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Even trivial amounts of gluten in food is exasperating for individuals with celiac disease and wheat intolerance. Slice knows how difficult it is to get food that isn't just a plain salad for those who follow a restricted diet.

Rather than visit restaurant after restaurant and check menu after menu, let Slice do the homework and bring you a delectable selection of gluten free pizza.

Using Slice, all you have to do is search for “gluten free pizza near me”. You are presented with the available choices among your best local pizzeria. And in a matter of taps, you’ll have pizza delivered to your doorstep!

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What is Gluten?

According to a study by the University of Chicago Medicine, 1 in every 133 healthy people in America has celiac disease.

Celiac is a chronic autoimmune disease that leads to digestive disorder and damages the intestine’s villi. Gluten ingestion is identified as the reason.

There is a broad spectrum of gluten intolerance in America today: from mild allergies to acute intolerance. It leaves the gluten-sensitive persons with fewer options while eating out.

Even though some menus claim to have gluten-free recipes, cross-contamination in the kitchen is a hidden risk. Also, the substitutions in any recipe to make it gluten-free do change the original flavor.

When it comes to having a slice of your favorite pizza with the gluten-free option, Slice ensures that you do not have to compromise. We bring you the best gluten free pizzas from your local pizzeria.

Let us backtrack a bit and find out what gluten is. It is a set of proteins found in wheat, barley and rye. This gluten network gets filled with distended starch particles and air bubbles. Put in simple terms, it is what makes your bread and cake fluffy.

Gluten is used as a thickener at times and is also responsible for the dough’s elasticity. Most baked goods like bread, pasta, and pizza have it. Pizza contains high levels of gluten as the dough gets its structure from the gluten.

How is gluten free pizza made?

When the pizza-craving gets hold of you, don’t let your dietary restrictions get in the way. Order one through Slice from the pizzerias near you, with gluten-free options.

Pros and Cons


  1. For people with gluten intolerance or celiac, eating gluten-free can help reverse the damage already caused to your intestine and prevent further inflammation.

  2. You need not say no to Pizzas anymore.

  3. In experienced hands, this pizza would turn out as flavorful as your regular pizza.

  4. An occasional "gluten free" pizza can keep you right on the health track.

  5. Gluten free pizza keeps your insulin in control.


  1. The price can be on the higher side because of the ingredients and the preparation methods. That’s why Slice has great offers and discounts for you.

  2. It is not easy adjusting to the difference in the taste of a GF Pizza and a regular one.

  3. Available in one size, unlike the regular ones.

  4. It takes up more kitchen space. To avoid the risk of any cross-contamination, GF pizzas are made separate from the gluten-containing pizzas.

Never let your gluten-sensitivity stop you from getting your hands on your favorite pizza. You can always use Slice to find the best gluten free pizza near you.



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