T & J Pizzeria

120 Kipp Ave, Lodi, NJ 07644

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give T & J Pizzeria a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Sicilian Pizza$14.25
Round Pizza$9.00 +
T & J Special Pizza$17.00
Thin Sicilian white pizza with four toppings.
Sicilian White Pizza$16.50
Ricotta & mozzarella.
Round White Pizza$11.25 +
Ricotta & mozzarella.
Round Broccoli Pizza$13.25 +
Ricotta, broccoli & mozzarella.
Sicilian Broccoli Pizza$18.50
Ricotta, broccoli & mozzarella.
Sicilian Fried Onion Pizza$16.25
Fried onion, sauce, mozzarella.
Round Fried Onion Pizza$11.00 +
Fried onion, sauce, mozzarella.
Round Hawaiian Pizza$13.50 +
Pineapple, ham & black olives.
Sicilian Hawaiian Pizza$19.00
Pineapple, ham & black olives.
Chicken Soup$3.25
Minestrone Soup$3.25
Antipasto$5.75 +
Tossed Salad$4.00 +
Garlic Bread$2.26
Garlic Bread with Melted Cheese$3.50
Garlic Knots$5.25
Mozzarella Sticks$6.25
Steak Fries$3.00
Steak Fries With Cheese$3.75
Chicken Fingers$6.25
Chicken Fingers With Fries$7.75
Meatball Sandwich$5.75
Meatball Parmesan Sandwich$6.50
Sausage Parmigiana Sandwich$6.50
Shrimp Parmigiana Samdwich$8.50
Sausage Sandwich$5.75
Pepper & Egg Sandwich$6.00
Sausage Pepper & Egg Sandwich$6.50
Submarine Sandwich$6.00
Salami, ham, provolone.
Salami Sub With Lettuce & Tomatoes$6.00
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich$6.50
Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich$6.50
Veal Pamesan Sandwich$7.00
Plain Rigatoni$6.50
Meatball Rigatoni$9.60
Sausage Rigatoni$9.60
Plain Ziti$6.00
Meatball Ziti$8.50
Sausage Ziti$8.50
Plain Ziti Marinara$6.25
Meatball Ziti Marinara$8.75
Sausage Ziti Marinara$8.75
Plain Baked Ziti$6.50
Meatball Baked Ziti$9.00
Sausage Baked Ziti$9.00
Plain Linguini White Clam$8.00
Plain Linguini$6.26
Meatball Linguini$8.75
Sausage Linguini$8.75
Plain Spaghetti$6.00
Meatball Spaghetti$8.50
Sausage Spaghetti$8.50
Plain Spaghetti Marinara$6.25
Meatball Spaghetti Marinara$8.75
Sausage Spaghetti Marinara$8.75
Plain Cheese Ravioli$6.50
Meatball Cheese Ravioli$9.50
Sausage Cheese Ravioli$9.50
Plain Cheese Ravioli Parmigiana$7.50
Meatball Cheese Ravioli Parmigiana$10.00
Sausage Cheese Ravioli Parmigiana$10.00
Plain Meat Ravioli$7.00
Meatball Meat Ravioli$9.00
Sausage Meat Ravioli$9.00
Plain Meat Ravioli Parmigiana$8.00
Meatball Meat Ravioli Parmigiana$10.00
Sausage Meat Ravioli Parmigiana$10.00
Plain Manicotti$8.50
Meatball Manicotti$10.50
Sausage Manicotti$10.50
Plain Stuffed Shells$8.50
Meatball Stuffed Shells$10.50
Sausage Stuffed Shells$10.50
Plain Lasagna$8.50
Meatball Lasagna$10.50
Sausage Lasagna$10.50
Eggplant Parmesan Dinner With Spaghetti$10.50
Eggplant Parmesan Dinner With Ziti$10.50
Chicken Parmesan Dinner With Ziti$10.50
Chicken Parmesan Dinner With Spaghetti$10.50
Veal Parmesan Dinner With Spaghetti$11.00
Veal Parmesan Dinner With Ziti$11.00
Veal Dish$9.50
Eggplant Parmigiana Dish$7.00
Chicken Parmesan Dish$8.50
Mussles With Bread$6.25 +
Fried Shrimp With Steak Fries$12.25
Shrimp Coctail$9.25
Shrimp Parmigiana with Fries$14.00
Shrimp Parmigiana Over Linguini$14.00
Fried Shrimp$10.00
Can Soda$1.00
2 Liter Bottle Soda$2.50


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