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The best pizza in Spring Hill: a local guide

Spring Hill has people from different parts of the world, which leads to new food cultures. Italians specifically arrived and settled in Spring Hill from New York in the 1980s. The town quickly adopted New York-style pizza, which is now a favorite for the locals. The first New York-style pizza came from Lombardi's Pizza in Manhattan’s Little Italy in 1905. New York-style pizza is an offshoot of Neapolitan pizza, which has roots in Naples, Italy. New York pizza has a crust that is crispy and thin. Most people love folding the large slices in two while eating it. It has usual toppings such as tomato sauce and dry shredded mozzarella. New York-style pizza is traditionally baked using a coal oven. However, some modern pizzerias use gas ovens. Some restaurants in Spring Hill import water from New York since it has some minerals believed to enhance the pizza’s taste. Restaurants in Spring Hill will satisfy your New York pizza cravings beyond your imagination. Don’t leave town without trying one!

Best Delivery Pizza in Spring Hill, Florida

If you happen to be in Spring Hill and require a tasty delivery pizza, you should consider Yo Pauley's Slice Shop. The pizzeria prepares perfect thin-crust pizzas that will make you a happy and loyal customer. A taste of the Yeah Boi Pizza or the Hottie from Brussels Pizza will satisfy anyone’s pizza cravings. Just make sure you order enough for seconds. The pizzeria has a massive menu with different options, and anything you decide to order will be a hit. Start with a Gourmet White Detroit Pizza served with a blend of four kinds of Italian cheese, mozzarella, and garlic. You can also opt for the Buffalo Chicken Detroit Pizza or the White Tomato Basil Pizza, with juicy toppings including sliced tomatoes, fresh basil, parmesan, and mozzarella. Wrap up the order with a starter like a house or Greek salad, and Yo Pauley’s will deliver your order to your door in no time.

Best Takeout Pizza in Spring Hill, Florida

Pizza Villa & Restaurant is a family-owned and managed pizzeria that follows the same pizza-making traditions through generations. The restaurant opened in Spring Hill in 2003, and it serves heavenly Italian fare. Their menu has vegetarian pizza options like the regular Veggie Pizza or the Veggie Sicilian Pizza, and both are filled with peppers, broccoli, onions, and mushrooms. The house special and one of the best sellers here is Danny’s Special Pizza. It’s a pizza pie with a made-to-order sauce full of fresh garlic and spices and topped with mozzarella. Since Spring Hill is in Florida, you won’t be surprised to learn that some of Pizza Villa’s pizzas have toppings like clams and shrimp. Some of their pasta dishes also contain shrimp. To beef up your meal, add a fresh and tasty salad or one of their many appetizers. Is your mouth watering yet?

Best Pizza Near Spring Hill


Capri Pizza & Pasta serves traditional Neapolitan and savory thick crust pizzas in Lutz, south of Spring Hill. Bring your appetite to Capri because the Stuffed Meat Pizza and the Pan Meat Lovers Pizza are no joke. Packed with meaty toppings and cheese, they might be hard to finish. On the Neapolitan side of things, the Margherita Pizza is another flavorful and straightforward choice. If you prefer something other than pizza, opt for one of their pasta dishes, hot subs, or salads.


The town of Holiday is southwest of Spring Hill, and you should visit to sample some of the local pizzerias. Slice of Heaven Pizza is a vegetarian-friendly pizzeria with several veggie pizza options, including a typical Veggie Pizza and a Spinach Pizza. The Spinach Pizza has decadent toppings consisting of two blends of cheese, fresh garlic, spinach, and they brush the pizza crust with olive oil. Expect excellent service and generous portions each time you order.

New Port Richey

When you are in New Port Richey, make sure to savor the hand-tossed pizzas prepared at Sam's New York Pizza. The pizzeria has been a household name since opening in 2006 and serves flavorsome New York-style pizzas. You can decide to start your order with a Special Pizza, similar to the conventional Supreme Pizza. Treat your family to an oven-baked Lasagna or Baked Ziti dinner, which pair perfectly with a garden salad.

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