P J's Grill & Pizza

166 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give P J's Grill & Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Plain Pizza$8.49 +
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Sicilian Style Pizza$16.50
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Deluxe Pizza$11.49 +
Sausage, hamburger, and pepperoni.
Sicilian Deluxe Pizza$18.99
Sausage, hamburger, and pepperoni.
Vegetarian Pizza$11.49 +
Onions, mushrooms, green peppers and olives.
Sicilian Vegetarian Pizza$18.99
Onions, mushrooms, green peppers and olives.
Hawaiian Pizza$11.49 +
Ham and pineapple.
Athens Pizza$11.49 +
Feta cheese, tomatoes, and olives.
White Pizza with Mozzarella & Ricotta$9.99 +
White Pizza with Garlic & Oil$9.49 +
Buffalo Pizza$11.99 +
Breaded fried chicken, blue cheese, and buffalo sauce.
Bacon Chicken Ranch Pizza$11.99 +
Seafood Pizza$14.49 +
PJ's Pizza$11.99 +
Fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, olive oil, pesto sauce and sun-dried tomatoes.
Texas Bowl Pizza$11.99 +
Grilled chicken, bacon and BBQ sauce.
Chipotle Chicken Pizza$11.99 +
Grilled chicken, grilled onions, bacon and Chipotle sauce.
Bruschetta Pizza$11.99 +
Barcelona Pizza$11.99 +
Portobello mushrooms and chorisso.
Chicken Alfredo Pizza$11.99 +
Penne Vodka Pizza$11.99 +
Offered in one size 16" squared.
Arugula Ortolana Pizza$18.00
Fresh mozzarella, artichoke, kalamata olives, arugula, roasted red peppers, marinara.
Margherita Pizza$18.00
Fresh mozzarella, basil, marinara.
Prosciutto Funghi Pizza$18.00
Fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, mushrooms, capers, marinara.
Quatro Carni Pizza$18.00
Salami, ham, pepperoni, bacon, mozzarella, olives, banana peppers, marinara.
Parmigiana Pizza$18.00
Fresh mozzarella, grilled eggplant, marinara, parmesan, basil.
Valtellina Pizza$18.00
Fresh mozzarella, marinara, prosciutto, parmesan, arugula, fresh tomato, olive oil, balsamic vinegar.
Roasted Portobello Mushroom$7.00
In white wine garlic sauce.
White Wine Shrimp$7.50
Fresh Mozzarella Ensalada$7.00
Chorizo Bites with Portobello Mushrooms$7.00
Hummus with Pita$5.00
Soup of the Day$3.50
Please contact restaurant for today's selection.
Served with your choice of dressing: Italian, oil and vinegar, ranch, caesar or balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
Salmon Salad$14.00
Grilled Shrimp Salad$10.50
Fresh Mozzarella Salad$9.00
Mediterranean Salad$9.00
Roasted Portabella Salad$9.00
Rosemary Chicken Salad$9.00
Chicken Caesar Salad$9.00
Grilled Chicken Salad$9.00
Greek Salad$9.00
Feta cheese and black olives.
Cold Cut Salad$9.00
Ham, salami and cheese.
Tuna Salad$9.00
Garden Salad$3.50
Goat Cheese Salad$9.00
French Fries$3.75
Curly Fries$4.50
Onion Rings$4.50
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$5.00
With a side of marinara sauce
Fried Mushrooms$5.00
Chicken Fingers with Fries$8.50
With a side of honey mustard.
Garlic Bread$2.00
Garlic Bread with Cheese$4.00
Cheese Boli$10.50
Veggie Boli$14.00
Mushrooms, green peppers, and onions.
Steak Boli$14.00
Gyro Boli$14.00
Cheese Calzone$10.49
Cheese Calzone with Ham$13.00
PJ's Garlic Chicken Sandwich$8.00
Pesto Chicken Sandwich$8.00
Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich$8.00
Artichoke Turkey Sandwich$8.00
With pesto and Swiss cheese.
Smoked Hickory BBQ Chicken Sandwich$8.00
With pesto and Swiss cheese.With bacon, blue cheese and BBQ sauce.
Rosemary Chicken Sandwich$8.00
With garlic sauce, lettuce and roasted peppers.
Prosciutto Sandwich$8.00
Choose your protein: beef or chicken.
Deluxe Philly Steak Sandwich$7.00 +
Mushrooms, onions and green peppers.
BBQ Philly Steak Sandwich$7.00 +
BBQ sauce, bacon and cheese.
Chipotle Chicken Panini$8.42
Grilled Eggplant Panini$8.42
With pesto, mozzarella and roasted red peppers.
Grilled Veggie Panini$8.42
With pesto sauce.
Portobella Mushrooms Panini$8.42
With fresh mozzarella, basil and sauteed onions.
Italian Panini$8.42
With salami, cappicola, ham, mozzarella and pesto sauce.
Ham and Cheese Sub$7.00 +
Served with lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, oil and vinegar.
Tuna Fish Sub$7.00 +
Served with lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, oil and vinegar.
Turkey and Cheese Sub$7.00 +
Served with lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, oil and vinegar.
Roast Beef & Cheese Sub$7.00 +
Served with lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, oil and vinegar.
Italian Sub Sub$7.00 +
Ham, cappicola, salami, and cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, oil and vinegar.
PJ's Sub$7.00 +
Turkey, cheese, bacon and cole slaw.
Club Sandwich$6.50
Served with lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, oil and vinegar and one choice of meat.
Burgers come with French fries.
Classic American Cheeseburger$6.50
Black Angus, with lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, and mayo.
BBQ Cheeseburger$6.50
Black Angus, bbq sauce, bacon, and cheddar cheese.
Chipotle Cheeseburger$7.50
Black Angus, swiss cheese, sauteed onions, bacon, arugula, pj's special chipotle sauce, and guacamole.
Sante Fe Burger$7.50
Black Angus, "Chef zee's" New Mexico special sauce (spicy), guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce, jalapenos.
Buffalo Burger$7.50
Black Angus, blue cheese, arugula, tomatoes, pj's buffalo sauce.
Mushroom Swiss Chesseburger$7.50
Black Angus, sauteed cremini mushrooms, sauteed onions, swiss cheese.
Turkey Burger$6.50
Mediterranean turkey burger, with lettuce, tomato and onion.
Vegetarian Burger$6.50
California veggie burger, with lettuce, tomatoes and onions.
Choose white, wheat or tomato basil wrap.
Grilled Salmon Wrap$8.00
Grilled Shrimp Wrap$8.00
Prosciutto & Goat Cheese Wrap$8.00
Bacon Chicken Ranch Wrap$7.00
PJ's Chicken Wrap$7.00
Chicken BLT Wrap$7.00
Chicken Caesar Wrap$7.00
Mediterranean Chicken Wrap$7.00
Chicken Fajita Wrap$7.00
With peppers, onions, and salsa.
Grilled Veggie Wrap$7.00
With seasonal vegetables.
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$7.00
With blue cheese and buffalo sauce.
Gnocchi Pasta$12.00
Prepared in marinara sauce and olive oil.
Penne Pesto$12.00
Tossed with chargrilled chicken and roasted red peppers.
Spaghetti Marinara$10.00
Prepared with our house made sauce.
Penne Vodka$12.00
Tossed with chargrilled chicken and roasted red peppers.
Baked Ziti Pasta$10.00
In house made marinara sauce, topped with fresh mozzarella.
With grilled shrimp and roasted red peppers in wine and garlic sauce.
Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta$12.00
With chicken.
Spaghetti Carbonara$10.00
Spaghetti in egg sauce with bacon, garlic and parmesan cheese.
Salmon Primavera Linguini$13.00
Grilled salmon, mixed vegetables, arugula, extra virgin olive oil and garlic.
Grilled Salmon Platter$14.00
Served with rice, salad, grilled vegetables.
Teriyaki Chicken Platter$9.50
With onions and peppers. served with rice, salad, grilled vegetables.
Falafel Platter$9.50
Served with rice, salad, grilled vegetables.
Gyro Platter$9.50
Served with rice, salad, grilled vegetables.
Chicken Gyro Platter$9.50
Served with rice, salad, grilled vegetables.
Spicy Grilled Shrimp Platter$10.50
Served with rice, salad, grilled vegetables.
Chicken Piccata Platter$9.50
With capers and white wine lemon sauce. Served with rice, salad, grilled vegetables.
Fried Chicken with French Fries$8.00 +
Fresh Fruits Cup$2.50
Bottled Soda$1.87
Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Seagrams Ginger Ale, Barq's Root Beer.
Canned Soda$1.00
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite.
Bottled Water$1.00
Orange, Lemon Lime, Fruit Punch.
Real Fruit Smoothie$4.00
2 Liter Soda$3.50
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange.