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Gulino's Pizza & Sons

Gulino's Pizza & Sons

1406 N Henry St, Bay City, MI 48706

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Gulino's Pizza & Sons a call to order. We hear their food's delish.


4 Stagioni Pizza

Crushed tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms, black olives, artichokes, mozzarella.


BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ sauce, roasted chicken, red onions, cilantro, mozzarella.


Choriqueso Pizza

Crused tomato sauce, chorizo, mozzarella.


Four cheese Pizza


Margherita Pizza

Crushed tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil.


Rio Grande Valley Pizza

Green chili-cilantro sauce, chicken, mozzarella, your choice of vegetable.


Saucy Sicilian Pizza

Sicilian sauce, onions, fresh mozzarella, asiago cheese, sausage.


Texas Cowboy Pizza

Crushed tomato and chipotle sauce, bacon, chorizo, pinto beans, mozzarella, fresh cilantro.


Antonella Pizza

Blue cheese, arugula, tomatoes, cannellini beans, bacon, olive oil, mozarella.


Carbonara Pizza

Cream sauce with onions, ham, bacon, and egg.


Don Corleone Pizza

Crushed tomato sauce, pepperoni, sausage, arugula, mushrooms, garlic, asiago.


La Weslaco Pizza

Crushed tomato sauce, chorizo, nopales (cactus), arugula, mozzarella.


Marinara Pizza

Crushed tomato sauce, parmiggiano, garlic, basil, olive oil.


San Manuel Pizza

Crused tomato sauce, chorizo, onions, bell peppers, mozzarella.


Stanislaus Pizza

Potatoes, onions, polish sausage, topped with cream.




Oregano, garlic, mozzarella.


Salumi Misti

Italian cured meats, fresh mozzarella, olives, tomatoes, garlic bread on the side. Veggies & cheese will vary


Gulino's Stuffed Mushrooms

Vegetarian stuffed mushrooms, mozzarella, parmiggiano, garlic, olive oil.



Mista Salad

Field greens, tomatoes, cheese, Italian or ranch dressing, side of garlic bread.


Antipasto Salad

Mixed greens, cheese, tomatoes, artichokes, olives, pickled veggies, salami or ham. Side of garlic bread.


Caprese Salad

Fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, balsamic reduction, extra virgin olive oil, side of garlic bread.



Chef Sandwich

Five oz cube steak, bacon, ham, onions, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, meat sauce on Italian grilled bread


Pizza Sandwich

Any three pizza toppings, pizza sauce, cheese on Italian bread.


Chicken Sandwich

Chicken breast, cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo on a brioche bun.


Steak Sandwich

Five oz cube steak, onions or mushrooms, cheese, marinara sauce on Italian bread.


Sausage & Peppers Sandwich

Italian sausage, loaded with wood-fired peppers and onions on a Bun.


Porchetta Sandwich

Slow roasted Italian style pulled pork, served on a bed of arugula on a brioche bun, side of roasted potatoes.


Slim Jim Sandwich

Ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo on grilled Italian bread.




Bolognese, bechamel, house made noodles, mozzarella, parmiggiano.



Rolled and stuffed fresh pasta, seasonal ingredients, ricotta, bechamel, bolognese, mozzarella, parmiggiano.



Bacon, ham, eggs, onions, parmiggiano.



Spicy marinara sauce with bacon and onions.



Meat sauce, Parmigiano.


Weekly Specials Pasta

All specials include bread and salad.




Tube shaped Italian pastry stuffed with sweet ricotta and chocolate chips, topped with your choice of almonds or chocolate chips.


Panna Cotta

Sweeet flavored cream gelatinized and topped with a berry sauce. Nutella or vanilla flavor.


Nutella Pizza

Nutella, sliced strawberries and bananas, powdered sugar.


PB&J Calzone


Mela Pizza

Apples, caramel, sugar & cinnamon.


PB& Nutella Calzone


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