Grande's Bella Cucina

4580 Donald Ross Rd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

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Traditional homemade pies made with grände part skim mozzarella cheese, homemade pomodoro, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil.
New York Style Pizza$9.94 +
IL Caprese Pizza$12.95 +
Fresh mozzarella, pomodoro sauce, basil, sliced tomato and drizzled pesto.
Chicken Caesar Pizza$13.95 +
Breaded or grilled chicken, romaine lettuce and drizzled Caesar.
Vegetable Pizza$13.95 +
(No tomato sauce). Tomatoes, spinach, onions, peppers, eggplant, garlic, mushrooms and mozzarella.
IL Toscana Pizza$12.95 +
(No tomato sauce) Prosciutto di parma, arugula, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese.
Buffalo Chicken Pizza$13.95 +
Hot and spicy chicken, mozzarella cheese and drizzled bleu cheese.
BBQ Chicken Pizza$13.95 +
Diced chicken marinated in BBQ sauce.
Chicken Parmigiana Pizza$13.95 +
Breaded chicken breast, mozzarella and pomodoro.
Meat Lovers Pizza$13.95 +
Pepperoni, sausage, meatball, ham and bacon.
Hawaiian Pizza$13.95 +
Ham, bacon, pineapple, pomodoro and mozzarella.
Nonna (Grandma) Pizza$19.95
(Thick square pizza) Fresh mozzarella, marinara sauce, basil, fresh garlic, Parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive oil.
Nonna Pesto Pizza$19.95
(Thick Square Pizza) Fresh pesto, mozzarella, marinara and Parmesan cheese.
Ricotta Vegetable Pizza$12.95 +
(No tomato sauce) Fresh ricotta, tomatoes, baby spinach and mozzarella.
Mozzarella Caprese$9.94
Fresh mozzarella di bufala, vine sliced tomatoes, roasted peppers, sweet basil and olive oil.
Grande Meatballs$7.95
Black angus, pomodoro sauce.
Clams Casino$11.95
Baked fresh clams stuffed with sautéed peppers, onions and smoked bacon.
Honey Garlic Scallops$14.95
Amaretto, organic arugula, heirloom grape tomatoes.
Antipasto Toscana$17.95
Sorpressata, mortadella, prosciutto, Italian ham, parmigiano reggiano, fresh ricotta, provolone, baby artichoke hearts and kalamata olives.
Fried Calamari$10.95
Served with our house marinara sauce.
Rollatini di Melanzane$9.94
Fresh eggplant stuffed with seasoned ricotta, baked with tomato sauce & fresh rmzzarella.
Long Stem Roasted Artichoke Hearts$10.95
Seasoned breadcrumbs, lemon.
Calamari Saltati$10.95
Sauteed fresh calamari, garlic, grape tomatoes, poblano peppers, avocado (mild or spicy).
Fig & Goat Cheese Pizza$16.95
Fig marmalade, organic arugula, mozzarella, prosciutto.
All soups are homemade daily.
Soup of the Day$5.95
Pasta Fagioli Soup$8.94
French Onion Soup$8.94
Fragola di Anna Salad$8.94
Fresh strawberries, baby spinach red onions candied pecans, house poppy seed dressing.
Di Chef Salad$8.94
Italian ham, Turkey, provolone, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, green, eggs, mozzarella and bleu cheese.
Belga Salad$9.94
Endive, pear, Gorgonzola, candied pecan and balsamic reduction.
Caesar Salad$7.95
Romaine, kalamata olives, parmigiano and homemade caesar dressing.
Di Casa Salad$7.95
Warm herb encrusted goat cheese, tomato, green, candied pecans, red onions, balsamic vinaigrette.
House Salad$6.25
Organic green, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, carrots and homemade balsamic vinaigrette.
Pollo Grigliato Salad$13.95
Grilled chicken, tomatoes, avocado, candied pecans, gorgonzola, red onions, greens and balsamic vinaigrette.
Grilled Chicken & Pear Salad$14.95
Candied pecans, fresh pear, gorgonzola, greens and balsamic vinaigrette.
Greek Salad$10.95
Romaine, cucumbers, kalamata olives, chickpeas, red onions, tomatoes, feta cheese, lemon and oregano vinaigrette.
Grilled Salmon Salad$19.95
Pan-seared salmon med rare, grilled zucchini, squash, baby spinach, tomatoes and toasted almonds.
Tri-Colored Tortellini Pesto Salad$13.95
Romaine, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, parmigiano and balsamic vinaigrette.
Filet Mignon Grigliato Salad$16.95
Grilled peppers, onions, mushrooms, Gorgonzola, tomatoes, red onions and balsamic vinaigrette.
Grilled Baby Kale$7.95
With Northern white beans.
Sautéed Baby Spinach$6.95
Fresh garlic & olive oil.
Penne Alla Vodka$7.95
Prepared with pancetta.
Pasta con Pomodoro$6.00
Our traditional tomato sauce with your choice of capellini, spaghetti, linguine or penne pomodoro.
Vegetable of the Day$6.95
Lasagna Bolognese Pasta$17.95
Homemade layered pasta, meat sauce, ricotta, pomodoro and mozzarella.
Penne Rusticone Pasta$18.95
Sausage, mini meatballs, mushrooms, smoked mozzarella and tomato wine sauce.
Vegetable Lasagna Pasta$17.95
Homemade layered pasta, ricotta, grilled zucchini, squash, peppers, spinach and mozzarella.
Spaghetti & Homemade Meatballs Pasta$18.95
Pasta Del Orto Linguini Pasta$17.95
Grape tomatoes, carrots, onions, roasted peppers, yellow squash, asparagus, spinach and Northern white beans.
Gnocchi di Casa Pasta$18.95
Your choice of bolognese, alla vodka or pesto cream.
Shrimp & Scallops Fra Diavolo Pasta$28.95
Spicy marinara sauce over fettuccini.
Manicotti Pasta$14.95
Fresh homemade pasta and ricotta.
Eggplant Parmigiana Pasta$16.95
Pomodoro and mozzarella.
Parpadelle Bolognese Pasta$16.95
Fresh homemade wide pasta with our homemade meat sauce.
Linguine con Vongole Pasta$17.95
Little neck clams, white or red.
Penne Alla Vodka Pasta$15.95
Pink sauce and pancetta.
Ravioli Pasta$14.95
Ricotta cheese and pomodoro.
Lobster Ravioli Pasta$18.95
Organic heirloom grape tomatoes, sherry cream sauce.
Fettuccine Carbonara Pasta$18.95
Pancetta, bacon, peas, fresh egg.
Shrimp Oscar Pasta$27.95
Shrimp, crabmeat, pesto cream sauce, spinach, fettuccine.
Free-range organic chicken, veal scaloppini and fresh in-house cut fish.
Chicken Parmigiana$19.95
Pomodoro and mozzarella.
Chicken Marsala$22.95
Pan-seared chicken breast, wild mushrooms and marsala wine sauce.
Chicken Francaise$21.95
Pan-seared chicken and lemon wine sauce.
Chicken Milanese$19.95
Breaded cutlet topped with arugula, grape tomatoes and onions.
Chicken Settecolli$20.95
Chicken, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, lemon sauce.
Veal Parmigiana$19.95
Pomodoro and mozzarella.
Veal Saltimbocca$24.95
Veal medallions, prosciutto, fresh sage, fontina cheese and lemon wine sauce.
Salmon Grigliato$23.95
Char-grilled, roasted breadcrumbs, mashed potato and baby spinach.
Shrimp Parmigiana$22.95
Breaded shrimp, pomodoro and mozzarella.
Sweet Potato Coconut Encrusted Mahi$21.95
Warm kale, pineapple, avocado, cantaloupe, melon.
Fresh Catch of the Day$22.95
Lightly breaded or blackened, potato puree, sautéed baby spinach.
Bone-In Veal Parmigiana$35.95
Veal chop bone-in pounded thin and breaded, house pomodoro sauce, mozzarella.
Filetto Mignon Romana$35.95
Filet mignon, caramelized onion, crimini mushrooms, gorgonzola, potato puree and spinach.
All panini served with house salad or French fries.
Pesto Grilled Chicken Panini$9.94
Fresh mozzarella, tomato, Kalamata olives and garlic aioli on ciabatta.
Turkey Melt Panini$9.94
Honey roasted turkey, provolone, tomato and Dijon mustard aioli on ciabatta.
Mozzarella Caprese Panini$9.94
Fresh mozzarella, pesto, roasted peppers and tomato on ciabatta.
Black & Bleu Burger Panini$13.95
Pan blackened, lettuce, tomato, onions, apple wood bacon and gorgonzola sauce on sesame bun.
Eggplant Toscana Panini$9.94
Roasted peppers, tomatoes, red onions, provolone and garlic aioli on ciabatta.
Italian Style Panini$9.94
Prosciutto, Italian ham, sopressata, salami, mortadella and provolone on ciabatta.
Chicken Parmigiana Sub$8.94
Veal Parmigiana Sub$9.94
Meatball Parmigiana Sub$8.94
Sausage Parmigiana Sub$8.94
Eggplant Parmigiana Sub$8.44
Breaded Shrimp Parmigiana Sub$12.95
Sausage, Peppers and Onions Sub$9.94
Chicken Sub$8.94
Breaded or grilled. Lettuce, tomato, onions and garlic aioli.
Old family recipe.
Torta di Chocolate$7.95
Our warm chocolate cake.
Torta di Miele$7.95
Graziella's famous apple strudel.
Homemade Cannoli$4.95
Red Velvet Cake$7.95
With cream cheese frosting.
Cherry Pie Alla Mode$7.95
Blueberry Pie Alla Mode$5.95
Homemade Sorbet$5.95
Homemade Gelato$5.95
Homemade Brownies$2.95
Specialty Brownies$3.95
Brownie a la Mode$5.95
Cheese Calzone$7.95
Finest ricotta and mozzarella cheese.
Mortadella, pepperoni, sausage, onions, ham, salami, mozzarella and peppers.
Chicken Roll$8.75
Chicken cutlet and mozzarella cheese.
Pepperoni Pinwheel$2.95
Pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.
Spinach Pinwheel$2.95
Spinach, garlic and mozzarella cheese.
Garlic Knots$3.60
Seasoned with fresh garlic and olive oil (12).
Buffalo Wings$9.94
Mild, medium, hot (10).
BBQ Wings$9.94
Honey Garlic Wings$10.95
Sautéed fresh garlic and glazed honey.
Grande Wings$10.95
Sautéed fresh garlic, feta cheese and oregano.
Caprese Pizza$13.00 +
Fresh mozzarella sliced tomato, basil pesto, tomato sauce.
Toscana Pizza$13.00 +
Mozzarella organic baby arugula heirloom grape tomatoes, prosciutto, parmigiano.
Meat Lovers Pizza$15.00 +
Pepperoni, sausage, meatball, ham, bacon, mozzarella sauce.
Nonna Pizza$18.00
Thick crust, mozzarella marinara, basil, Parmesan cheese.
Gluten Free Pizza$12.00
Calamari Fritti$11.00
Fried calamari marinara.
Mozzarella Caprese$10.00
Mozzarella da bufala, roasted peppers, basil.
Piccolo Margherita$10.00
Rustic small pizza, fresh mozzarella, basil EVOO.
Clams Casino$12.00
Middleneck clams, breaded roasted.
Honey Garlic Scallops$15.00
Amaretto, arugula, heirloom grape tomatoes.
Grande Meatballs$8.00
Black angus, pomodoro sauce.
Rollatini di Melanzane$9.00
Eggplant, ricotta, pomodoro sauce, mozzarella.
Long Stem Roasted Artichoke$13.00
Seasoned bread crumbs, lemon.
Amtipasto Toscana$18.00
Sopressata, mortadella, prosciutto, Italian ham, salami, ricotta, provolone, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, roasted peppers.
Fig & Goat Cheese Pizza$17.00
Fig marmalade, arugula, mozzarella, prosciutto.
Soup of Day$6.00
Pasta Fagiole Soup$6.00
French Onion Soup$7.00
Di Casa Salad$8.00
Goat cheese, organic greens, tomato, candied pecans, onion balsamic vinaigrette.
Pollo Grigliato Salad$15.00
Grilled chicken, greens, gorgonzola, grape tomato, avocado, Canadian pecans, onion, balsamic vinaigrette.
Ceasar Salad$9.00
Romaine, kalamata olives, parmiggiano.
Pera e Pollo Salad$15.00
Grilled chicken gorgonzola, greens, pear candied pecans, balsamic vinaigrette.
Fragola di Anna Salad$9.00
Strawberries, baby spinach, onions, candied, pecans, poppy seed dressing.
Belga Salad$10.00
Endives, pears, candied pecans, gorgonzola balsamic reduction.
Sauteed Kale$8.00
Northern white beans.
Penne Alla Vodka$8.00
Sauteed Baby Spinach$7.00
Vegetable of the day.
Penne, cappellini, linguine, spaghetti, pomodoro sauce.
Lasagna Bolognese Pasta$18.00
Fresh pasta, ricotta meat sauce, mozzarella.
Penne Rusticone Pasta$19.00
Mozzarella, mini meatballs, crimini mushroom, sausage spicy tomato sauce.
Penne Vodka Pasta$16.00
Pink cream sauce, pancetta.
Spaghtti Polpete Pasta$19.00
Pasta, meatballs, pomodoro sauce.
Black Squid Ink Fettuccini Pasta$23.00
Calamari, clams, mussels, heirloom grape tomatoes, spicy white wine sauce.
Linguini di Vongole Pasta$18.00
Fresh little neck clams, chopped clams, white or red wine sauce.
Parpadelle Bolognese Pasta$17.00
Homemade wide fresh pasta meat sauce.
Manicotti Pasta$15.00
Fresh pasta ricotta pomodoro sauce, mozzarella cheese.
Vegetable Lasagna Pasta$18.00
Fresh pasta, ricotta grilled zucchini & yellow squash, roasted peppers, eggplant.
Fra Diavolo Fettuccine Pasta$29.00
Shrimp, scallops, spicy whole peeled tomato, cream. Fettuccine.
Eggplant Parmigiana Pasta$17.00
Pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, penne pasta.
Gnocchi di Casa Pasta$19.00
Gnocchi of the day, classic pomodoro, bolognese, pesto cream vodka sauce.
Locster Ravioli Pasta$19.00
Organic heirloom grape tomatoes, sherry cream sauce.
Fettuccine Carbonara Pasta$19.00
Pancetta bacon peas, fresh egg.
Shrimp Oscar Pasta$28.00
Shrimp, crab meat, pesto cream sauce, spinach fettuccine.
Parmigiana Originale Chicken$20.00 +
Breaded chicken, house pomodoro sauce, mozzarella.
Milanese Chicken$20.00 +
Breaded chicken, organic baby arugula, heirloom grape, tomatoes, onions, balsamic reduction.
Francaise Chicken$22.00 +
Breaded chicken, egg, lemon wine sauce, linguine.
Pollo Settecoli Chicken$21.00
Chicken, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, lemon sauce.
Marsala Veal$23.00 +
Breaded veal, shiitake, Portobello, oyster, crimini mushrooms, marsala sauce capellini.
Vitello Saltimboca Veal$25.00
Veal scallopini prosciutto, lemon, fontina, fresh sage, sauteed baby spinach.
Shrimp Parmigiana Veal$23.00
Breaded shrimp, house pomodoro, mozzarella.
Bone-In Veal Parmigiana$36.00
Veal chop bone in pounded thin breaded, house pomodoro sauce, mozzarella.
Salmone al Forno$24.00
Atlantic salmon toasted bread crumbs, potato puree, sauteed baby spinach.
Fresh Catch of the Day$23.00
Lightly breaded, blackened, potato puree, sauteed baby spinach.
Sweet Potato Coconut Encrusted Mahi$22.00
Warm kale, pineapple, avocado, cantaloupe, melon.
Filetto Migno Romana$36.00
Filet mignon, caramelized onion, crimini mushrooms, gorgonzola potato, spinach.
Penne and Butter$6.95
Mozzarella Sticks with Tomato Sauce$5.95
Spaghetti & Meatball$7.95
Chicken Finaers & French Fries$7.95
Ricotta Cheese Ravioli$7.95
Kid's Cheese Pizza$7.95
Pesto Grilled Chicken$10.00
Fresh mozzarella, tomato, kalamata olives, shallot aioli.
Turkey Melt$10.00
Roasted turkey, provolone, tomato, dijon mustard aioli.
Italian Style Panini$10.00
Proscuitto, ham, sopressata, salami, mortadella, provolone.
Eggplant Toscana$10.00
Roasted peppers, tomato, red onion, fontina cheese, shallot aioli.
Chicken Parm Sub$10.00
Breaded chicken, pomodoro sauce, mozzarella.
Meatball Parm Sub$9.00
Black angus beef, pomodoro sauce, mozzarella.
Shrimp Parm Sub$13.00
Breaded shrimp, pomodoro sauce, mozzarella.
Eggplant Parm Sub$12.00
Eggplant, pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, Italian bread.
Sausage, Peppers, Onions Sub$10.00
With or without pomodoro sauce.
Black & Blu Burger$14.00
Black angus beef, onions, tomato, applewood smoked bacon, gorgonzola, sesame bun, greens, fresh cut fries.
Ricotta, mozzarella, side pomodoro sauce.
Pepperoni, ham, salami, sausage, peppers, onions, mozzarella cheese, side pomodoro sauce.
Served with organo house salad, homemade bread sundried tomato pesto.
Free Range Chicken Parmigiana$18.95
Breaded chicken, pomdoro sauce, mozzarella.
Lasagna Bolognese$18.95
(made in house) fresh pasta, ricotta, meat sauce, mozzarella.
Linguini di Vongole$18.95
Fresh little neck clams, chopped clams, white or red wine sauce.
Free Range Chicken Francaise$18.95
Egg lemon wine sauce, linguine.
Shrimp Parmigiana$18.95
Breaded shrimp, pomodoro, mozzarella, linguine.
Vegetable Lasagna$18.95
(Made in house) fresh pasta, ricotta, grilled zucchini & yellow squash, roasted red peppers, mozzarella.
(Made in house) fresh pasta, ricotta, pomodoro sauce, mozzarella.
Parpadelle Bolognese$18.95
(Made in house) wide fresh pasta noodle, meat sauce.
Pasta Siciliana$18.95
Linguine, bolognese, crimini, mushrooms, mozzarella.
Free Range Chicken Marsala$18.95
Wild mushrooms, linguine.
Fish of Day Blackened$18.95
Spinach potato.
Fish of Day Breaded$18.95
Spinach potato.
Shrimp Scampi$18.95
Lemon wine, linguine.
Eggplant Parmigiana$18.95
Pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, penne.
Salmone al Forno$18.95
Atlantic salmon, toasted breadcrumbs, potato, spinach.
Buck & Burger$18.95
Black angus beef, onions, tomato, applewood, smoked bacon, gorgonzola, sesame bun, greens, fresh cut fries.