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The best pizza in Pasadena: a local guide

No one can deny the deliciousness of New York-style pizza and several factors contribute to its pleasant flavor. Most reputable restaurants import high-quality ingredients from Italy, which is one of the secrets to NY pizza success. Another key component is the water used to make the dough. For true New York-style pizza, the tap water must come from New York. Those with a refined palate can detect the distinct minerals. Instead of soaking the pizza with sauces, chefs spoon a light layer over the dough. After that, mozzarella cheese is grated over the pizza. Most pizzerias will let you add additional toppings, but eating “plain pizza” with just cheese and sauce is probably the most common. New York-style pizza is famous for its huge slices. Due to its size, to eat it like the locals, you should fold it in half lengthwise. If you do this, maybe no one will know that you’re not a real New Yorker.

Best Delivery Pizza in Pasadena

Are you looking for the best delivery pizza in Pasadena? Try Mr. Pizza and Subs. Delivery is quick, and your order will be correct every time. This place is especially great if you are feeding a large group as they have tons of specials. You can get combos of pizza, subs, and wings for reasonable prices. For anyone with a gluten intolerance, they have gluten-free pizza to tempt you. Like the classic cheese pizza, you can top the gluten-free cheese pizza any way you like. Regardless of how you top it, make sure you add one of their savory dipping sauces to your order and save your crusts for dipping. In addition to pizza and subs, customers love Mr. Pizza’s strombolis and pasta dishes like spaghetti, lasagna, and stuffed shells. They also have platters of chicken nuggets and crab cakes perfect for parties or large families.

Best Takeout Pizza in Pasadena

The Pizza & Grill, also known as The Pizza Shop, is a reliable place to eat pizza and other food specialties in Pasadena. All the pizzas are made with fresh dough and have perfectly melted cheese on top. Their dough is generally thicker, but you can request thin crust pizza, too.

Tight on cash? The Pizza & Grill is an excellent spot for value. They run pizza specials that will get you multiple pizzas or combos with pizza and wings.

Customize your pizza or order one of their gourmet pizzas like the New Yorker Pizza with double cheese, double pepperoni, and double sauce. The BBQ Steak Pizza is also a big hit with its BBQ sauce, steak, and onions.

Start your meal with one of their appetizer portions of butterfly shrimp or mozzarella sticks. Have a gourmet pizza or calzone as your main course, and finish off with tiramisu or carrot cake for dessert. The menu is vast, and the combinations are basically endless.

Best Pizza Near Pasadena

Glen Burnie

Glen Burnie offers a suburban feel with good restaurants in a clean environment. Sam’s Pizza & Subs is a nice place to enjoy the Taco Pizza with Crazy Fries on the side. Featuring New York-style pizza, they have extensive gluten-free options. In fact, you can get any of Sam’s Specialty Pizzas made gluten-free. Fresh salads and wings will complement any pizza you order. Excellent service, fast delivery, and value are the watchwords at Sam’s.

Severna Park

Severna Park has a small downtown area and offers a rural feel to its residents. Good schools and a few great restaurants make this place worth visiting for a meal. Carini's Pizza offers flavorsome pizza to its customers. The pizza isn’t too greasy or soggy and Carini’s Deluxe Pizza is a must-order. The combination of pepperoni, sausage, black olives, and other veggies is a masterpiece. If you prefer something less heavy, the Greek Salad and Grilled Chicken Salad have you covered. They have takeout specials, but you can also get delivery.


Living in Arnold offers the incredible benefit of easy access to a range of parks and trails. Arnold has plenty of youngsters, so restaurants are always in demand. Pizza Boli’s of Arnold is a good place to start in town. You can satisfy your hunger with buffalo chicken pizza and wraps. Cheese Sticks and Stromboli Pizza are also highly recommended. You can’t really go wrong here - all the pizzas are light, crispy, and delicious

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