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Schmizza Pub & Grub

Schmizza Pub & Grub

628 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232
Create Your Own Pizza
Gluten-free crust available for any medium pizza for an additional cost.

Create Your Own Pizza

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


Original Pizzas
Gluten-free crust available for any medium pizza for an additional cost.

Cheese Pizza

A creamy pile of 100% mozzarella & parmesan cheese.


Pepperoni Pizza

Cheesy goodness with pepperoni on top.


Don Ho Pizza

Canadian bacon & juicy, all-natural pineapple rings on a sea of cheese.


Bac-A-Roni Pizza

Pepperoni & bacon crumbles topped with mozzarella cheese


Chicken Pizza
Gluten-free crust available for any medium pizza for an additional cost.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Texas-style marinated chicken, sweet red onions, tomatoes & feta cheese crumbles on a bed of tangy BBQ sauce.


Spicy Thai Pizza

Garlic chicken, roasted red peppers, fresh cilantro & crushed red peppers on our spicy peanut sauce base.


Creole Pizza

Spicy chicken strips, red onions, roasted red peppers & smoked mozzarella.


Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Garlic chicken, bacon crumbles, Canadian bacon & cooked tomatoes on our buttermilk ranch base with a drizzle of ranch on top.


No Kiss Tonight Pizza

Garlic chicken, red onions & feta cheese on our creamy alfredo sauce base.


Cochino Chicken Pizza

Pesto chicken, red onions, hickory-smoked bacon & feta cheese crumbles.


Green Chicken Pizza

Garlic chicken strips marinated in pesto sauce, baby spinach leaves, Mediterranean artichoke hearts & pico de gallo with feta cheese crumbles.


Zorba Pizza

Savory pesto chicken, fresh spinach, sweet red onions, organic black olives & Roma tomato slices topped with feta cheese.


Nashville Hot Honey Chicken Pizza

Marinated chicken strips, red onions, dill pickles, mozzarella cheese & fresh chopped parsley drizzled with Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Hot Sauce on a garlic olive oil base.


BBQ Brown (Spicy BBQ) Pizza

Tangy BBQ sauce topped with spicy chicken, Canadian bacon, red onions, pineapple, jalapenos & cilantro.


Veggie Pizzas
Gluten-free crust available for any medium pizza for an additional cost.

Margherita Pizza

Roasted Roma tomatoes, feta cheese & basil on our olive oil & garlic base.


Popeye & Olive Oil Pizza

Fresh spinach leaves on a bed of creamy alfredo sauce with Roma tomatoes, garlic & feta cheese.


Greek Veggie Pizza

Fresh spinach, Roma tomatoes, red onions, black olives, garlic & feta cheese.


Extreme Veggie Pizza

Roasted red & green peppers, fresh mushrooms, spinach, red onions, zucchini, black olives & chopped garlic.


Foo Foo Pizza

Marinated artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic & feta cheese.


Veggie Baby Pizza

Fresh spinach, red bell peppers, crisp red onions, tomatoes & feta cheese atop our creamy alfredo sauce base.


Meatza Pizzas
Gluten-free crust available for any medium pizza for an additional cost.

Combo Classico Pizza

Mounds of fresh mushrooms, black olives & crumbled Italian sausage.


Traditional Pizza

Pepperoni, green peppers, sweet red onions & organic black olives.


Spicy Italian Pizza

Spicy Italian link sausage, crumbled Italian sausage, red onions, red & green bell peppers with garlic, crushed red peppers, basil & oregano.


Genoa Pizza

Genoa salami, pepperoni, crumbled Italian sausage, fresh mushrooms & organic black olives.


Sch’meat Trio Pizza

Canadian bacon, pepperoni & ground beef – good things come in threes.


Specialty Pizzas
Gluten-free crust available for any medium pizza for an additional cost.

Sch'meat'za Pizza

Canadian bacon, crumbled Italian sausage, genoa salami, pepperoni, ground beef, bacon & sliced spicy Italian link sausage.


Taco Truck Steak Taco Pizza

Grilled steak strips, onions, cilantro & a sprinkle of feta cheese with a swirl of creamy chipotle-lime sauce on top.


The Sink Pizza

Canadian bacon, genoa salami, spicy Italian link sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, crumbled Italian sausage, mushrooms, red onions, red & green peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, black olives & chopped tomatoes.




Available traditional or boneless & served with a side of ranch or bleu cheese. Have them plain or tossed in your favorite sauce: BBQ, buffalo, sweet chili, Thai peanut or smokin’ hot sauce.


Tater Tots

Crispy tots served with our tangy marinara dipping sauce. Choose original, cajun, garlic parm or spicy garlic tots.



Six big, handmade dipsticks baked fresh & served with your choice of marinara, ranch, or alfredo dipping sauce.


Schmeezy Bread

Fresh-baked bread blasted with cheesy garlic goodness & served with a side of marinara dunking sauce.


Pub Fries

Seasoned, hand-cut pub fries served with a side of ranch.


Available salad dressings include: ranch, feta vinaigrette, bleu cheese & caesar.

Greek Salad

Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, Kalamata olives, feta cheese & oregano on a bed of spinach leaves tossed in feta vinaigrette.


Caesar Schmaesar Salad

Fresh romaine lettuce tossed in our creamy Schmaesar dressing, finished with freshly shredded parmesan & herbed croutons.


Garden Salad

Fresh greens, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes & herbed croutons with your choice of salad dressing.


Served with your choice of tots or side salad.

Schmargherita Grinder

Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & basil with a touch of garlic & olive oil, served on a Schmizza baguette. Served hot or cold.


Schmeatball Hero

Juicy meatballs & tangy marinara topped with melted mozzarella on a Schmizza baguette.


Split Fried Italian Sausage Sandwich

Spicy link sausage topped with marinara & melted mozzarella served on a Schmizza baguette.


All pasta is served with two dipsticks.

Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Grilled chicken breast with penne pasta tossed in our famous, creamy alfredo sauce and finished with parmesan cheese.


Steak Strip Alfredo Pasta

Tender grilled mesquite beef strips and pan fried mushrooms with penne pasta; finished with a creamy alfredo sauce and parmesan cheese.


Spaghetti & Meatball

A bed of our spaghetti topped with tomato sauce, juicy meatballs & parmesan cheese – or choose a spicy Italian sausage link instead.


Spicy Cajunator Pasta

Choice of grilled chicken breast or spicy Italian sausage tossed in a spicy Cajun chipotle cream sauce with penne pasta; finished with parmesan cheese.


Garden Noodle

Penne pasta tossed in olive oil & garlic with sautéed spinach, black olives, onions, mushrooms, red & green peppers, yellow squash & zucchini topped with grape tomatoes & shredded parmesan.


Frikin’ Chicken Pasta

Penne pasta tossed in a light basil pesto cream sauce with grilled chicken breast strips & fresh broccoli florets; finished with parmesan cheese.


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