The Pizza Company

3502 Main St, Munhall, PA 15120

Currently ClosedFull HoursNo MinimumPickup (15 - 30 min)Are you the owner?

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give The Pizza Company a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Create Your Own Pizza$5.49 +
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Olive, garlic, tomato and spices.
White Pizza$6.49 +
Supreme Pizza$13.99 +
Veggie Pizza$13.99 +
Gourmet White Pizza$13.99 +
Pepperoni Feast Pizza$13.99 +
Meat Eaters Pizza$13.99 +
White Chicken Pizza$13.99 +
Olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and spinach,
Buffalo Chicken Pizza$13.99 +
BBQ Chicken Pizza$13.99 +
Greek Pizza$13.99 +
White pizza, spinach, feta and olives.
Ranch $0.50 and blue cheese $0.75, for 50 pcs wings $24.99.
Bbq Wings$4.49 +
Spicy BBQ Wings$4.49 +
Honey Bbq Wings$4.49 +
Mild Wings$4.49 +
Hot Wings$4.49 +
Hot Garlic Wings$4.49 +
Super Hot Wings$4.49 +
Cajun Wings$4.49 +
Garlic Butter Wings$4.49 +
Sweet and Spicy Wings$4.49 +
All topped with melted provolone, spiced slaw, fresh cut french fries on fresh sliced italian bread.
Steak, Ham, Salami, Capicolla, Meatball, Sausage and Turkey$5.99
Bacon and Egg Untouchable$5.99
Italian Hoagies$4.50 +
Ham and Cheese Hoagie$4.50 +
Philly Cheese Steak Hoagie$4.75 +
Steak and Cheese Hoagie$4.75 +
Turkey Breast Hoagie$4.75 +
Meatball Hoagie$4.75 +
Veggie Hoagie Ham and Swiss Hoagie$4.75 +
Turkey, Bacon and Swiss Hoagie$4.99 +
Company Club Hoagie$4.99 +
Steak and Bacon Hoagie$4.99 +
French Fries$3.25
French Fries with Cheese Xl$3.75
French Fries with Bacon, Bits and Cheese$4.25
Jalapeno Peppers$3.95
Provolone Sticks$3.75
Breadsticks with Sauce$3.99
Breadsticks with Sauce$2.95
Choice of dressing - italian, ranch, french, blue cheese or greek dressing.
Garden Salad$3.99
Antipasto Salad$5.25
Steak Salad$5.95
Chargrilled Chicken Salad$5.95
Greek Salad$5.50
Side Salad$1.99
Side Greek Salad$2.29


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