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What is New York Pizza?

New York-style pizza is beloved everywhere for its thin crust, balanced sauce, and ample cheese. On average, an NY pizza measures roughly 18 inches in diameter, making it the ideal meal for large groups of pizza lovers. Not in New York? Don’t worry! NYC is rightfully renowned for its pies, but you can find a great New York-style pizza anywhere in the United States with the Slice app.

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Q: What is New York pizza? A: New York pizza or New York-style pizza is a type of pizza that is defined by its large slices and thin, crispy crust. It's most often topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and can have any variety of toppings. Q: What is the difference between New York and Chicago Style pizza? A: The most obvious difference is that New York pizza has a thin crust, and has a thin layer of sauce, cheese, and toppings. Chicago pizza, most oftenly referred to as Deep Dish, has a thick crust, with its sauce, cheese, and toppings often an inch or two deep.

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