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The best pizza in Middle River: a local guide

The community of Middle River lies in Baltimore County, Maryland. It received its first major recognition through a train station in 1877 before a post office opened up about two decades later. At some point, it became known as Little Appalachia because many Appalachian migrants settled in the area in search of jobs and better living standards. The Middle River flows from the community all the way to the Chesapeake Bay, four miles southeast, making it one of the attractions in the area for water-based recreation enthusiasts. Besides the river, there are several creeks that are tributaries of the river. If you’re in for more outdoor activities, you may wish to spend time at Wilson Point Park with your family and/or friends. History and aviation buffs always visit the Glenn L. Martin Aviation Museum to view airplanes. Those that love pizza are always welcome here because the pizzerias serve premium Italian dishes which the residents are very proud of.

Middle River is known for White pizza

Here in Middle River, the pizza that the locals are known for is white pizza. The large majority of residents also enjoy New England pizza but white pizza truly stands out as the first choice for the locals. Why this is the case is still a question that begs for answers – after all, folks are going to love what they love, whether or not they have a reason to. Safe to say that the taste of the pizza is a key reason there’s so much craze about it here. This pizza is characteristically known for not having tomatoes or red sauce which is why it has the “white” color. Sometimes, tomatoes are sliced on the pie or white sauce is used. Common ingredients that pizzaiolos in the community’s pizzerias use include ricotta and mozzarella cheese, garlic sauce, fresh broccoli, tomato, and mushrooms. Although the crust of the pie may be thin or thick, the residents usually like it thin.

Best Delivery Pizza in Middle River

Over on Eastern Boulevard in Middle River, Pranzi Pizza cooks top-class pies and delivers to the residents of Middle River as well as those in surrounding areas. Even though this restaurant is not the only pizzeria that offers pizza delivery in the vicinity, Pranzi certainly stands out because their pies always arrive within the projected delivery window, thereby creating a high level of trust in their service, one that they continue to uphold time and time again. Some of the specialty pizzas you can request from this family-owned and operated pizzeria include Greek pizza, Philly Cheese Steak pizza, Hawaiian Delight, and Italian cheesesteak pizza. Every meal is good value for money and comes loaded with fresh toppings, hand-tossed dough, and homemade sauce. You’ll soon become an ambassador of the pizzeria by the time you start getting their pies.

Best Takeout Pizza in Middle River

One of the most popular restaurants in Middle River is Perry’s Pizzeria, and rightly so because you simply can’t beat the takeout pizza they serve, no matter how hard you try. In this regard, they stand out and keep the repeat business of everyone that either stumbles on the pizzeria or visits on the recommendation of another. The restaurant is a local favorite for plenty of reasons besides the fact that the pie everyone carries out of here is the bomb. Moreover, the ambiance of the restaurant welcomes everyone that walks in. Even more, the interior décor and seating arrangement is cool, and you’ll never get here to find the place unclean. If you don’t already have a favorite pie, pick up the original Philly style pizza, Greek pie, or Hawaiian after you order on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Middle River


Essex lies southwest of Middle River in an area bound by water on three sides, making it a fantastic place for every water-related fun activity you can think of. Top among the activities here are fishing and boating, so come prepared if this appeals to you. Moreover, you get to enjoy delicious seafood and crab cakes here if you have the appetite for it. One thing you shouldn’t miss during your stay here, no matter how long or short, is pie from Five Star Pizza & Rice.


The community of Nottingham is situated north of Middle River and serves both those that are passing through and vacationers looking to spend time here before hitting the road. This small community may look like it doesn’t have much to offer those that choose to explore its areas but that’s certainly not the case. For instance, foodies and pie aficionados know that Hilltop Pizza & Subs on Belair Road makes unforgettable stuffed steak and buffalo chicken.


The community of Rosedale is one that supports outdoor recreation for young and old as well as visitors and residents, which is why you’ll find folks enjoying casual strolls along the serene streets in the neighborhood. The parks in the area are also top recreation destinations, so be on the lookout for Rosedale Park, Batavia Park, and Cedonia Park while you’re in town. You should try the tomato and cheese pizza served at Universal Pizza & Subs for dinner to know what it means to be treated like royalty.

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