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Looking to fit more vegetables into your diet? Order a veggie pizza for an easy and delicious way to get your vital vitamins.

You can customize your pizza to include mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, olives, eggplant, zucchini, artichokes, or any other fresh in-season vegetables you’re craving. Check out your local veggie options on the Slice app for a meal that is both good and good for you.

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Veggie Pizza | The Facts

Eat your veggies! What sounded like a punishment when you were a little kid sounds more rewarding now when you are trying to stay fit and healthy, right?

Luckily healthy and delicious can mean the same thing if you like eating vegetarian pizza. The veggie pizza is a combination of a delicious, savory crust with fresh, mouth watering veggies on top.

But what does it really mean? Is it vegetarian or vegan pizza? The good news is it can be whatever you like it to be.

Choose a classic crust with some veggies and cheese on top and you have a vegetarian pizza. Swap the crust and you have a low-carb, Keto-friendly pie. Pick a non-dairy alternative and you get a vegan slice.

The best part? You can order a veggie pie in just one tap with the Slice app.

The Veggie Pizza Crust

What’s in a veggie crust? Let’s see, we have the standard wheat flour dough, and wheat-less, gluten-free alternatives. You can also order a crust made of healthy veggies like zucchini, cauliflower, and spinach.

And the latter has taken the world by storm and is a new favorite among dieters and healthy individuals. The low-carb crust made of vegetables, ensures the daily intake of healthy nutrients and fiber, all in one pizza.

How do you make it non-soggy?

Carefully picked veggies, chopped, thoroughly drained, mixed with seasonings and other ingredients and you get the perfect crust topped with some vitamin-packed veggies.

Veggie Pizza Nutrition Information

So, is veggie pie a healthy pie as well?

If you are counting calories or simply trying to pick up a healthier alternative you can make a few smart swaps that work best for you.

A slice of a classic meat-and-cheese-pie can have somewhere around 300 calories but ditching (or halving) the cheese and opting for more bite-size vegetables on top can lower this number to 250 or less.

Swaps like whole wheat crust instead of white crust, and adding extra veggies can decrease calories, fats, carbs, and cholesterol while at the same time increase the fiber and protein count. Add the vitamins and minerals to it and you have a healthy AND delicious meal!

The Best Veggie Pizza Toppings

What veggies are good on pizza?

It’s a no brainer since you can customize your pie by preferences. You can include cherry tomatoes, red and green peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, roasted eggplant, scallions, celery, radish, green onions, and so on.

The veggies that go on your pizza can be both fresh or frozen but it’s always better to choose some fresh, seasonal veggies full of flavor and aroma. Don’t hesitate to try something bolder like kale or spinach, squash, artichokes, or truffles maybe?

*Bonus tip: if you want to lower calories by cutting cheese, but still want the cheesy taste of pizza, add some parmesan flakes on top for a satisfying melty twist.

What about Cold Veggie Pizza?

The best thing about pizza is that it is perfectly tasty both hot and cold, right?

That is even more accentuated with cold veggie pies. Overlaying the baked crust with sauce or cream cheese and finally with some fresh or baked veggies on top makes a great cold appetizer loved both by children and adults.

Check out your local pizzerias and order your favorite veggie combo in the Slice app. Order super-fresh veggie pizza for pickup or delivery.



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