The Spaghetti Shop

4510 Charlestown Rd #200, New Albany, IN 47150

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give The Spaghetti Shop a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Classic Cheese Pizza$3.99 +
Pepperoni Pizza$4.99 +
BBQ Chicken Pizza$6.99 +
Deluxe Pizza$7.99 +
mushrooms, onions, pepper, pepperoni, sausage.
Sausage Pizza$4.99 +
Tossed Salad$1.99
Fresh salad with tomatoes, shredded cheese.
Chef Salad$6.89
Italian Garden Salad$5.99
Fresh salad mix served with banana peppers.
Chicken Garden Salad$6.29
Pasta Garden Salad$0.99 +
Salad for Four$4.99
Garlic Bread$1.99
1/2 Loaf Bread.
Fresh Bread$1.79
1/2 Loaf Bread.
Loaf of Garlic Bread$3.99
Loaf of Fresh Bread$3.29
Uncle Lui Sub$5.99
Ham, salami, pepperoni, onions, lettuce, and Italian dressing.
American Ham & Cheese Sub$5.99
Fresh bread with american cheese, lettuce, and tomato.
Italian Ham & Cheese Sub$5.99
Garlic Bread with mozzarella, lettuce, and tomato.
Chicken Parmesan Sub$5.99
With mozzarella, onions and green peppers.
Stromboli Sub$5.99
Sausage, mozzarella, onions and green peppers.
Italian Sub$5.99
Ham, salami, American cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.
Italian Meatball Sub$5.99
Spaghetti Sub$4.79
Spaghetti$4.69 +
Comes with your choice of meat, marinara, or bar-b-q sauce
Spaghetti Deluxe$6.49
Spaghetti Supreme$6.99
Daily Double$6.89
Luncheon size of Spaghetti with Another Pasta (Luncheon Size)
Daily Double Lasagna$7.79
Luncheon size Lasagna & Spaghetti.
Chili Pasta$2.49 +
No Spaghetti Sauce$1.99 +
Feast includes a bucket of pasta, loaf of garlic bread, and salad for four.
Bucket of Spaghetti$10.50 +
Bucket of Rigatoni$13.79 +
Bucket of Ravioli$14.79 +
Bucket of Fettuccine Alfredo$13.80 +
Lasagna$19.20 +
Veggie Lasagna$19.20 +
Sampler Platter$8.99
Lasagna$4.49 +
lasagna meat.
Veggie Lasagna$4.99 +
Fettuccine Alfredo$4.99 +
Chicken Alfredo$7.69
Shrimp Alfredo$8.99
Ravioli$4.99 +
Cheese filled.
Jumbo Beef Ravioli$6.99
Filled with ricotta cheese.
Rainbow Tortellini$6.49
In Alfredo Sauce.
Rigatoni$4.99 +
Cajun Chicken Pasta$7.89
Shrimp Parmesan$8.49
Fettuccine and shrimp with marinara sauce.
Shrimp Scampi$7.99
Shrimp covered with a Lite Garlic Butter Sauce.
Baked Spaghetti$8.89
Baked Spaghetti With Chicken$10.39
Baked Cajun Chicken Pasta$8.99
Baked Alfredo$8.99
Baked Rigatoni$8.99
Baked Mostaccioli$8.99
Baked Ravioli with Cheese$8.69
Baked Ravioli Jumbo Beef Filled$8.99
Pizza Style Baked Spaghetti$9.59
Baked Chicken Parmesan$8.99
Cheese Pizza Bread$1.99 +
Pepperoni Pizza Bread$2.29 +
Deluxe Pizza Bread$3.19 +
Sausage Pizza Bread$2.29 +
Kid's Pasghetti Lovers$3.69
Kid's Pizza Bread$2.99
Kid's Pepperoni Pizza Bread$2.39
Kid's Chz Raviolicious$3.99
Kid's Rigatoni$3.99
Kid's Fettuccine Alfredo$3.99
Kid's Chicken Tenders$3.99
3 Lightly breaded chicken fingers, 2 pieces of garlic bread & a kid's drink.
Jumbo Cookie$1.79
Gourmet Brownies$1.79
Cinnamon Bread$1.99
Plain Cheesecake$2.69
Oreo Cheesecake$2.69
Lemoncello Cake$3.29
Chocolate Mousse Cake$3.29
Carrot Cake$3.69
11 am- 4 pm.
Spaghetti Lunch Special$4.99
Ravioli Lunch Special$4.99
Cheese filled.
Fettuccine Lunch Special$4.99
Rigatoni Lunch Special$4.99


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