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The best pizza in North Miami: a local guide

Famous for its many architectural buildings, historic sites, and museums, which all reflect its rich history, North Miami is a city incorporated in 1953 and located in Florida’s Miami-Dade County. Previously known as Arch Creek, North Miami is highly visited by many people who either wish to learn more about past events or simply want to connect with nature in one of the many wildlife areas and parks. The many art galleries and restaurants with incredible food are additional elements that put the city on the map.

Just like Miami, North Miami is known for its delicious Cuban dishes, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find excellent Italian or American food in the area. Plenty of great Italian restaurants serve authentic Neapolitan or Sicilian pizza, and pasta made using old-fashioned recipes. There is a large variety of American street food places, delighting locals with pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and more.

North Miami is Known for Neapolitan Pizza

With many Italian restaurants in the area that can prepare the dish exactly how it is done in Naples, Italy, it’s no wonder that North Miami residents prefer Neapolitan pizza over any other type of pizza. Diners can sometimes mistake Authentic Neapolitan pizza for New York-style pizza due to the thin crust in both cases. However, the crust of Neapolitan pizza is very airy and puffs up around the sides, is charred on the bottom and edges, and is served typically as a personal pizza rather than a large pizza divided into slices.

If you are looking for authentic Neapolitan pizza, North Miami’s Italian restaurants will ensure you get the traditional Italian pizza-eating experience. The puffed-up crust is great at containing the delightful mixture of fresh San Marzano tomato sauce and creamy mozzarella cheese. Neapolitan pizza should be simple, using a few flavorful ingredients, but many restaurants tend to top it with other interesting toppings to take it to the next level.

Best Delivery Pizza in North Miami

Established in Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1993, Alaska Coffee Roasting is one of the best restaurants for wood-fired pizza in North Miami, despite its primary focus of roasting and preparing delicious, rich coffee. They always use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients when making all of their dishes from scratch, and many residents are impressed with the quality of their food. If you are looking to kill two birds with one stone when eating out, then Alaska Coffee Roasting is the place where you can enjoy a hot, freshly-made pizza while savoring your favorite coffee.

One of the most appreciated items on their menu is the Breakfast Pizza. Made with eggs, cheese, meat, and vegetables of your choice, you can customize this pizza based on your preferences and get all of the protein and nutrients you need to start the day off right. They also offer signature pizzas, such as Margherita Pizza, Napoli Pizza, or the Brisket Pizza, as well as salads and pastries.

Best Takeout Pizza in North Miami

Looking for the most mouth-watering New York-style pizza in North Miami? Then Evio’s Pizza is here to serve you some delicious dishes. The family-owned restaurant makes their thin-crust pizza with care and with the highest quality ingredients available to ensure all customers leave happy. Their American-style food is simply amazing and comes in huge portions at great prices, making it affordable to enjoy a dinner out with friends or family.

Their classic but tasty Cheese Pizza is a top choice since the cheese is always gooey and combines perfectly with the savory tomato sauce. The Gyro Pizza is also a great pick since it uses various toppings, including roast meat, tomatoes, cheese, and Greek garlic sauce that enhances the flavor of all the ingredients. If you want to feast on a different type of dish, Evio’s Pizza also sells a healthy Greek Salad, Gyro Pita, and Quesadillas.

Best Pizza Near North Miami

North Miami Beach

Famous for its central location and accessibility to many stores and boutiques, North Miami Beach also features plenty of beaches, nature parks, museums, as well as amusement parks, and arcades. It’s an ideal destination for a family trip.

Nate’s Pizza is a beloved Italian restaurant in the area, thanks to its flavorful pizza. The Chicken, Bacon & Ranch Pizza, Supreme Pizza, and Vegetarian Pizza are all perfect picks if you plan on trying them out.

Miami Shores

Miami Shores certainly has a lot to offer for a simple, small village in Florida. From bars, dance clubs, and festivals to many art museums and parks, the village is an overall fun place for anyone.

Since 1996, Pizza Fiore has provided Miami Shores with mouth-watering, handcrafted dishes. If you stop by, you have to try the Pepperoni Pizza, Veggie Pizza, or Garlic Rolls, which have a delicious fluffy crust and plenty of mozzarella cheese.


Incorporated in 1925, Hialeah is one of the most historically significant cities in the state, thanks to the Hialeah Park Racetrack historic site, which attracts many visitors throughout the year.

Since it is such a visited city, you can find tons of great places to enjoy a tasty pizza in Hialeah. One of these places has to be Al’s New York Pizza. Head here to sample the best New York-style pizza around. Over ten different topping combinations await as a whole pie or by the slice!

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