What is a Tomato Pie?

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A quick drive down I-95 separates Trenton and Philadelphia, but their respective tomato pies are what really set them apart. The Trenton Tomato Pie features an extra-crispy thin crust and a layer of crushed tomatoes that sits atop the cheese. Philadelphia’s tomato pie, meanwhile, has a thick crust with only a touch of cheese.

Don’t get lost in the sauce – both tomato pie styles are fantastic and equally deserving of your belly room. Try a sensational tomato pie today.

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Q: 🍕What is the difference between Philly Tomato Pie and Trenton Tomato Pie?

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Q: 🍕Who invented the Trenton Tomato Pie?

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Q: 🍕Where were Philly Tomato Pies first served?

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