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It's always a dream for every American to visit Florida and enjoy the summer season, and St Pete Beach is one of the great destinations in the Gulf Coast state. This city, which lies to the west of St Petersburg, is famous for being home to award-winning beaches and restaurants. When people visit the resort city of St Pete Beach, often all they have in mind is finding seafood or going fishing. But, surprisingly saucy and crusty pizza is offered in many pizzerias in St Pete Beach city. If you didn't know that St Pete Beach can satisfy your pizza cravings, you should try eating out or ordering from one of the pizzerias in the city. The locals in St Pete Beach and Florida as a whole always celebrate National Pizza Day, proving that pizza is becoming more and more popular in Florida. Most pizzerias survived the food market competition from seafood due to the growing number of consumers, such as high school kids who flock to pizzerias after school games or during weekends. The love for pizza passes through generations, which is why pizza remains a favorite in St Pete Beach.

The best pizza in St Pete Beach: a local guide

Pizza culture arrived with immigrants who relocated from New York and brought pizza recipes with them. Generally, Florida hosts an enormous number of expatriates, with New Yorkers being the majority of them. The city has award-winning beaches, which tend to attract investments from hoteliers from different parts of the world. Luckily for hotel restaurant goers, New York-style pizza recipes have been passed from generation to generation since the '70s in St Pete Beach. Pizzerias in St Pete Beach offer the best New York pizza using the Italian cuisine style, leaving your taste buds to feel like you just ate at your favorite Pizzeria in New York. New York-style pizza is known to have large crispy slices with a thin crust. It comes with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and extra toppings, making it a favorite for pizza lovers. Many pizzerias in St Pete Beach use coal ovens or wood ovens for their pizzas; thus, bringing out the original taste of New York-style pizzas.

Best delivery pizza in St Pete Beach

Tuttorosso Pizzeria is a St Pete Beach treasure that is an Italian family owned pizzeria. The owners came from Naples, Italy. The restaurant gets some of its ingredients from New York, and that's why most people order from the pizzeria. They bring you the tastes of yummy New York pizza and lasagna right in St Pete Beach. Tuttorosso Pizzeria only offers take-outs and deliveries. You can fold the pizza slices since they have a thin crust and are not that crispy. When you talk about the sauce and cheese, you will have it right as they know how to balance everything in their pizzas. While ordering pizza, Tuttorosso Pizzeria also offers you subs, calzones, wings, and more. You don't need to drive hundreds of miles to enjoy a perfect New York-style pizza - you can order right in St Pete Beach. If you want to enjoy a crusty and delicious New York-style pizza from the comfort of your home or workplace, check out this authentic place.

Best take-out pizza in St Pete Beach

Vito and Michael’s Pizzeria is the best pizzeria for a quick New York-style pizza take-out in St Pete Beach. Vito and Michael’s Pizzeria offers both deliveries and take-outs, but it's well known for take-outs which take less than 10 minutes to prepare. Vito and Michael’s pizzas are mouth-watering, ensuring you enjoy every slice of your pizza. All orders are manually confirmed to ensure that the customer gets the best experience by sharing what ingredients they want. They are also careful about allergies. Apart from perfection in making the pizzas, Vito and Michael’s offers their products at wallet-friendly prices, making customers return to the pizzeria over and over again. The pizzeria’s décor will make you feel like you’re in New York. Why not order online on the Slice app for a quick pizza take-out and have an unforgettable experience with Vito and Michael’s Pizzeria?

Best pizza near St Pete Beach


Seminole is located about nine miles north of St Pete Beach and has many pizzerias, coffee shops, and restaurants. It's a town that makes sure that its residents are well cared for in terms of eateries. Westshore Pizza is one of the established pizzerias in Seminole, and it's known for quality service. The staff handle the orders politely and deliver you a well-done pizza. Westshore Pizza offers its customers a taste of hand-tossed pizzas, calzones, grinders, and Philly steaks.

Pinellas Park

Just a few miles north of St Pete Beach, residents in Pinellas Park are known to enjoy fishing and other water activities. Residents usually eat pizza to beat their hunger after watersports. While in Pinellas Park, you can enjoy a New York-style pizza at The Pizza Joint Fl, which offers delivery, take-out, and dine-in. The Pizza Joint Fl also offers oven-baked sandwiches, perfect cheesesteaks, strombolis, calzones, and hoagies. The establishment gives its customers the best New York pizza experience in the town.

South Pasadena

South Pasadena lies Northeast of St Pete Beach and it will take you less than five minutes to get there by vehicle. In this Florida town, you can still enjoy your favorite New York-style pizza at many pizzerias in the city, specifically Fortunato's Pizza Italian Restaurant. The pizzeria is located north of Park Boulevard along Starkey Road. The classy Italian Pizzeria offers a wide variety of oven-baked pizzas, panini sandwiches, and Italian wines to accompany your pizza. Don't forget that their prices are affordable.

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