Maialina Pizzeria Napoletana

602 S Main St, Moscow, ID 83843

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Margherita Pizza$12.00
Basil, grana padano, house mozzarella, tomato sauce, EVOO.
Patate Arrosto Pizza$14.00
Local roasted fingerling potatoes, peppers al forno, kalamata olives, house mozzarella, tomato sauce, garlic, sage leaves, salted capers, chili flakes.
Salumi Pizza$14.00
Assorted salumi, pecorino, house mozzarella, tomato sauce, oregano.
Parma Pizza$16.00
Prosciutto di Parma, fresh arugula, shaved parmigiano reggiano, house mozzarella, tomato sauce, EVOO.
Salsiccia Pizza$16.00
Local pork house fennel sausage, local seasonal greens, house mozzarella, fennel pollen, tomato sauce, karl’s legacy house smoked chili oil.
Fiorellini Pizza$13.00
Roasted cauliflower, basil, pine nuts, balsamic poached golden raisins, house mozzarella, tomato sauce, EVOO.
Pesto Pizza$16.00
Local seasonal greens pesto, caramelized local onions, goat cheese, saba reduction, toasted pine nuts, prosciutto di Parma.
Mela Pizza$13.00
Local apple, caramelized local onion, gorgonzola dolce, cow’s milk house ricotta, cream, sage leaves.
Funghi Pizza$14.00
Saba marinated shiitake mushrooms, taleggio, garlic, cream, thyme.
Dolce Verde PIzza$15.00
Roasted organic red grapes, melted leeks, fresh arugula, mascarpone, cow’s milk house ricotta, lemon, garlic, cream, maldon sea salt, EVOO.
Colazione Pizza$12.00
Speck, local farm egg, creme fraiche, pecorino, garlic, cream, black pepper, chive.
Vongole Pizza$16.00
Clams, local pork house fennel sausage, white wine, lemon, garlic, cream, local parsley, chili flakes, EVOO.
Maialina Pizza Breakfast$12.00
Cream, house mozzarella, salumi, mama lil’s peppers.
Smoked Salmon Pizza Breakfast$13.00
Cream, creme fraiche, smoked salmon, caramelized onions, house ricotta, chives, Maldon sea salt, EVOO.
Truffled Parma Pizza Breakfast$14.00
Cream, creme fraiche, house mozzarella, shaved parmigiano reggiano, shaved prosciutto di parma, lemon and truffle oil dressed arugula.
Colazione Pizza Breakfast$12.00
Cream, garlic, speck, creme fraiche, pecorino, black pepper, chives.
Spicy Sausage & Potato Pizza Breakfast$13.00
Tomato, house mozzarella, local pork house fennel sausage, fingerling potatoes, basil, chives, red peppers al forno, smoked chili oil.
Giardino Pizza Breakfast$11.00
Cream, house ricotta, saba marinated shiitake mushrooms, melted leeks, herbs, Maldon sea salt, EVOO.
Eggs are from local Moscow area hens living the good life on family farms.
Breakfast Salad$9.00
Wood-fired local potatoes, speck, parsley & frisee with tomato-anchovy vinaigrette. Topped with poached eggs & Parmigiano Reggiano.
Seasonal Strata Brunch$10.00
Handmade pasta, cheeses & seasonal vegetables baked in savory egg custard topped with nutmeg cheese sauce & dressed arugula
Meatball & Sausage Strata Brunch$12.00
Meatballs, local pork house fennel sausage & fingerling potato baked with eggs and topped with meat & cheese sauce, prosciutto crisps & dressed arugula.
Lemon Potato Skillet Brunch$12.00
Garlic lemon roasted potatoes, thick-cut house pancetta, bell peppers & Italian parsley over pesto. Topped with poached eggs & bread.
Biscuits & Gravy Brunch$9.00
House made biscuits with fennel sausage gravy topped with poached eggs, pepper & chives.
Breakfast Stew al Forno$11.00
Poached eggs over wood-fired meatballs, tomatoes, garbanzo beans & kale. Topped with smoked chili oil, prosciutto crisps & bread.
Steak & Eggs Brunch$16.00
Pnw cab flank steak grilled medium rare. Poached eggs with lemon-truffle dressed arugula & bread.
Berries & Cream Parfait Brunch$10.00
Mixed fresh berries layered between mascarpone whipped cream & citrus rosemary cake. Drizzled with Moscato-orange reduction.
Frutta Pizza Brunch$11.00
Vanilla bean custard, seasonal market fruit with cinnamon sugar crust.
Fresh Juice Brunch$3.00 +
Freshly squeezed orange juice.
Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice Brunch$4.00 +
Braised Calamari$9.00
Warm cannellini bean & tomato bruschetta.
Seasonal Antipasti$9.00
Rotating seasonal vegetables, salumi, house mozzarella, red wine vinegar, EVOO.
Mussel al Forno$10.00
Guanciale, white wine, garlic, lemon, local parsley, smoked chili flakes.
Meatballs al Forno$10.00
Local pork, local grass-fed beef and house-cured pancetta, chili flake. Pomodoro, Parmigiano Reggiano, local flat-leaf parsley.
Fruit, Nut & Cheese Plate$12.00
Fruit, toasted Marcona almonds, candied hazelnuts, assorted cheeses.
Meat, Olive & Chese Plate$15.00
Freshly sliced assorted salumi, Italian olives, assorted cheeses.
Frisee Salad$7.00 +
House cured pancetta, cow’s milk house ricotta, parmigiano reggiano, salt capers, lemon, evoo, black pepper.
Arugula Salad$6.00 +
Roasted organic red grapes, goat cheese, candied hazelnuts, stone mustard-champagne vinaigrette, EVOO.
Roasted Beet Salad$6.00 +
Local organic wheat berries, watercress, roasted local beets, aged balsamic vinegar, house mozzarella, EVOO.
Pollo al Matone$18.00
Deboned mary’s organic half chicken, garlic, lemon zest, rosemary. Grilled under a brick. Lemon roasted local potatoes.
Bistecca Tagliata$19.00
Pnw cab flank steak grilled medium rare. Truffle oil-lemon dressed arugula, parmigiano reggiano, evoo. Served sliced.
Espresso soaked lady fingers, marsala-mascarpone zabaglione, brut cocoa powder.
Butterscotch Budino$8.50
Maldon salted caramel, creme fraiche whipped cream.
Olive Oil Cake$6.00
Quince glaze, toasted pine nut and mascarpone ice cream.
Chocolate Hazelnut Affogato$7.00
Chocolate-hazelnut semifreddo, italian marasche cherries, candied hazelnuts, biscotti, ristretto espresso.
Panna Cotta$6.00
Vanilla bean, market fruit compote.
Seasonal Shrub$4.00
House-made fermented drink, seasonal flavors.
Lemonade$3.75 +
House made lemonade, strawberry.
Sparkling Water$2.50 +
San Pellegrino.
Sparkling Juice$2.50
Lemon, orange, blood orange, grapefruit.
Coke, Diet Coke.
Craven’s drip.
Iced Tea$2.50
Hot Tea$3.00
Espresso Dopio$2.00
Salumi Sandwich Lunch$9.00
salumi, pomodoro, house ricotta, house mozzarella, peppers al forno, kalamata olives, frisee.
Veggie Sandwich Lunch$8.00
House ricotta, house mozzarella, fingerling potatoes, saba marinated shiitake mushrooms caramelized local onion, frisee, lemon, EVOO.
Meatball Sandwich Lunch$11.00
Pork, beef and house-cured pancetta meatballs, pomodoro, house mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, frisee.


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