Pizza Palace

7704 Lake Shore Dr, Cedar Lake, IN 46303

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  • Kitchen Sink Pizza $18.45 +
    If you like the supreme pizza, then try the kitchen sink! It has everything the supreme has (cheese, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, & green peppers), plus add in ham & black olives!
  • Cheese Pizza $9.00 +
    Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
  • Supreme Pizza $15.75 +
    Everyone’s favourite combo! Fresh cheese, sausage, mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, green peppers.
  • Vegetarian Pizza $15.75 +
    For those looking for fresh veggies, look no further! Our vegetarian pizza comes w/ fresh tomato slices, onions, green peppers, mushrooms & broccoli.
  • Hawaiian Pizza $15.75 +
    A Luau of pizza! Your choice of ham or Canadian bacon, with pineapple chunks, green peppers, onions, & black olives baked in a thick crust w/ double cheese! Mmmmm!
  • Italian Beef Sandwich $6.00 +
    Our famous & mouth-watering Italian beef sandwich is loaded w/ one full pound of delicious sliced beef served in its own au jus!
  • Stromboli $6.75 +
    Delicious Italian sausage patty w/ cheese, marinara sauce, onions & sweet peppers.


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