1030 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

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Chopped Clam Pizza

Parsley, peperoncino, pecorino.


Smoked Whitefish Pizza

Mascarpone, dill, capers.


Salami & Fried Pepper Pizza

Provolone picante, basil, fennel.


Overnight Roasted Tomato Pie

Basil oil, fried garlic crumbs, smoked ricotta.


White Pizza

Fried brussels sprouts, garlic oil & guanciale.


Cotechino Sausage Pizza

Roasted apple, onion, pantaleo cheese.


Confit'd Potato Pie

Fontina, smoked olives, pickled red onion & thyme.



The Everything Bagel Breakfast

Smoked whitefish, dill, capers.


Chopped Clam Breakfast

Parsley, peperoncino, pecorino.


Overnight Roasted Tomato Pie Breakfast

Basil oil, fried garlic crumbs, smoked ricotta.


Kenny's Breakfast Breads


Japanese Okonomiyaki Waffle Breakfast

Fried oysters, poached eggs, cabbage & kewpie.


Soft Egg & Cheese Scamble

Herb salad, crisp potato bravas, grilled flatbread.


Brown Butter Pancakes

Whipped vanilla mascarpone, maple.


Torched Avocado & Croissant Toast

Smoked shrimp salad, poached egg, pickled red onion.


Bucatini Carbonara Breakfast

Poached egg, Benton's bacon.



Basket of 3, rotating selection.


Fried Egg Sandwich

Everything bagel, Benton's bacon, garlic aioli, brava.


Smoked King Ora Salmon Bowl

Farro, capers, cream cheese, everything crumble.


Potato Latke Benedict

2 circulated eggs, schmaltz fried latkes, grilled greens, hot sauce hollandaise.


Escarole Salad

Escarole, herb vinaigrette, breadcrumb.


Cobb Salad Breakfast

Avocado, Benton's bacon, featherbrook chicken, pickled onions.


Raw Bar

Smoked & Salted Peel & Eat Shrimp

Our hot sauce, buttermilk, saltines.


Fluke Crudo

Celery root, caper berries, parsley.


Hiramasa Crudo

Persimmon, lime & chili.


King Ora Crudo

Burnt orange, szechuan, anchovy salt.


Shrimp Cocktail

Fish pepper cocktail sauce, nori aioli.


Chopped Tuna Crudo

Curried chickpea socca, honey roasted sunchoke, whipped buttermilk.



Kenny's Bread Plate

Smoked seaweed butter, white bean & squid ink dip.


Shrimp & Kale Har Gow

Crunchy chili peanut sauce.


Crab French Fries

Crab dusted with crab & chili mayo.


Lobster Hushpuppies

Hot sauce aioli, honey.


Filet O' Fish Sticks

Potato bread, cheddar, pickles.



Octopus Polpetti

Spaccatelli, mint, chilies, garum, ricotta salata.


Lobster Cacio e Pepe

Whole wheat, koji butter, pecorino.


Emmer Casarecci

Fermented parsnip, brown butter, hazelnuts, nutritional yeast, maitakes.


Uni Bucatini

Smoked egg yolk, pecorino, bottarga.


Blue Crab & Angel Hair

Garlic breadcrumb, guanciale & jalapeno.


Squid Ink Gemelli

White bean, smoked pine nuts, grilled greens.



Steak & Egg Crumpet

Steak tartare, red miso butter, caviar, pickled nardello peppers.


Radish & Apple Salad

Berbere vinaigrette, le bemontois, fennel aioli.


Nantucket Bay Scallops

Savory pear tart tartine, potato cream.


Oven Roasted Quail

Smoked oyster & bread stuffing, pickled corn crema.


Smoked Mackarel

Yam, miso, scallion, eggs.


Butter Roasted Snails

Fried garlic, warm bread.


Maine Lobster Tail

Black rice, brown butter aioli, chili garlic oil.


Wood Grilled Octopus

Farina, olive powder, bone marrow.


Raw & Pickled Vegetables

Escarole, herb vinaigrette, breadcrumb.


Wood Roasted Char Belly

Crispy & creamy ceci beans, torched grapes, lemon.


Blue Crab & Winter Citrus Salad

Farro, tarragon, charred fennel, shaved jalapeno.


Pork & Crab Soup Dumplings

Fermented apple, vinegar.


WP Burger

two 4 oz flat-top patties, Benton's bacon cheddar, tomato, tonnato, fries.


For 2-3.

Whole Roasted Branzino

Creamed leeks, grilled escarole, roasted grape.


Maine Lamb Shoulder

Creamed freekeh, farm lettuces, fermented beets.


Creekstone Ribeye

Potatoes, grilled gem lettuce, garlic scape butter.


Feather Brook Chicken

Roasted apple, lardons, mustard vin, crispy chicken skin.


Market Vegetables

A daily selection with black garlic tehina & pistachio dukka.



Sweet Corn Spooncake

Dark chocolate, crémeux, toasted meringue.


Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Cocoa nibs, George Howell ganache.


Heart Baked Fruit Crostada

Daily selection.


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