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Present-day Pompano Beach used to be the home of Tequesta Indians and later the Seminole Indians before opening up in the late 19th century after the first train arrived at the beach in 1896. Prior to this, the natives survived on seafood and farm produce from the subtropical land. The first settlers were the railway workers and the region was initially known as Pompano – a name derived from a fish that’s abundant in the water of the Atlantic Ocean off the city’s warm beaches. Pompano was incorporated in 1908 and soon merged with the beach areas to become the city of Pompano Beach in 1947. The city continued to be an agricultural community well into the 1960s while the tourism, boating, and light industries expanded to contribute to its economic growth. Today, it’s an attractive destination for visitors and outdoor recreation enthusiasts who fancy its warm beaches, meaning you’ll definitely find pizza – plenty of it – here.

The best pizza in Pompano Beach: a local guide

When lovers of pizza are asked to describe the city of Pompano Beach, best believe that the city will be called “one of a kind”. Why? Because it caters to the desires of almost every pie aficionado. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of New York pizza, Sicilian, stuffed pie, deep dish, white pizza, Greek pie, tomato pie, Neapolitan, thick or thin crust pizza. You’ll find your favorite pizza style here, and easily too. As a result, you may wonder if there’s a particular style of pizza that the city is known for. Well, there is, and the answer is Grandma Pizza. In spite of how the pizza chefs here have provision for almost all styles of pizza, the unique style here that takes front seat is that rectangular/square shaped thin crust, chunky tomato sauce, and light mozzarella cheese Grandma pie. This style originated in New York from the Sicilian style of pizza, and is more like an adaptation of the Sicilian style into a thin crust with a few modifications. There are no rules about which toppings must go on the pie, so what you want determines what you get on your grandma pie here.

Best Delivery Pizza in Pompano Beach

Not everyone knows how to prepare delicious food, and even less may have the time to do it if they knew, so that’s where Big Louie’s Pizzeria comes in for the residents of Pompano Beach. Through their excellent pizza delivery service, they’ve won the hearts of all and sundry in the city, serving delicious pizza that never disappoints and always arrives on time, smelling amazing and smoking hot. What’s more, they know how to prepare the pizza exactly the way you pictured it so that your cravings will be utterly satisfied. If you’re a first-timer, feel free to browse through the rich pie menu items available or go ahead and build your own special pizza from scratch and you can be sure you’ll become a regular after you take your first bite when the pie arrives. To start, all you need to do is place an order on Slice and you’re good to go.

Best Takeout Pizza in Pompano Beach

Anne Marie’s Pizza & Wine Co. is a regular stop for Pompano Beach townies that are always on the move because the restaurant serves the best takeout pizza in the city. Ask any of them and they’ll tell you that North Federal Highway is never too far away, nor is it ever hard to make a detour for that box of pizza that Anne Marie’s has waiting for them. All the takeout pies prepared at Anne Marie’s are authentic and made from fresh dough and ingredients in an open kitchen, so you can watch how the pizza is made because they’ve got nothing to hide. You’ll definitely like this family-owned and operated restaurant’s customized interior decoration with beautiful touches too. Whichever Italian or American pie special you choose to have here will leave you planning your next pickup, that’s for sure. How about you just place an order right away on Slice?

Best Pizza Near Pompano Beach


Sitting near Coconut Creek and Coral Springs in South Florida is the metropolitan city of Margate, one that is popular among golfers, beach lovers, and nature enthusiasts. There are lots of places where you can spend quality fun time while you’re here, but be sure to visit Fern Forest Nature Center – for beautiful wildlife sights, exciting hiking adventures, and picture-worthy spots – and Big Daddy’s Pizza & Subs – for delectable Sicilian and New York pizza – before you leave. You won’t regret it.

Deerfield Beach

The city of Deerfield Beach lies north of Pompano Beach and is perfect for those that want to experience the beaches of South Florida away from the crowd. You’ll be thrilled to know that the city has award-winning beaches and parks with cozy campgrounds and modern amenities. If you’re a fan of wakeboarding, skiing, or surfing, Deerfield Beach is the perfect place for you to pursue your interest. Another spot that gets the shout for its amazing pizza delicacies every time is Fratelli's Pizza, Pasta & Vino on West Hillsboro Boulevard.

Oakland Park

The city of Oakland Park located south of Pompano Beach is a small municipality with not-so-small opportunities for recreation. Home to several local parks, you’ll find plenty of playgrounds, outdoor spaces, and jogging and hiking paths where young and old can enjoy refreshing activities away from home. If you happen to be in town during a major holiday, then you don’t want to be anywhere other than Jaco Pastorius Park. The pie lovers in the city won’t shut up about Jet’s Pizza on East Oakland Park Boulevard, so be sure to find out what the rave is about.

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