Pusateri's Chicago Pizza

221 SE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL 34994

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Pusateri's Chicago Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Create Your Own Cheese Pizza$10.50 +
Start with a plain cheese pizza. Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Gluten Free Cheese Pizza$12.50
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Super Cheese Thin Chicago Pizza$10.50 +
Our pizza have a lighter thinner crust, not a "heavy thick dough" base. we use high-quality topping right to the edge of the pizza so you get more quality less dough. Good enough to stand alone, along with the tastiest crust & sauce. Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Signature Sausage Thin Chicago Pizza$11.95 +
So simple but our most popular pizza loaded with cheese and sausage the Chicago way.
Pepperoni Thin Chicago Pizza$11.95 +
Lean and large cuts of pepperoni generously portioned.
Very Veggie Pizza$16.50 +
Everything fresh only the best! We start with fresh leaf spinach, mushrooms, bell green peppers, sliced red tomatoes, chopped onions & garlic.
Jp's Sauceless Spinach & Mushroom Pizza$13.50 +
No red sauce. A garlic cream base, blended cheese, spinach & sliced mushrooms.
Hawaiian Pizza$13.50 +
Generously layered with sliced ham & Dole pineapple tidbits.
The Chicago Fire Hot, Hot & Hot Pizza$16.50 +
This is for the people who love hot and spicy. Meatballs, thin sliced Italian roast beef, hot Giardiniera & a sports peppers garnish.
Magnificent Meat Pizza$16.50 +
Our all meat special! Signature sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, and ham.
Alfredo Pizza$11.25 +
Best with chicken! But your favorite topping will also taste awesome.
BBQ Chicken Pizza$14.50 +
BBQ sauce base, topped with moist chicken strips and red onions.
John Hancock Pizza$17.95 +
6 whopping topping. Signature sausage, pepperoni, red & green pepper mix, mushrooms, onions & black olives
Luke's Bread$4.95
Gim'me garlic with cheese, topped with sliced tomatoes and your choice of hot or mild giardiniera.
Gim'me Garlic$3.25
You asked for it you got it! Crisp, buttery garlic bites on the most awesome bread.
Gim'me Garlic with Cheese$4.00
Fried Cheese Ravioli$7.75
Lightly dusted with parmesan cheese served with marinara sauce.
"Brew City" Beer Battered Onion Rings$6.85
Golden Battered Mushrooms$6.85
Battered Zucchini Sticks$6.85
Mozzarella Sticks$7.75
French Fries$2.85
State Street Combo Basket$7.95
Pick any two of the following: fried ravioli, french fries, onion rings, mushrooms, zucchini sticks or cheesesticks.
Italian Wedding Soup$3.95
Seasonal availability.
Comes with your choice of dressing.
House Salad$4.95
Iceberg & romaine lettuce mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrot sticks, cheese & red onions.
Classic Caesar Salad$7.25
Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese & caesar dressing.
Classic Caesar Salad with Chicken$10.25
Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese & caesar dressing.
Antipasto Salad$7.95
Iceberg & romaine lettuce mix, pepperoni, ham, salami, provolone cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrot sticks, black olives & pepperoncini.
Mediterranean Chop Salad$8.75
Iceberg & romaine lettuce mix, salami, pepperoni, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, fresh basil, & provolone cheese, all chopped & served with Italian dressing.
Bag of Chips$0.85
Chicago Hot Giardiniera$0.90
Chicago Mild Giardiniera$0.90
Homemade Cooked Sweet Green Peppers$0.90
Sauteed Mushrooms$0.90
Provolone Cheese$0.95
Au Jus Sauce$0.55
Marinara Sauce$0.55
Hot Giardiniera$6.79
Mild Giardiniera$6.79
Sandwiches come with a bag of chips.
Chicagoland's World Famous Italian Beef Sandwich$7.75
Hot Italian roast beef, thinly sliced and served on soaked in seasoned Au Jus.
Signature Sausage Sandwich$7.25
Only at Pusateri's will you find this one! Pick your version: either the Red our famous sausage flat style, cooked in our brick ovens and then dunked in marinara sauce or Natura grilled plain and drizzled in au jus.
Chi Town Combo Sandwich$9.95
Best of both worlds. Our famous sausage flat style, with hot Italian roast beef piled on top. Comes one-way with just a dash of red sauce and au jus drippings from the seasoned beef. This one satisfies the biggest appetite!
Classic Meatball Sandwich$7.25
Three meatballs seasoned with a special recipe then topped with our marinara sauce.
All Viena 100 % beef sausage product are made from their own special combination of lean, protein rich, domestic beer. American's finest hot dog stands feature vienna beef franks because they're the most popular & consistently delicious.
Chicago Style Dog$3.95
Comes with any or all of the following choices piled on a steamed poppy seed bun. Yellow mustard, the famous bright green relish, chopped onions, Two tomato wedges, A dill pickle spears, two sport peppers & a dash of celery salt.
Plain Vienna Dog$3.55
The bare dog & bun.
The Windy City Dog Special$5.95
Chicago style hot dog, soft drink or bottled water & bag of chips.
All dinners include your choice soup or salad & garlic bread.
Build Your Own Dinner$10.95
With your choice of pasta & sauce.
All dinners include your choice soup or salad & garlic bread.
Baked Ziti$11.95
Penne topped with ricotta cheese and marinara sauce and baked with mozzarella cheese.
Meat Lasagna$11.95
Meat sauce baked with mozzarella cheese.
Baked Spaghetti$11.95
Spaghetti tossed in marinara sauce and baked with mozzarella cheese.
All dinners include your choice soup or salad & garlic bread.
Chicken Alfredo$12.95
Fettuccine pasta topped with our rich, creamy alfredo sauce and grilled chicken.
Chicken Parmigiana$12.95
Grilled chicken on top of spaghetti, baked to perfection with mozzarella cheese.
Chicken Fra Diavolo$12.95
Your choice of pasta served with chicken, sauteed in a hot and spicy marinara sauce.
Chicken Fieno$12.95
Chicken served with spaghetti in a pink cream sauce.
Homemade Cannoli$4.95
House Cheesecake$3.00
Soft Drink Pick Up$2.49
Pick up only!
Root Beer Pick Up$2.49
Pick up only.
San Pellegrino Water$3.35
Iced Tea$1.40