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The best pizza in Bel Air: a local guide

In Bel Air, residents and visitors enjoy large New York-style pizza slices. The pizza originating from New York City is made from a characteristically hand-tossed thin crust and sold in wide slices to go or as a whole pie.
The pizza is typically 18-24 "wide in diameter and cut into eight large slices. The edge of the pizza has a defined crust that is thick, whereas the bottom crust is thin under the cheese and tomato sauce toppings. This is important as most prefer folding their New York-style pizza in half along the crust, allowing it to be eaten in one hand. The pizza is baked with low-moisture, full-fat mozzarella cheese at the bottom, and toppings over tangy tomato sauce. While finding genuine New York-style pizza in the city may be hard, pizzerias offer thin-crust pizza variations prepared New York-style. You will enjoy excellently crafted New York-style pizza from Margherita Pizza of Bel Air and Seasons Pizza.

Best Delivery Pizza in Bel Air

If you are looking for delivery pizza in Bel Air, choose Crust Pizza. The pizza restaurant located along the Emmerton Road prides itself in serving fresh gourmet pizzas made from scratch daily, using premium ingredients. Frozen is not a familiar word in the restaurant's vocabulary. Food always tastes fresh, and the presentation is consistently beautiful. Their menu holds a large variety of perfectly crafted traditional pizzas, meat pizzas, chicken pizzas, vegan and vegetarian pizzas, gluten-free pizzas, and seafood pizzas.
If you keenly inspect the menu, you will realize that the restaurant is very creative with its ingredient pairing. For example, their Mediterranean Lamb pizza is topped with house-cooked lamb roasted in Mediterranean spices, tomatoes, green bell pepper, red onions, and a combination of feta and oregano on a garlic-infused crust. If that is not enough, the pizza is garnished with mint yogurt and a lemon wedge. Discover more artistic pizza combination varieties from their menu and make an order through Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Bel Air

Fortunato's Brothers Pizza makes a perfect pizza pick-up point, located along Churchville Road. The simple strip-mall bistro offers Italian pizzas, subs, and pasta. Their pizzas are the star of the restaurant. The restaurant primarily provides a selection of round, thin-crust pizzas, square thick-crust pizza, and deluxe stuffed pizzas. All their pizzas are made from thoroughly cooked dough and layered with cheese combinations, loaded with fresh ingredients and a choice of sauces. If you are looking for a take and bake pizza, the restaurant offers a pizza kit with pizza dough, pizza sauce, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese and instructions on making the pizza. If you want to try something else, their deep-dried wings served with celery and blue cheese are a perfect starting point. The wings are coated with a choice sauce, like hot, mild, mango habanero, honey BBQ, or Carolina tangy.

Best Pizza Near Bel Air


Aberdeen is a small old-timey city with a new and developing scene beginning to take over. The city is very liberal with a less dense but fairly diverse culture. It is positioned at the heart of the entire East coast, which is nice for traveling. You can either travel north to New York or down South to Florida. Regardless of which way you’re heading, be sure to pass by Frank's Pizza on Bel Air Avenue. If you feel adventuresome, try their Lasagna stuffed pizza, but if you are looking for a memorable experience, go with Frank's Own Stuffed Pizza.


Edgewood is a small and diverse community. The community is tightly bound, and although there isn't much to do in Edgewood, the city is close to other towns and cities. Food from Hilltop Pizza and Subs is always excellently prepared, and the restaurant is conveniently located for pick-up if you order carry out. They make their pizzas from fresh dough prepared in-house daily, topped with a perfect blend of cheeses and a selection of rich and creamy sauces. Be sure to try their Hilltop Deluxe Pizza. You will love it!

White Marsh

White Marsh is an unincorporated city at the heart of Baltimore County. The town offers many opportunities to shop, go out to eat, and partake in fun activities. White Marsh Avenue offers a variety of stores, fast-food places, and a few sit-down restaurants, as well as an ice-skating rink and a movie theatre. Green Pizzeria at Honeygo Square offers the cheesiest pizza with a nice crisp crust and flavorful toppings. Their menu caters to everything pizza, including unique entries like Indian pizza, seafood pizza, Sicilian pizza, and a selection of gourmet pizzas.
Even though the restaurant is technically a pizzeria, they also serve homemade authentic Indian cuisine with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

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