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1319 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Closed until Thu at 1:00 PM

Full Hours

    Opens Thu at 1:00 PM

    Le Pizze
    Our pizza dough is made with: flour, water, yeast, salt & sicilian olive oil. The dough goes through a 48 hour temperature controlled rising process and is cooked in a true wood-burning oven. Nothing that is used in either the dough, or on top of the pizz

    Margherita Pizza

    Classica, basil.


    Buffalina Pizza

    Apulian tomato, evoo, basil & finished with cold, imported bufala mozzarella.


    Bresaola Pizza

    Apulian tomato, fior di latte, bresaola (imported, cured beef), rucola, & parmigiano.


    Diavola Pizza

    Fior di latte, apulian tomato, spicy soppressata.


    Rustica Pizza

    Fior di latte, broccoli rabe, sausage, pecorino, sun-dried tomato pesto, basil white pizza.


    D.O.P Pizza

    Fior Di Latte, Apulian Tomato, Rucola, Prosciutto Di Parma & Parmigiano.


    Biancaneve Pizza

    Fior di latte, stracciatella, ricotta, garlic & basil.


    Vegan Pizza

    Apulian tomato, mushroom, artichoke, & olives (no mozzarella)


    Dani Pizza

    Fior di latte, rucola, heritage tomato, stracciatella, prosciutto di parma, truffle honey.


    Vegetariana Pizza

    Apulian tomato, fior di latte, roasted red pepper, artichoke, kalamata olive & mushroom .


    Pugliese Pizza

    Fior di latte, apulian tomato, fresh sausage, calabrian pepper, cherry rustica tomato & pecorino.


    Caprina Pizza

    Fior di latte, french goat cheese, smoked prosciutto, hazelnut & spicy d.o.p honey - white pizza.


    Genovese Pizza

    Fior di latte, ricotta, house basil pesto, red onion & spicy soppressata - contains nuts*


    Capriciossa Pizza

    Pulian tomato, fior di latte, olives, artichokes, prosicutto cotto, & mushroom.


    All cheeses are pasteurized.

    Tagliere Di Antipasti

    Wood board presented with mixed imported italian cheeses & cured meats, truffle honey & fig jam.


    Calamari Fritti

    Whole squid, includes tentacle.



    Fior di latte wrapped in smoked prosciutto.


    Prosciutto Di Parma

    24-month aged, imported


    Impepata Di Cozze

    P.e.i mussels, white wine


    Burrata Ultima

    Fresh burrata over basil pesto paired with imported mt. Vesuvius semi-sun dried tomato - contains nuts*


    Burrata Classica

    Fresh burrata with rucola (intended for pairing with other plates)


    Asparagi E Speck

    New jersey asparagus, smoked prosciutto, fontina


    Polpette Di Nonna Angelina

    100% angus beef, slow cooked in-house



    Carciofi E Rucola Salad

    Roman artichoke, pine nuts rucola, shaved parmigiano, citronette contains nuts.


    Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce, parmigiano, crouton & caesar dressing.


    Beet Salad

    House roasted golden & red beet, imported robiola, hazelnut & balsamic vinaigrette - contains nuts.


    Frisee Salad

    Frisee, sliced apple & almond, goat cheese & balsamic mustard vinaigrette - contains nuts


    Caprese Salad

    Fior Di Latte, local NJ Tomato, Balsamic reduction, E.V.O.O


    Il Pollo & Tagliere

    Cotoletta Di Casa

    Beaten chicken cutlet, breaded & fried, layered with prosciutto and topped with fonduta di parmigiana


    Il Pollo & Tagliere Specials
    Only available Sunday, Wednesday

    Tagliere Di Carne Wednesday - Sunday Special

    Grilled skirt steak & asparagus


    Le Paste
    All pasta is made-in house, here at 1319 Washington St, using refined semolina & water - no egg.

    Pesto Fusilli

    House pesto - basil, parmigiana, pecorino, & pine nuts - contains nuts*


    Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

    Spaghetti chitarra, pecorino, egg yolk, imported pancetta


    Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese

    Apulian tomato, beef, carrots, celery, onion.



    Ground black truffle, asparagus, parsley & button mushrooms.


    Orecchiette E Rapini

    Orecchiette, broccoli rabe, crumbled sausage, e.v.o.o.


    Bucatini Amatriciana

    Bucatini, apulian tomato, pancetta, calabrian pepper, & pecorino.


    Bigoli Cacio E Pepe

    Bigoli pasta, pecorino & fresh black pepper.


    Ravioli Butter E Sage

    Ricotta & spinach stuffed ravioli


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