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Antioch is a Californian city located in one of the most scenic areas of the state. It's built on a bank of the broad San Joaquin River across which lies the one-thousand square miles of the California Delta. It's not all flat land around Antioch though, as to the south are the prominent twin peaks of Mount Diablo that can be seen from as far away as San Francisco.

During its founding era, Antioch was a farming community until the discovery of coal and copper ore in the late 19th century. They were short-lived industries that didn't bring the expected prosperity and even after the installation of a major power station at the onset of the 2000s, most residents still needed to search for work in other cities nearby.

Antioch is a great place to live though, and some Italians made the move to the area from San Francisco after the end of WW2. Let's face it, anywhere there's a population of over one hundred thousand there's bound to be at least a few Italians keeping the locals happy by making them pizza.

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Antioch in California is known for thin crust pizza

The majority of Italian migrants who moved to Antioch in the early days were from around the Tuscany region. In that part of the Mediterranean country, they prefer to make a thinner based pie rather than the traditional Italian thick crust so Antioch has become known for thin crust, Tuscany-style pizza.

The thin-crust pizzas served by the pizzerias in Antioch are circular rounds of dough with a flat edge that doesn't puff up during baking. That's a bonus if you're not a big fan of chewing your way through the piles of chunky, bubble-filled strips of crust you'd get on a typical pie. The toppings are spread closer to the edge too, usually leaving just about one centimeter bare, so basically you get more of the good stuff for your money and a lot less stodge. Pizzerias in Antioch don't really go for gourmet toppings either, but they will let you mix and match ingredients to create whatever pie appetizes you most.

Best delivery pizza in Antioch, California

There are times when you just don't want to get off the sofa to head to the kitchen and cook or go out for a meal so ordering in is the obvious solution. To get the best delivery pizza in Antioch, try one from Pizza Amigo's on Somersville Road.

Pizza Amigo's is a smart-looking outlet oriented to delivery and take-out pizza. They do have wooden chairs and tables inside, but not ones that are comfortable enough to encourage you to sit down for any length of time. Their pizzas are better designed than their furnishings and that's what's most important when you're getting a delivery. You'll find their pie names are pretty inventive and great if you're thinking of having a candlelit supper or it's date night. You won't go far wrong romantically with a Latin Lover pizza, Better Desire, or even a Combo Climax if you feel your luck might be in.

Best takeout pizza in Antioch, California

If you're getting home late from work or have been out for the day and need something quick for dinner, you'll get the best take-out pizza in Antioch from Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake. You know it'll be hot when you get home as you'll need to bake it yourself when you get there.

Papa Murphy's is on Deer Valley Road in a low-rise mall with a huge parking lot so there's no shortage of spaces to leave your vehicle. Set out inside like a buffet, but with raw ingredients, you choose what type of base you want then load it with a combination of your favorite ingredients. If you're in a rush, you can pre-order and it'll be ready and waiting for you to pick up when you get there. Papa Murphy's does have a menu of set ingredient pizzas too if you're not feeling creative enough to build your own.

Best pizza near Antioch, California


Around fifteen miles west of Antioch is the city of Concord. It's a great place to escape to during the summer months as there's always something happening in the Todos Santos Plaza. The block-sized plaza plays host to farmer's markets, concerts, and open-air film showings as well as the annual Concord Jazz Festival. You'll strike the right note if you end your visit to Concord by having a pizza at Skipolini's on Salvio Street.


Martinez is a city right on the edge of the Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline. After you've hiked or cycled through the bluffs on the two-mile-long paved route there, head into Martinez for a browse around the antique shops, the Cobra Experience Museum – cobras as in cars, not snakes – or the Martinez Historical Museum. Finish the day by feeding your face with a tasty, homemade pie from Pacifica Pizza on Main Street.


Have a complete change from the water-logged landscape of Antioch by heading south sixteen miles to Byron then continue on a couple more miles to the Vasco Caves Regional Preserve. There's nothing in Byron worth stopping for, including a pizzeria, but the caves are fascinating. If you don't make a viewing appointment before arriving at the caves, they won't let you in. Relieve the disappointment of not being able to see the caverns and vernal pools by driving to the Sandy Cove Shopping Center in Discovery Bay for a pie from Round Table Pizza.


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