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The best pizza in Davenport: a local guide

Chicago deep-dish pizza is a lot thicker than other types of pizza. This feature comes from the methods used to prepare it. The dough is pressed into the sides of the pan, allowing a crispy, pillowy crust to form. This also builds walls, which act as a bowl to hold a ton of sauce and cheese.

With this type of pizza, the dough is also layered in a unique way. The toppings are stacked in the reverse order of what you might expect. The layers start with the cheese, then toppings, then the sauce on top. This order allows the cheese to not burn, while also keeping the sauce from making the crust soggy.

With the walls made by the deep dish, you also have room for a ton of sauce. Many people also enjoy the stuffed version of this recipe. You simply continue stacking the layers, until the pie can’t hold any more.

Best Delivery Pizza in Davenport

When you’re hungry, you want to order from a place that offers fast service. We recommend that you order from Pizzano’s Pizza & Grinderz. This location often delivers very quickly and has amazing reviews online. You always receive fresh, delicious food too.

This location is always open pretty late at night, allowing you to order a late dinner with the family. Customers always appreciate how many toppings the staff pile their pies with- you’re sure to get more than enough! Plus, the cooks and delivery drivers are always very punctual, kind, friendly, and helpful. You can feel confident that your order is prepared correctly.

Overall, if you’re searching for the best delivery in town, we recommend that you order from Pizzano’s. They have amazing service, wonderful food, and always bring your order to your home promptly. You’re sure to have a pleasant experience with them.

Best Takeout Pizza in Davenport

Diromio's Pizza & Grill offers many great takeout options. You’ll have plenty of choices for a quick lunch. This is a local place, so you’re sure to find many unique, tasty menu items that you can’t find anywhere else.

Regulars here also recommend that you try their Philly cheesesteak sandwiches- they use an amazing cheese sauce and have the best meat. You’re sure to love every bite, especially if you find yourself craving a cheesesteak.

Many locals recommend that you use our site to order ahead of time. That way you can pick up your meal when you’re ready to eat. It’s common for people to place their order and time it so they can grab it on their way home from work. You also should have enough time to pick up your food on a lunch break.

Overall, this location has a wide variety of foods for you to enjoy. You’re sure to love choosing from a wide selection of toppings as well.

Best Pizza Near Davenport


Many locals recommend the NYPD Pizza in Orlando. You receive a ton of toppings, a delicious sauce, and plenty of gooey cheese. The staff there are also friendly and very prompt with providing their customers with service. You’re sure to enjoy your pie!


Eddie & Sam’s is known as being the best pizza place in Tampa. They have some of the best crust around and offer a variety of flavors in their pies. The location specializes in delectable New York slices, which are large, thin, and foldable to eat on the go.

Haines City

Dora’s Pizza is the best place in this area. They offer a vegetarian-friendly menu, with plenty of vegan options. You receive amazing pies and always get a lot of food for the prices that you pay. Overall, you’ll want to visit this pizzeria next time you’re in the area.

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