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Many of the pizza styles that are popular in New York are also very common in Largo. This is because many people from New York move to Largo each year. Even people coming from the Northern state to visit Florida for vacation bring their pizza tastes with them - making plenty of New York-style pizzerias pop up all over the state.

In Largo, you will find the Chicago pizza too. While both are very popular here, the New York slice is going to be found more often at all of your favorite pizza places.

Do you live in Largo? The area is known for having delicious food. You can order, eat your meal, then take a walk around the beautiful town. Are you not sure who to order from? Be sure to keep reading! All of the locals’ favorites are right here.

Recommended Pizzerias in Largo

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Pizzerias in Largo with Discounts
Joe's New York Style Pizzeria & Restaurant
4.2filled star icon(2361)
$3.60 - $6.25 Delivery
2745 E Bay Dr, Largo, FL 33771
Vinny's Pizzeria & Ristorante
4.5filled star icon(412)
$3.00 Delivery
312 West Bay Drive, Largo, FL 33770
Brickhouse Pizza
4.5filled star icon(157)
$4.00 Delivery
1135 Missouri Ave N, Largo, FL 33770
Pizzerias in Largo with Fastest Delivery
Villa Italia Pizzeria
131 Clearwater Largo Rd N, Largo, FL 33770
Cafe Classico Express
4.4filled star icon(17)
$2.00 - $5.00 Delivery
3200 E Bay Dr l, Largo, FL 33771
Charlie & Millie's Pizza House
10953 Seminole Blvd, Largo, FL 33778
Engine 53 Pizza
9103 130th Ave, Largo, FL 33773
Pizzerias in Largo with Free Delivery
Pal Joey's
4.8filled star icon(64)
Free Delivery
1791 S Highland Ave, Largo, FL 33756

Largo is Known for New York Pizza

The New York Pizza originated a long time ago in NYC. The pizza is thin and holds plenty of cheese. The slices are also extremely large so that you can fold them in half. This idea became very popular in Florida as well, since many people moved there from New York.

The foldable pizza worked very well for walking along beaches and boardwalks with a tasty snack. So, it didn’t take long at all for the thin pizza to become a staple in the area. With New York pizza spreading all over Florida, it was only a matter of time before Largo got a hold of it.

Overall, we are sure you will love a giant New York slice, no matter which pizzeria you order it from! The portion sizes are very large - one slice usually takes up an entire plate! So, if you are looking for a quick bite to eat, a New York slice is just what you need.

Best Delivery Pizza in Largo

Do you need fast delivery of a thin crust pizza in Largo? We recommend that you order from the Ravello Pizzeria on East Bay Drive. They offer free delivery and are extremely prompt with their services. You can order a variety of thin-sliced pizzas, not just the large New York piece.

They also can deliver subs and even spaghetti right to your door. All of their meals are amazing- there is something for everyone to love on their menu. They also stuff their calzones full! They almost seem like they are about to burst when you bite them, since they are so full of cheese and other toppings.

Overall, Ravello Pizzeria has some of the best delivery options available in the area. If you want to receive your order quickly, without having to call it in, be sure to place your order through us!

Best Takeout Pizza in Largo

Want to try some hot and tasty takeout instead? We recommend that you visit Mike’s Pizza & Pub on Walsingham Road. They have amazing takeout, or if you prefer, you can also stop in for a quick drink.

The staff are very active and always working on someone’s order. They are hardworking, kind, and always willing to make adjustments to your order if you need it. Overall, they are a wonderful place to order from. Their service is prompt too, so you won’t need to wait hours to pick up your food.

Many locals enjoy ordering food from this store for lunch. They pick it up, then bring it back to enjoy on their lunch breaks. If you order through Slice Life, we make sure your food is ready on time, so you can enjoy it quickly too!

At the end of the day, the best takeout pizza in Largo is going to come from Mike’s Pizza & Pub. You can try them as soon as today- we are sure you will not be disappointed!

Best Pizza Near Largo


Cristino’s Coal Oven Pizza in Clearwater is the best Italian restaurant around, according to online reviews. The store is very popular and has plenty of positive feedback on its page. They are vegetarian-friendly as well. Plus, you can order a variety of pizzas, pastas, salads, and desserts.

Pinellas Park

Campanella’s Italian Restaurant has a variety of thin-sliced pizzas for you to try. Their portions are large and they have vegetarian-friendly options. The pizza is made fresh, so you know you always will get a hot slice.


If you want some fresh food, then we recommend stopping by the Brooklyn Pizza in Seminole. They have a variety of Italian desserts, which many of the locals love. Plus, they make a wonderful pizza with plenty of toppings and delicious, fresh cheese.


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