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JC's Philly Cheesesteak

JC's Philly Cheesesteak

18918 Midway Rd, Dallas, TX 75287

Closed until 10:00 AM

Full Hours

    Opening at 10:00 AM


    Cheesesteak Sandwich

    Steak, onions, provolone, jc's seasoning, croissant.


    Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    Yellow American, white American and provolone cheese on buttery toast.


    Meatball Sub Sandwich

    Meatballs, meatball sauce, jc's seasoning, cheese, bread.


    Chicken Salad Sandwich

    White meat, mayonnaise, grapes, celery, jc's seasoning on a croissant.



    Mushroom Cheesesteak

    Steak, onions, mushrooms, provolone.


    Chicken Cheesesteak

    Chicken steak meat, onion, provolone cheese on amoroso's bread. Halal meat.


    Original Cheesesteak

    Steak, onions and provolone cheese.


    Pepper Cheesesteak

    Halal meat. Steak, onions, provolone, banana peppers.


    Hot Pepper Cheesesteak

    Steak, onions, provolone cheese, jalapeno peppers.


    Dubbs Cheesesteak

    BBQ sauce, jalapeno, banana peppers, extra cheese on Amoroso's bread. Halal meat.


    Cherry Pepper Cheesesteak

    Steak, onions, provolone, cherry peppers.


    Egg Cheesesteak

    Steak, onions, peppers of your choice, egg, provolone.


    Flaming Hot Cheesesteak

    Steak, onion, provolone, jalapeno peppers, crushed red peppers, hot pepper seasoning and fresh garlic.


    Crispy Chicken Sandwich

    Sweet Seoulmate Chicken Sandwich

    Crunchy twice-fried chicken thigh hand brushed with our sweet Honey Butter Me Up glaze, pickled cucumbers, creamy cabbage slaw and our house-made gochujang aioli in between two maple-glazed brioche buns.


    Nuclear Chicken Sandwich

    Crunchy twice-fried chicken thigh hand brushed with our spicy Nuclear Warhead glaze, grilled pineapple, creamy cabbage slaw and our house-made gochujang aioli in between two maple-glazed brioche buns.


    Psy's Chicken Sandwich

    Crunchy twice-fried chicken thigh hand brushed with our Psy's Soy Garlic glaze, delectable kimchi slaw between two maple-glazed brioche buns.



    Homestyle Fries


    Breaded Onion Rings


    Bag of Chips


    Mozzarella Sticks


    Breaded Jalapenos with Cheddar Cheese



    Cobb Salad

    Spring mix, boiled egg, beef steak, Cheddar cheese, croutons, tomatoes, onions with your choice of dressing.


    Green Salad

    Spring mix, tomatoes, cheese.


    Chicken Tenders

    AL-AZIZ Famous Chicken Tenders

    3 house breaded tenders (regular, spicy, or chat masala) served with house cut fries, Mississippi comeback sauce, creamy coleslaw and Texas toast.


    Sauce Me Up

    Psy’s Soy Garlic

    Soy sauce, finely chopped garlic and fresh parsley are the perfect trio that makes this classic, punchy glaze one of our top sellers.


    Honey Butter Me Up

    A maddeningly addictive combination of honey, butter and soy sauce that pairs perfectly with fried chicken.


    Classic Yangnyeom

    You can't go wrong with our classic Yangnyeom sauce.


    Nuclear Warhead

    Our classic Yangnyeom glaze with an added hit of ghost peppers that gives this sauce a satisfying spicy kick. You can’t stop with one bite!


    Seaweed Bulgogi

    The rounded, savory umami flavor of this sauce comes from our delicious house-made bulgogi sauce generously topped with seaweed flakes.




    Mississippi Comeback Sauce


    Phat Bundles To Share

    Slathered 5 Piece Feast

    4 large pieces of crunchy twice-fried tenders hand-brushed with a mouth-watering sauce of your choice, Kimcheese Nachos, Dry Rub Fries and Miso Delicious Cheesecake.


    Phat Chicken Sandwich Meal

    Your choice of crispy chicken sandwich paired with dry rub fries and a drink.


    Phat Meal for Two

    Any 2 Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, Toss Me Tenders and Miso Delicious Cheesecake. Comes with 2 drinks.


    Snack Pack Galore

    8 crispy wicked wings and 4 juicy toss me tenders sauced your way, paired with Kimcheese Nachos and Dry Rub Fries.


    Phat Chicken Sandwich and Tenders Meal

    Your choice of crispy chicken sandwich with toss me tenders in your favourite sauce and a drink.


    Classic Korean Fried Chicken

    Wicked Wings

    Generous mix of our crunchy, juicy twice-fried 6 piece wings glazed with a mouth-watering sauce of your choice.


    Toss Me Some Tenders

    6 juicy chicken tenders sauced up your way!


    Krazy Sidekicks

    Kimcheese Nachos

    Seasoned tortilla chips topped with oozy nacho cheese, gochujang aioli, kimchi salsa, chopped pickled cucumbers and scallions.


    Dry Rub Fries

    Crispy batter-fried shoestring fries.


    Banchan Sides


    Classic Korean baechu kimchi, made from fermented napa cabbage. Spicy, tangy and an essential with every Korean meal.


    Kimchi Slaw

    Coleslaw and kimchi meet in a carnival of color and flavor. A perfect companion to any meal.


    Creamy Slaw

    Finely-shredded mixed vegetables tossed with a zesty mayonnaise dressing. Perfect for cleansing the palate.



    Chicken Nuggets


    Chicken Nuggets Combo

    5 piece chicken nuggets, order of fries and a drink.


    Always Room For Desserts

    Miso Delicious Cheesecake

    A classic baked cheesecake topped with a savory miso-spiked salted caramel sauce.


    Don’t Mess With My Chocolate Cake

    A rich, dark chocolate cake with a deliciously fudgy ganache center that spills out in the first bite.



    JC's Punch


    Big Red


    Mountain Dew




    Dr. Pepper


    A & W Root Beer




    Orange Sunkist


    Brisk Iced Tea Lemon Flavor


    Sports Bottle Water


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