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A listing on Slice's marketplace gets you in front of millions of customers and so much more.

  • Easy ordering for pizza lovers
  • Highlighted add-ons to increase order size
  • Embedded fraud protection
  • #1 customer service for you and your customers

Attract Eaters from National Advertising

Millions of people know Slice for our fun-loving advertisements and mission to support local pizzerias.

  • Ads on TV, radio, and more attract new customers
  • Social media ads target local eaters
  • Regular emails keep eaters thinking about pizza
  • News reports educate eaters why Slice is better for shops
Essentials - Slice Rewards

Built-in Rewards Program

Slice Rewards incentivizes customers to stay loyal to your shop.

  • Customers earn points towards free pizza with every order
  • Free pizza paid for by Slice
  • Regular emails and other communications encourage orders

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