1030 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Waypoint a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Chopped Clam Pizza$17.00
Parsley, peperoncino, pecorino.
Smoked Whitefish Pizza$18.00
Mascarpone, dill, capers.
Salami & Fried Pepper Pizza$18.00
Provolone picante, basil, fennel.
Overnight Roasted Tomato Pie$16.00
Basil oil, fried garlic crumbs, smoked ricotta.
White Pizza$17.00
Fried brussels sprouts, garlic oil & guanciale.
Cotechino Sausage Pizza$18.00
Roasted apple, onion, pantaleo cheese.
Confit'd Potato Pie$17.00
Fontina, smoked olives, pickled red onion & thyme.
The Everything Bagel Breakfast$18.00
Smoked whitefish, dill, capers.
Chopped Clam Breakfast$17.00
Parsley, peperoncino, pecorino.
Overnight Roasted Tomato Pie Breakfast$16.00
Basil oil, fried garlic crumbs, smoked ricotta.
Kenny's Breakfast Breads$9.00
Japanese Okonomiyaki Waffle Breakfast$15.00
Fried oysters, poached eggs, cabbage & kewpie.
Soft Egg & Cheese Scamble$10.00
Herb salad, crisp potato bravas, grilled flatbread.
Brown Butter Pancakes$10.00
Whipped vanilla mascarpone, maple.
Torched Avocado & Croissant Toast$14.00
Smoked shrimp salad, poached egg, pickled red onion.
Bucatini Carbonara Breakfast$15.00
Poached egg, Benton's bacon.
Basket of 3, rotating selection.
Fried Egg Sandwich$14.00
Everything bagel, Benton's bacon, garlic aioli, brava.
Smoked King Ora Salmon Bowl$15.00
Farro, capers, cream cheese, everything crumble.
Potato Latke Benedict$14.00
2 circulated eggs, schmaltz fried latkes, grilled greens, hot sauce hollandaise.
Escarole Salad$8.00
Escarole, herb vinaigrette, breadcrumb.
Cobb Salad Breakfast$13.00
Avocado, Benton's bacon, featherbrook chicken, pickled onions.
Smoked & Salted Peel & Eat Shrimp$18.00
Our hot sauce, buttermilk, saltines.
Fluke Crudo$18.00
Celery root, caper berries, parsley.
Hiramasa Crudo$18.00
Persimmon, lime & chili.
King Ora Crudo$16.00
Burnt orange, szechuan, anchovy salt.
Shrimp Cocktail$14.00
Fish pepper cocktail sauce, nori aioli.
Chopped Tuna Crudo$17.00
Curried chickpea socca, honey roasted sunchoke, whipped buttermilk.
Kenny's Bread Plate$7.00
Smoked seaweed butter, white bean & squid ink dip.
Shrimp & Kale Har Gow$10.00
Crunchy chili peanut sauce.
Crab French Fries$9.00
Crab dusted with crab & chili mayo.
Lobster Hushpuppies$11.00
Hot sauce aioli, honey.
Filet O' Fish Sticks$9.00
Potato bread, cheddar, pickles.
Octopus Polpetti$24.00
Spaccatelli, mint, chilies, garum, ricotta salata.
Lobster Cacio e Pepe$26.00
Whole wheat, koji butter, pecorino.
Emmer Casarecci$18.00
Fermented parsnip, brown butter, hazelnuts, nutritional yeast, maitakes.
Uni Bucatini$25.00
Smoked egg yolk, pecorino, bottarga.
Blue Crab & Angel Hair$22.00
Garlic breadcrumb, guanciale & jalapeno.
Squid Ink Gemelli$19.00
White bean, smoked pine nuts, grilled greens.
Steak & Egg Crumpet$18.00
Steak tartare, red miso butter, caviar, pickled nardello peppers.
Radish & Apple Salad$16.00
Berbere vinaigrette, le bemontois, fennel aioli.
Nantucket Bay Scallops$18.00
Savory pear tart tartine, potato cream.
Oven Roasted Quail$18.00
Smoked oyster & bread stuffing, pickled corn crema.
Smoked Mackarel$16.00
Yam, miso, scallion, eggs.
Butter Roasted Snails$12.00
Fried garlic, warm bread.
Maine Lobster Tail$19.00
Black rice, brown butter aioli, chili garlic oil.
Wood Grilled Octopus$18.00
Farina, olive powder, bone marrow.
Raw & Pickled Vegetables$13.00
Escarole, herb vinaigrette, breadcrumb.
Wood Roasted Char Belly$17.00
Crispy & creamy ceci beans, torched grapes, lemon.
Blue Crab & Winter Citrus Salad$18.00
Farro, tarragon, charred fennel, shaved jalapeno.
Pork & Crab Soup Dumplings$15.00
Fermented apple, vinegar.
WP Burger$17.00
two 4 oz flat-top patties, Benton's bacon cheddar, tomato, tonnato, fries.
For 2-3.
Whole Roasted Branzino$55.00
Creamed leeks, grilled escarole, roasted grape.
Maine Lamb Shoulder$74.00
Creamed freekeh, farm lettuces, fermented beets.
Creekstone Ribeye$36.00 +
Potatoes, grilled gem lettuce, garlic scape butter.
Feather Brook Chicken$32.00 +
Roasted apple, lardons, mustard vin, crispy chicken skin.
Market Vegetables$16.00 +
A daily selection with black garlic tehina & pistachio dukka.
Sweet Corn Spooncake$9.00
Dark chocolate, crémeux, toasted meringue.
Cinnamon Sugar Donuts$9.00
Cocoa nibs, George Howell ganache.
Heart Baked Fruit Crostada$9.00
Daily selection.


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Cuisine: tomato pie