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The best pizza in Agoura Hills: a local guide

Agoura Hills was once nothing more than acres and acres of ranch land used for grazing cattle. It stayed that way until the beginning of the 20th century when a freshwater spring was discovered in the area. A small community grew around the spring, but it was a settlement of little significance with very few public amenities. Things started to change in Agoura Hills after the highway known as the Ventura Freeway was built in the 1960s and partly ran through the rural community. Developers purchased tracts of land alongside the highway and Agoura Hills began to evolve as a bedroom community for people who worked in Los Angeles. The building of houses continued well into the 1990s by which time the population count of Agoura Hills had risen to around twenty thousand. As Agoura Hills developed it attracted many new businesses including those related to the food industry. Some of the first to open restaurants in Agoura Hills were of Italian descent and one of the main items on their menus was pizza.

Agoura Hills in California is known for thin crust pizza

Agoura Hills is known for thin crust pizza, but old-world thin-crust or Neapolitan-style isn't the only type of thin crust you can get in this California city. Some of the Agoura Hills pizzerias also prepare and bake the Americanized version of thin crust that goes by the name of New York-style pizza. Thin crust pizza is a traditional Italian pie that was, and still is, baked in the Rome and Naples regions of Italy. Often called a Roman-style or Neapolitan-style pizza, it's this type of thin crust that inspired the creation of America's number one pizza, New York-style. The only variations between them are the size - New York-style is a lot bigger - and the texture. A regular thin crust is crispy whereas the base of a New York-style pie is soft.

Best delivery pizza in Agoura Hills, California

Not only does the Vincitore Italian Restaurant make the best delivery pizza in Agoura Hills, they also make the most authentic Italian one. The Vincitore Italian Restaurant is located in the Agoura Hills City Mall on Kanan Street where it occupies a premises with a definite Italian atmosphere. Think pristine white cloths on the tables and prints of Italy on the walls. That's the theme that's continued in their pizzas too because at Vincitore they take preparing their pizza dough very seriously and only use imported Italian water in the dough mix. That seriousness extends to the type of cheese they use too which is also top-quality Italian cheese. Whichever delivery pizza you order from here expect it to say Ciao! when it arrives and you open the box.

Best takeout pizza in Agoura Hills, California

If you're famished after playing a round at the Lake Lindero Golf Course or having an exercise session in Westlake Village Community Park, you won't have far to go to pick up the best take-out pizza in Agoura Hills. All you have to do is head down Thousand Oaks Boulevard until you come across Ma Dukes. Ma Dukes isn't a posh pizzeria by any means. It is in fact quite small with only a few plastic seats and a wall-mounted counter that counts as a dining area. That said though, Ma Dukes probably has the most pretentious pizza menu in the entire state of California and there's nothing wrong with thinking big when it comes to pizza. Go for the La Quack and you'll be served a pie topped with confit duck, sun-dried tomatoes, and pink sauce. Go for the Shorty and you'll get a port and cabernet demi-glace on your braised short rib. This is one Agoura Hills pizzeria that fully intends to make its mark on the pizza industry.

Best pizza near Agoura Hills, California


There are plenty of good reasons to make the fifteen-mile trip from Agoura Hills to Malibu and none of them are related to the beach. Malibu is surrounded by some of the best national parks in the state and is home to some beautiful natural attractions like Escondido Falls. If just watching surfers do their thing is relaxation enough, find a spot on Malibu Lagoon State Beach and settle down to watch the show. For a hike through varied terrain try the Solstice Canyon Trail which is a moderately difficult loop trail that passes by a waterfall and a couple of historic ruins. After that, you'll probably be ready for a pizza at somewhere like D'Amores on Heathercliff Road.


Camarillo is around twenty miles west of Agoura Hills and a good place to head for when you want a quiet day out without being jostled by too many crowds. Get a taste of what it was like to be a wealthy rancher in the 19th century by taking a tour of the Camarillo Ranch. The fifteen-room mansion has been kept intact with all its original fittings which are truly opulent and ready for you to appreciate before having a leisurely stroll around the four and a half acres of beautifully kept grounds. Aviation fans won't want to miss visiting the Commemorative Air Force SoCal Wing Museum where there are eight flyable combat aircraft. Work up an appetite with a walk around Camarillo's old town then go for a pizza at the Ameci Pizza Kitchen on Las Posas Road East.

Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita is the California city to go to when you want to spend time in the hills, but want to find more than rocks. While Santa Clarita is where the Vasquez Rocks Natural Area is located which is a great spot for backcountry hiking, it's nowhere near as exciting as the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park. You need nerves of steel to brave the roller coasters in this park as they have death-defying slopes that are scream–inspiring – before you even get on them. If that's just a little bit too much for you, try the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor instead. If you can't handle either, have a browse around the William S. Hart Museum then follow that with a pizza at Toppers Pizza on Valencia Boulevard.

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