Find the Best Cheeseburger Sub Near You for Curbside Pickup & Delivery

Craving cheeseburger sub but want to stay home and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

You can order your favorite cheeseburger submarine for contactless curbside pickup without leaving your car, or get delivery at home with the Slice app.

Indulge yourself with a good old cheeseburger but in a long, baguette-like bun that perfectly captures all the flavors and juices inside.

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Cheeseburger Sub Near You

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Cheeseburger Sub

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Best Cheeseburger Sub in Houston

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Best Cheeseburger Sub in Philadelphia

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Best Cheeseburger Sub in Baltimore

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Best Cheeseburger Sub in Boston

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Love the cheeseburger sub!

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You could be eating pizza in less than an hour!

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