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The History of Pasta

Pasta is one of the most popular foods in the world, but have you ever wondered where it comes from?

  • 30th century B.C. - Chinese had food that looked like noodles.

  • 4th century B.C. - an Etruscan tomb from the 4th century B.C. depicts people making food similar to pasta.

  • 13th century - Marco Polo brought it to Italy from China.

  • 14th century - writers started to make references to macaroni and ravioli in their books. For example, in The Decameron, there’s a story involving pasta chefs and a Parmesan cheese mountain.

  • 18th century - Neapolitans started to be called macaroni-eaters instead of leaf-eaters. And the main reason for this change, were the machines! The ones that were invented to make amazing macaroni, ravioli and lasagna.

In the meantime, the dish also made its way to the ‘New World’. Spanish explorers went on overseas journeys and brought it to America.

But, what’s amazing is that it was Tomas Jefferson who helped make it more popular. He first had a taste of macaroni while he was in Paris in the 1780s. He found it so delicious that he brought a macaroni machine back to America. Later on, in 1848, a factory was opened in Brooklyn.

Macaroni was a common dish during the Civil War as well, both for its taste and simplicity. Around that time, many people from Italy moved to America. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the dish expanded even more. Food like lasagna and spaghetti became very popular and continue to be to this day!

Types of Pasta

1) Penne

This one has the shape of a hollow cylinder and the edges are diagonally cut. The form resembles a pen, hence the name penne. It was first made in 1865 when Giovanni Battista Capurro acquired a patent for a machine that cuts diagonally.

The texture has ridges and is perfectly suitable for sauces. A popular dish is the Penne Ala Vodka. It comes with tomatoes, cheese, cream, and some vodka on top. However, most of the vodka evaporates during cooking.

Other sauces that go well with penne are marinara, arrabbiata, and pesto. There is also the “penne lisce,” which doesn’t have ridges and the pennoni which is wider.

If you’re in Long Beach, we suggest you try some delicious penne in West End Pizza & Restaurant. They also have a tasty Fagioli soup, lasagna, ravioli, and more!

2) Fusilli

The fusilli type is also known as rotini and it has a spiral shape. It got its name from the word “fuso” which means spindle. This one is a great fit for thick sauces like meat. It’s commonly found in cold salads.

There are some variants like the fusilli bucati which is hollow and bent into springs. Other types include the fusilli lunghi and fusilli Napoletani. The former is also twisted but longer like spaghetti and the latter is flat and shaped around a spindle.

Popular Pasta Dishes

1) Primavera

This dish is a combination of penne and vegetables and it has an interesting origin story. It’s actually an American meal that was invented in 1975. Sirio Maccioni and two other chefs went to Canada where they cooked for Baron Carlo Amato and his guests.

What came out of the cooking that day is the dish we now know as Primavera. Maccioni brought the recipe back to New York and his restaurant Le Cirque. However, it became famous when the recipe was included in a New York Times article two years later.

2) Fagioli

This is a traditional Italian soup made with pasta and beans. It is usually done with ditalini or elbow macaroni. The other main ingredients are the beans. These can be borlotti beans or cannellini beans.

This soup is very easy to make and it doesn’t take a lot of time. When people prepare it at home, they could use dried beans but also canned ones. The soup base often has garlic, celery, tomatoes, carrots, onions, and olive oil.

3) Pesto

This one is made by simply combining pesto sauce and pasta. The pesto sauce typically includes basil, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, coarse salt, and hard cheese. You can have the meal warm or cold, and it can be both a side dish or a main dish.

4) Carbonara

Carbonara is made with cheese, pepper, eggs, and pork. It is typically combined with spaghetti but other options include rigatoni, bucatini, and more. The meat could be pancetta though bacon is commonly used as well.

The name stems from the word “carbonaro” which means “charcoal burner" in Italian. Its origin is usually traced back to Lazio and it is often described as a “Roman Dish”. The use of the term carbonara was first recorded in 1950, in the Italian newspaper called “La Stampa”.

There is a great place in Rocky Hill, called Michel Angelo's Pizzeria where you can try some mouthwatering Carbonara. They also have a flavorsome Primavera dish, Bolognese, Ala Vodka, and others.



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Best pizza in town. My family's and my #1 place to eat. I've been supporting their business since day one. Love the service, food, pasta. All their food is always fresh and delicious. The people there always make us feel welcomed and much appreciated

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