Flying Squirrel Pizza

8310 5th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Flying Squirrel Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

No 1 Pizza$12.00 +
Mozzarella, sauce.
No 2 Pizza$15.00 +
Zoe’s pepperoni, chopped fresh garlic, mozzarella, sauce.
No 3 Pizza$13.00 +
House-made pork sausage, chopped fresh garlic, mozzarella, sauce.
No 4 Pizza$16.00 +
Prosciutto, mushroom, arugula, mozzarella, sauce.
No 5 Pizza$16.00 +
Braised pulled pork, cilantro, red onion, cotija cheese, fresh lime.
No 6 Pizza$16.00 +
Lemon, herb, and garlic roasted potato, St. Clemens blue cheese, chive oil, spinach, mozzarella.
No 7 Pizza$15.50 +
House-made meatballs, fresh mozzarella, sauce, fresh basil, shaved parmesan.
No 8 Pizza$27.00 +
Free-range eggs, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, sauce, red onion, arugula.
No 9 Pizza$15.00 +
Chicken sausage, laura chenel goat cheese, mama Lil’s peppers, spinach, mozzarella, sauce.
No 10 Pizza$14.50 +
Daily’s bacon, Zoe's artisan ham, roasted chicken breast, arugula, fresh tomato, mozzarella, sauce.
Surfin’ Squirrel Pizza$16.00 +
Zoe’s artisan ham, fresh hand-cut pineapple, mozzarella, sauce.
Count Basil Pizza$16.00 +
Basil pesto sauce, mozzarella, red onion, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, feta cheese, fresh diced tomatoes.
Eartha Kitt Pizza$16.00 +
Olive oil base, garlic, spinach, mozzarella, marinated portobello mushrooms, ricotta cheese, cracked black pepper.
Lightnin’ Hopkins Pizza$13.00 +
Spicy! Zoe’s spicy salami, mama lil’s peppers, red onion, mushrooms, mozzarella, sauce.
The Sofia Pizza$27.00 +
Prosciutto, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella, sauce.
The Farm Pizza$26.00 +
Zucchini, laura chenel goat cheese, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, garlic, mozzarella, sauce.
Margherita Pizza$15.00 +
Shredded mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, sauce, tomatoes, fresh basil.
The Charles Pizza$16.00 +
Zoe’s pepperoni, house-made pork sausage, mushrooms, black olives, mozzarella, sauce.
The R.E.M. Pizza$16.00 +
Basil pesto sauce, portobello mushrooms, roasted red pepper, caramelized onion, laura chenel goat cheese, mozzarella.
The Mothership Pizza$14.00 +
Zoe’s pepperoni, zoe’s spicy salami, zoe’s artisan ham, house-made pork sausage, mozzarella, sauce, fresh basil.
Create Your Own Pizza$13.00 +
Start with cheese pizza with red sauce. All of our cheeses are pasteurized.
Reed’s Chili Soup$5.00 +
Beef and pork, roasted anaheim and poblano peppers, three kinds of beans, spices and house-made stock make this chili the best on the block! Topped with tillamook sharp cheddar, green onion and sour cream.
Spinach Salad$8.00 +
Baby spinach, honey-spiced pecans, blue cheese, pickled red onion, bacon, roasted red pepper vinaigrette.
Caesar Salad$12.00 +
Romaine, classic caesar dressing, house-made croutons and shaved parmesan. We’ll even throw on anchovies if requested.
Beet Salad$8.00 +
Roasted red and golden beets, arugula, St. Clemens blue cheese, honey-spiced pecans, mimosa vinaigrette.
Arugula Salad$12.00
Mac & Cheese$7.00
Pasta shells in our own 5-cheese sauce, breadcrumbs and a little extra tillamook sharp cheddar on top. Homemade, baked til bubbly. Comes with a side of arugula salad + vinaigrette.
Meatball Sandwich$13.00
Macrina brioche bun, house-made meatballs, provolone and asiago cheese, parmesan, pickled red onion, mama Lil’s mayo, fresh basil. Comes with a side of arugula salad and vinaigrette.
Portobello Sandwich$12.00
Marinated portobello mushrooms, roasted red pepper, spinach, pesto, provolone, and asiago cheese served on a Macrina brioche bun. Comes with a side of arugula salad + vinaigrette.
Hummus Dip$8.00


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