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Taste of Chicago: Pizza & Hotdogs

Taste of Chicago: Pizza & Hotdogs

3971 Pontchartrain Dr, Slidell, LA 70458

Open until 10:00 PM

Full Hours
    Chicago Style Pizza

    Chicago Style One Topping Stuffed Pizza

    Choose your meat (pepperoni, Italian sausage, Canadian bacon) and add your favorite vegetables


    Monster of the Midway One Topping Pizza

    Filled with cheese and your choice of meat and vegetable.


    Chicago Thin Crust One Topping Pizza




    Fresh never frozen wings, in your choice of lemon pepper, white cheddar or Chicago mild sauce.


    Free fries with every sandwich.

    Italian Beef Sandwich

    Served on French bread dipped in savory gravy.


    Cheesy Beef Sandwich

    A combination of our Italian beef layered with mozzarella cheese & served on fresh baked French bread.


    Combination Sandwich

    Italian pork sausage topped with our Italian beef on French bread.


    Italian Sausage Sandwich

    Char grilled served on French bread.


    Cheese Steak Sandwich

    Melted cheese, grilled mushrooms, onions and green peppers.


    Chicken Cheese Steak Sandwich

    Melted cheese, grilled mushrooms, onions and green peppers.



    Served on pita with tomatoes, fresh onions and tzatziki sauce.


    Reuben Sandwich

    Cheese, sauerkraut, and our fresh sauce.


    Corned Beef Sandwich

    Freshly made corned beef topped with brown mustard.


    All hamburgers served with our handcut French fries, piled high topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle, cheese, mayo and mustard.



    Chicago Hot Dogs

    Chicago Style Dog

    Served with mustard, relish, freshly chopped onions & hot never frozen french fries piled high on a steamed bun.


    Chili Cheese Dog

    Hot dog served with chili, American cheese, & chopped onions.


    Maxwell Street Polish Sausage

    A real pork sausage, grilled to perfection, topped with lots of yellow mustard & grilled onions.


    Cajun Ditka Dog

    All beef 8" Polish sausage, deep-fried to perfection, topped with lots of yellow mustard & grilled onions on a gourmet bun.


    Jumbo Dog

    Mustard, relish and chopped onion.


    Baked Potatos

    Jerk Chicken Stuffed Baked Potato

    Buttery baked potato stuffed full of jerk chicken and cheese.


    Cheese Steak

    One baked potato stuffed with steak and cheese.


    Chicken Cheese Steak

    Chicken cheese steak and melty cheese.


    Chili & Cheese

    Chili and cheese topped with sour cream.


    Jerk Chicken

    Jerk Chicken Alfredo

    Jerk chicken grilled to perfection, served over pasta in a smooth, savory alfredo sauce.


    Jerk Chicken Eggrolls

    Jerk chicken and cheese rolled and fried to a crispy golden brown served with our house Avocado Ranch sauce.


    Jerk Chicken Tacos

    Jerk chicken pilled on a warm flour tortilla topped with cilantro, chopped onions and cheese.





    Orange Crush


    Lipton Tea




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