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Sam's Pizza & Pub

Sam's Pizza & Pub

1017 Broadway, Highland, IL 62249

Order Ahead We open Tue at 4:00 PM

Full Hours
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    Sam's Pizza

    Original Cheese Pizza

    Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


    Three Toppings Pizza


    One Topping Pizza


    Four Topping Pizza


    Two Topping Pizza



    Specialty Pizzas

    Sam's Deluxe Pizza

    Beef, Italian sausage, onion, pepperoni, mushroom, Canadian bacon, green pepper


    5-Meat Pizza

    Beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon, Canadian bacon.


    Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

    Chicken, Bacon, guessed it--Ranch.


    Buffalo Chicken Pizza

    Grilled chicken tossed in buffalo sauce and served on a ranch dressing crust with jalapenos.


    BBQ Pizza

    Chicken, bacon, cheese, and a special blend of BBQ and sam's secret pizza sauce


    Mac Daddy Pizza

    Secret sauce, beef, onion, and cheese topped with lettuce, pickles, and sesame seeds.


    Veggie Pizza

    Mushroom, onion, green pepper, green olive, black olive.




    Garlic Bread

    Served with red sauce.


    Cheese Stix

    Served with red sauce.


    Garlic Bread with Cheese

    Served with red sauce.


    Sicilian Potatoes


    Jalapeno & Garlic Cheese Bread

    Served with red sauce.


    BLT Bruschetta



    Served with red sauce.


    Pizza Bread


    Cheese Breadsticks

    Served with red sauce.


    Sam' Pler Platter

    3 toasted ravioli, 3 cheese stix, 3 chicken tenders. Served with marinara and ranch sauce.


    Toasted Ravoli

    Served with red sauce.



    Delicious crinkle cut fries!




    Dinner Salad

    Lettuce, pepperoni, bacon, mozzarella.


    Fried Chicken Tender Salad

    Lettuce, artichoke hearts, onion, cheese, red peppers, and Italian dressing.


    Grilled Chicken Tender Salad

    Lettuce, artichoke hearts, onion, cheese, red peppers, and Italian dressing.




    Garlic Butter


    Cheese Sauce


    Fancy Sauce

    Side of fancy sauce.


    Side of Ranch

    Side of Ranch



    Wings & Tenders

    Served with ranch sauce.

    Chicken Wings


    Chicken Tenders



    Sam Wiches

    Served with chips. Chicken sandwiches are available grilled or fried.

    Chicken Parmesan Sam Wich

    Chicken tenders, mozzarella, bacon, marinara, italian dressing.


    Original Sam Wich

    Canadian bacon, pepperoni and cheese (no sauce).


    Buffalo Chicken Sam Wich

    Hot tossed chicken tenders on jalapeno bread, lettuce & ranch.


    Canadian Sam Wich

    Canadian bacon and cheese. (no sauce).


    Chicken Bacon Ranch Sam wich

    Chicken, Bacon, ranch, and cheese on garlic bread



    Canadian bacon, pepperoni, pizza sauce and cheese


    Italian Sam wich

    Canadian Bacon,Pepperoni, Pepperoncinis, Lettuce, and Italian dressing


    Build Your Own Sam Wich

    Pizza sauce, cheese, your choice of any two toppings.





    2 Liter


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