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We know that pizzerias need ordering that supports complex menus and customization. We also know pizza customers are different — our data shows that they generally order from a single shop. Our solutions combine an incredible order experience with automated tools to keep customers coming back for more. The results? 50% more repeat customers and up to 8x increased sales.

Our Packages

The value of Slice goes far beyond better pricing. Our packages offer you a diverse set of products and services that solve your most common challenges.

Get listed on the largest pizzeria marketplace
Slice Essentials
Standard Slice benefits, plus...
Slice App Listing
Slice Rewards
Slice Marketing
Empower your shop with online ordering and automated marketing
Slice Premium
All of Essentials, plus...
Online Ordering
Customized Website (optional)
Boosted Search Ranking
Automated Loyalty Marketing
Order Anywhere Network
Most Popular!
Get the complete technology solution for pizzerias
Slice Complete
All of Premium, plus...
Slice Register
Slice Payments
Delivery Management
Limited Availability

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Customize Your Solution

We offer add-on products and services to further address your needs.

Slice Payments

Take payments with industry-low fees in every way your customers want

Slice Delivery

Offer customers quality delivery for an affordable price

Slice Accelerate

Apply for a digital transformation that unlocks your shop's potential

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