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Mama Rita's Pizzeria & Bakery

Mama Rita's Pizzeria & Bakery

18 E Main St, Evansville, WI 53536

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Mama Rita's Pizzeria & Bakery a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Specialty Pizzas

Mama's Supreme Pizza

Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon Canadian bacon, mushrooms, green peppers black olives green olives red onion & roasted peppers.


Mama's Meat Lovers Pizza

Italian sausage pepproni Canadian bacon & bacon.


Mama's Veggie Lovers

Mushrooms, fresh tomato green peppers black olives green olives red onions & red peppers.


Mama's Chicken BBQ Pizza

Chicken bacon, red onions green peppers banana peppers topped with cheddar cheese BBQ sauce.


Mama's Meatball Madness Pizza

Loaded with meatballs mushrooms red onion green peppers and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.


Mama's Italian Stallion Pizza

Italian beef, Italian sausage link hot giardiniera roasted red peppers.


Mama's Chicken Pesto Pizza

Chicken tomato onions roasted red peppers and pesto sauce.


Mama's Tex Mex Pizza

Spicy BBQ chicken bacon black olives onion jalapeno cheddar cheese chili cheese.


Mama's Blue Devil Pizza

This pizza will fire up any team, blackened chicken Italian sausage bacon roasted red peppers jalapeno peppers all on a cool ranch sauce.


Breakfast Sandwiches

Italian Peppers & Egg Sandwich Breakfast


Italian Sausage & Egg Sandwich Breakfast


Egg & Cheese Sandwich Breakfast

With Canadian bacon.


Mama's Bread

Mama's Garlic Cheese Bread


Mama's Bread Sticks


Mama's Sandwiches

Italian Beef Sandwich


Italian Combo Sandwich


Italian Sausage Sandwich


Meatball Sub


Mama's Dogs

Chicago Style Dog

This is the real deal, all-beef Vienna hot dog on a poppy seed bun with all the fixings.


Chili Cheddar Dog


Bacon Cheddar Dog


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