Proletariat Pizza

9622-A 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Proletariat Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

All pizzas include mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce unless otherwise indicated 18”/12”.
  • Cheese Pizza$14.00 +
    Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.
  • Pepperoni Pizza$16.00 +
    Zoe’s pepperoni.
  • Margherita Pizza$16.00 +
    Sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil.
  • Two Meats Pizza$17.00 +
    Zoe’s pepperoni, Mondo & Sons Italian sausage.
  • The Classic Pizza$17.00 +
    Zoe’s pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives.
  • The Favorite PIzza$17.00 +
    Mondo & Sons Italian sausage, fresh garlic, Mama Lil’s peppers.
  • Ham & Egg Pizza$17.00 +
    Zoe’s prosciutto, soft-cooked egg.
  • Anchovy Pizza$17.00 +
    Anchovies, ricotta cheese, fresh tomato.
  • The Brooklyn Pizza$17.00 +
    Mondo & Sons Italian sausage, mushrooms, red onion.
  • The Real Hawaiian Pizza$17.00 +
    SPAM, pineapple.
  • Vegetarian Pizza$17.00 +
    Oven-roasted tomatoes, kalamata olives, goat cheese.
  • Vegan Pizza$15.00 +
    Spinach, mushroom, Mama Lil’s peppers, tomato sauce, no cheese.
  • Chicken the Greek Pizza$18.00 +
    Mondo & Sons chicken sausage, garlic, spinach, feta.
  • The Genoa Pizza$17.00 +
    Applegate natural salami, ricotta cheese, pepperoncini, olive oil, no tomato sauce.
  • White Center White Pizza$16.00 +
    Ricotta cheese, fresh chopped garlic, oregano, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, no tomato sauce.
  • Potato Pizza$17.00 +
    Thinly sliced red potato, gorgonzola, chives, olive oil, no tomato sauce.
  • Mixed Green Salad$7.00
    Organic mixed greens, garbanzo beans, kalamata olives, gorgonzola cheese, balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Caesar Salad$8.00
    Chopped romaine, house-made croutons, shaved parmesan cheese, house-made dressing.
  • Quinoa Salad$8.00
    Seasonal vegetable and quinoa salad served over greens. Ask your server about our current offering.
  • Antipasto Plate$8.00
    Oven-roasted tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, Mama Lil’s peppers, kalamata olive tapenade, sliced baguette.
  • Kid’s Plate$4.00
    Olives, pineapple, mozzarella, sliced baguette.
  • Homemade Tiramisu$7.00
    Espresso-soaked lady fingers and mascarpone cream dusted with cocoa powder. Contains raw egg.
  • Cane Sugar Soda$2.50 +
    Cola | Lemon Lime | Orange | Jones Root Beer.
  • Jones Soda$2.50
    Root Beer | Strawberry Lime | Blue Bubblegum, Orange & Cream Soda | Grape.
  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Water$3.00
    Root Beer | Strawberry Lime | Blue Bubblegum, Orange & Cream Soda | Grape.
  • San Pellegrino Soda$2.50
    Limonata | Aranciata | Aranciata Rossa | Pompelmo.
  • Martinelli’s Apple Juice$3.00
  • Milk$2.50
  • Iced Tea$2.50
  • Rachel’s Ginger Beer$5.00


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