Peppino's Neapolitan

Peppino's Neapolitan

409 S Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13202

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Peppino's Neapolitan a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Pie of the Month

Easter Pie

Our famous dough with fresh garlic and mozzarella topped with lamb, diced tomatoes, pickled red onion and finished with a pesto drizzle.


Easter Pie
Create Your Own Pizza
With choice of 2 toppings.

Americano Pizza

All natural Italian tomato sauce and whole milk mozzarella cheese.


Bianco Pizza

Herbed garlic butter, parsley, parmesan reggiano, whole milk mozzarella, and ricotta.


Pesto Pizza

Basil pesto, parmesan reggiano, and fresh mozzarella.


Marinara Pizza

All natural Italian tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, Calabrian oregano, grated parmesan cheese, and finished with shaved parmesan reggiano.


Vegan Pizza

All natural Italian tomato sauce and daiya cheese.


House Specialty Pies

Margherita Pie

All natural Italian tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, Parmesan, extra virgin olive oil, and basil.


Quattro Carne Pie

All natural Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella, local chorizo, aged pepperoni and capicola, finished with prosciutto di Parma, ricotta creme, and sweetie drops.


The Bistro Pie

Extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, grilled free range chicken, and Kalamata olives, finished with balsamic redux and pesto.


Steakhouse Pie

Mozzarella, caramelized onions, and grilled local grass fed steak. Fished with Gorgonzola, ricotta creme, peppadew peppers, and balsamic redux.


Hot Date Pie

Herbed garlic butter, mozzarella, local bacon, dates, and goat cheese, and finished with arugula and balsamic redux.


Mushroom Tartufo Pie

All natural Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella, and crimini mushrooms, and finished with truffle oil.


Shuto Pie

Extra virgin olive oil and fresh mozzarella, finished with prosciutto di Parma, shaved Parmesan Reggiano, and arugula.


Blazing Buffalo Pie

Buffalo sauce, grilled free range chicken, and mozzarella, finished with Gorgonzola.


Drunken Chicken Pie

All natural Italian tomato sauce, whiskey glazed free range chicken, local bacon, and mozzarella, finished with goat cheese and BBQ drizzle.


Vegan B.R.A.S.S. Pie

All natural Italian tomato sauce, Daiya cheese, broccoli, roasted red peppers, artichokes, and spinach, on sprouted wheat dough.


Hawaiian BBQ Pie

BBQ sauce base, local ham, and pineapple, finished with pickled red onions and BBQ drizzle.


Detroit Pizza

Detroit Pizza

Detroit pizza is deep-dish style with a soft and airy yet crunchy square crust that has crispy caramelized cheese baked right into the sides and a slightly sweet sauce which goes on top.


The Jimmy Hoffa Detroit Pizza

Pizza sauce base with mozzarella cheese topped with aged cup & char pepperoni and finished with mike's hot honey.


8 Mile Detroit Pizza

Mozzarella cheese with pizza sauce base topped with seasonal mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives and finished with a grated parmesan blend.


The Motown Detroit Pizza

Pizza sauce base with mozzarella cheese topped with aged cup & char pepperoni and Italian sausage finished with dollops of ricotta.


Breakfast Pies

Green Eggs & Ham Pie Breakfast

Basil pesto, parmesan reggiano, fresh mozzarella, local smoked ham and a soft cooked egg.


Steak & Eggs Pie Breakfast

Ricotta creme, whole milk mozzarella, grilled grass-fed steak, a soft-cooked egg and finished with peppadew peppers.


Party Specials

Two Large Cheese Pizza, 4 Lbs Of Wings & 2 Liter Of Soda Special



Soup of the Day

Please call the restaurant for the today's selection.


Soup of the Week



Garden Salad

Fresh romaine tossed with cherry tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts, fire roasted red peppers, cucumbers, red onions, and croutons, with your choice of dressing.


Caesar Salad

Fresh romaine, croutons and shaved parmesan reggiano tossed in creamy Caesar dressing.


Sicilian Spinach Salad

Baby spinach, farro, caramelized onion, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, local bacon, and dates, tossed in honey balsamic vinaigrette.


Ancient Grains Salad

Kale and arugula blend tossed with quinoa, farro, shredded rainbow carrots, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and Gorgonzola cheese, with honey balsamic vinaigrette.


Aloha Chicken Salad

Romaine and kale blend, free range chicken, local bacon, shredded rainbow carrots, and pineapple, with lime-ginger vinaigrette.


Citrus Steak Protein Plus Salad

Shredded kale, quinoa, cucumber, shredded rainbow carrot, pickled red onion, fresh jalapenos, and grilled grass fed steak, with lime-ginger vinaigrette.


Build Your Own Salad


Artisan Melts Sandwiches
Hot, stuffed Artisan sandwiches.

Meatball Melt Sandwich

House made meatballs with locally sourced beef and pork, all natural Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella, and Parmesan Reggiano.


4 Cheese Melt Sandwich

Mozzarella, aged provolone, Parmesan, and ricotta.


Peppino Melt Sandwich

Local meatball, local sausage, all natural Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella, and aged provolone.


Gabagoul Melt Sandwich

Capicola, aged pepperoni, roasted red pepper, artichoke, aged provolone, and arugula.


Tuscan Melt Sandwich

Local sausage, grilled free range chicken, pesto, broccoli, arugula, and mozzarella.


The Bizz Melt Sandwich

Grilled grass fed steak, local bacon, roasted pepper, caramelized onion, spinach, and Gorgonzola.


Hot Italian Melt Sandwich

Local ham, Genoa salami, pepperoni, peppadew peppers, provolone, and mozzarella.


Pasta Al Forno

Pasta Parmesan

Made with all natural marinara sauce, imported parmesan cheese, and homemade Gemelli pasta.


Quattro Formaggio

Imported Parmesan, provolone, ricotta, and mozzarella, with homemade Gemelli pasta.


Sicilian Baked Pasta

Made with all natural marinara sauce with sausage, homemade rigatoni, and creamy ricotta.


Bio To Eat

Utica Greens

Utica style greens, escarole, prosciutto, breadcrumbs, cherry peppers, and Parmesan cheese.


Truffle Cheese Bread

Artisan aged dough, extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan Reggiano, and truffle oil.


Risotto Bombs

Creamy traditional Italian risotto rolled and shaped, fried, and served with marinara.


Homemade Desserts

Cinnamon Sticks

Fried dough sticks rolled with cinnamon and sugar, served with homemade icing.


Chocolate Frosted Brownie


Chewy Marshmallow Bars

Certified Gluten Free. Homemade mini-marshmallows and marshmallow cream get folded with gluten-free, crispy rice puffs and mini marshmallows. just a touch of butter gets browned, but enough to bring up a subtle caramel note. A hint of sea salt makes it all come alive.



Heavenly cream wrapped in crispy cannoli shells. Our shells are fried to a perfect golden brown and our cannoli cream is whipped up using the finest ricotta cheese.


Deep-Fried Cannolis

Fried dough filled with cannoli cream, rolled in cinnamon and sugar.


Chocolate Cannoli


Pumpkin Cannoli






Citrus or melon.


Rockstar Original




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