherita Pie

    Our signature canotto-ny 18inch crust topped with fresh tomato sauce, grande mozzarella, parmesan and basil. Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


    Veggie Pie

    Our NY Crust topped with fresh tomato sauce, Grande mozzarella, spinach, pepper's onions and mushrooms


    Pepperoni Pie

    Our ny crust topped with fresh tomato sauce, natural pepperoni cups , parmigiano, grande mozzarella and fresh mozzarella


    Crispy Gnocchi Pizza

    Crispy gnocchi tossed in pesto, with grande mozzarella on our organic crust


    Cacio E Pepe Round Pie

    Black pepper bechamel, pecorino, grande mozzarella


    Buffalo Chicken Pie

    Our NY Crust with succulent buffalo chicken, Grande mozzarella, béchamel and crunchy celery.


    Chicken Parm Pie

    Grande mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, marinara sauce, crispy chicken cutlets, basil



    Pizzaria Salad

    Iceberg, beef steak tomato, red onion, black olive, crouton, cucumber, creamy Italian dressing


    Kale Chopped Salad

    Tuscan kale, hot cherry peppers, roman tomato, purple onion, pepperoni, mozzarella. Chopped and tossed in our house dressing


    Classic Caesar Salad

    Crisp fresh romain lettuce tossed with house made caesar dressing, croutons and parmesan


    Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad

    Shaved Brussels sprouts tossed in a creamy peppercorn dressing, hazelnuts, crouton


    Best Pizza Shop Specialty Items

    Christmas Wreath Garlic Knots

    Buttery Garlic Knots topped with vodka, pesto and tomato sauce with Enzo pepperoni and Parmesan


    Crispy Gnocchi Pizza

    Crispy gnocchi tossed in pesto, with grande mozzarella on our organic crust.


    Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tenders

    Buttermilk Basil Chicken Cutlets

    Boneless Chicken Cutlets with lemon and dipping sauce


    Buttermilk Basil Chicken Cutlets with Crispy Crinkle Cut Fries



    Steak Cut Fries

    Rosemary and parm. Roasted garlic mayo.


    Roasted Brussels' Sprouts

    Hot Honey ricotta


    Roasted Broccoli & Cheese

    Garlic, lemon cheese sauce



    Gnocchi Calzone

    Our famous crispy pesto gnocchi stuffed inside a calzone with mozzarella and ricotta


    Chicken Vodka Calzone

    Calzone stuffed with chicken cutlet, vodka sauce, mozzarella and ricotta


    Truffle Burrata Calzone

    Calzone stuffed with Burrata, truffle honey, ricotta and mozzarella with a side of truffle cream


    Burgers & Sandwiches

    Chicken Parm Sandwich

    Crispy chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce on our house baked pizza bread.


    Vodka Chicken Parm Sandwich

    Crispy chicken cutlet, grande mozzarella, 007 vodka sauce on fresh baked hero !


    Meatball Parm Sandwich

    Fried meatballs in sauce with melty mozzarella


    Crispy Eggplant & Burrata Sandwich

    Crispy eggplant topped with tomato sauce, basil and creamy burrata


    Best Party Sandwich Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

    Our Garlic Pizza Bread Stuffed with, Chicken Cutlet, Buffalo bechamel sauce, blue cheese, fresh mozzarella. Mikes Hot Honey and Green onions


    Hippe Burger

    Pesto, vodka and marinara sauce, mozzarella and carmilized onion on a pizza bread bun


    Buratta Burger

    Sirloin Burger cooked to perfection topped with creamy buratta tomato jam served with steak cut fries


    Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

    Our basil fried chicken cutlets tossed in buffalo sauce with buttermilk basil ranch topped with crumbled blue cheese.



    Crispy Gnocchi

    Crispy Pan toasted Gnocchi, Pistachio spinach pesto. topped ricotta salata


    Spaghetti Stracchino

    Spaghetti in tomato basil sauce topped with creamy burrata.


    Baked Gnocchi

    Hand made Gnocchi in vodka sauce topped with fresh mozzarella and basil


    Spaghetti Tomato Basil


    Spaghetti & Meatballs

    Spaghetti in with meatballs in tomato basil sauce.


    Spaghetti Amatriciani

    Spaghetti and bacon in spicy tomato sofrito sauce


    Gnocchi Alfredo


    Rigatoni Alfredo


    Chicken Parm

    Crispy chicken cutlet topped with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella served with {pasta.


    Rigatoni with Spicy Vodka Sauce

    Rigatoni pasta tossed with our creamy spicy vodka sauce and topped with parmesan.


    Kids Menu

    Kid's Pasta Alfredo


    Kid's Pasta With Marinara


    Kid's Pasta with Butter


    Kid's Chicken Cutlets

    Crispy Chicken Cutlets served with carrot sticks and choice of fries or pasta




    Cinnamon sugar dusted doughnuts.


    Campfire Ice Cream Supreme

    Creamy Marshmallow and Nutella topped with chocolate and vanilla ice cream and grahm crackle crumble





    Snapple Ice Tea


    San Pellegrino Orange


    San Pellegrino Grape Fruit


    Pellegrino Water


    Panna Water


    Party Packs

    Pizza Party

    Let us make your next party "The Best" Choose 1 Appetizer, 1 Salad, and 5 pizzas.


    Pasta Party

    The Pasta Party includes our four signature pasta dishes; Crispy Gnocchi, Spicy Rigatoni Vodka, Spaghetti & Meatballs and Gnocchi Alfredo along with the Best Pizza Shop House salad.


    Hungry Family

    The hungry family includes ceasar or house salad, fried mozzarella & 3 sauces, cheesy garlic sticks, meatballs, crispy gnocchi, and 2 detroit pizzas


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