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Fabrica Pizza

Fabrica Pizza

101 7th St S, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Fabrica Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Build Your Own Neapolitan Pizza

Bianca Pizza

No sauce.


Rossa Pizza

San Marzano tomato sauce.


Verde Pizza

House-made basil pesto sauce.


Fabrica's Favorites

Margherita Pizza

San Marzano tomato sauce / fresh mozzarella parmigiano / E.V. olive oil / fresh basil.


Funghi White Pizza

Fresh mozzarella / provolone / sweet and sour onions oven roasted mushrooms / rosemary.


Verdura White Pizza

Fresh mozzarella / oven roasted broccolini whipped ricotta / fresh garlic / chili flakes e.v. Olive oil / fresh baby spinach.


Favorita White Pizza

fresh mozzarella / provolone / chicken / scallions topped with: house-made red pepper Sriracha sauce and black sesame seeds.


Carni Pizza

San Marzano tomato sauce / fresh mozzarella oven roasted red peppers / Italian sausage beef & pork meatballs/pepperoni/ fresh garlic oregano.


Chorizo Pizza

San Marzano tomato sauce / fresh mozzarella chorizo/goat cheese / topped with chives.


Polpette & Pesto Pizza

House-made basil pesto base / provolone whipped ricotta/beef & pork meatballs fresh garlic.


Dolce Pizza

Fig marmalade base / gorgonzola / whipped ricotta / sweet & sour onions / prosciutto di parma / baby arugula.


Build Your Own Salad Bowl

Salad Bowl


Fabrica's Salads

Caesar Salad

Chopped romaine / shredded kale / shaved parmigiano / croutons / caesar dressing.


Spinaci E Gorgonzola Salad

Baby spinach / gorgonzola / toasted walnuts crispy bacon / dried cranberries / house-made honey balsamic vinaigrette.


Trittata Salad

Chopped romaine/ grape tomatoes / cucumbers provolone / diced spicy salami / chickpeas pepperoncini / house-made lemon oregano vinaigrette.


Nostra Salad

Baby arugula / shredded kale / quinoa / mushrooms grape tomatoes / roasted broccolini / mozzarella bocconcini / house-made basil olive oil dressing.


Small Bites

Marinated Olives

The best in-house mix of olives marinated in e.v. olive oil and spices.


Oven Roasted Meatballs

In warm San Marzano tomato sauce topped with: Parmigiano & fresh chives.


Burrata & Prosciutto

Burrata cheese / thinly sliced prosciutto di parma baby arugula / grape tomatoes / house-made honey balsamic drizzle.



Artisan Gelato

Authentic Italian ice cream made locally.


Zeppole with Nutella

Our version of doughnuts covered in sugar and served with a Nutella dip.


Nutella Pizza

Simply delicious.



Fountain Soda

Free refills.


Bottled Water

Sparkling or spring.


S. Pellegrino Soda

Sparkling and imported from Italy.


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