What is Thick Crust Pizza?

Square Sicilian pizza is usually what comes to mind when people think of thick crust pizza. However, there are a number of thick crust styles out there that deserve your attention.

Detroit-style pizza is the fastest-growing pizza style in the country thanks to its deliciously dense base and generous layer of toppings. There’s also the world famous Chicago deep dish pizza, which tips the scales with its generous layers of cheese and delicious inner “toppings.” No matter what you’re in the mood for, there’s a delicious thick crust pizza waiting for you.

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Thick Crust Pizza in Chicago

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Thick Crust Pizza in New York

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Thich Crust pizza


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The pizza came in the allotted time specified. And it was delicious. Large pizza, good crust, the perfect in between for thin crust and deep dish. Thick.

Tony's Villa Rosa Review


Q: 🍕Is Sicilian pizza thin or thick?

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Q: 🍕Where can I find thick crust pizza near me?

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