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The best pizza in Big Bear Lake: a local guide

If it hadn't been for the California Gold Rush of the late 19th century, Big Bear Lake would probably still be an uninhabited and isolated mountainous region of the state. Prospectors flocked to the area in the hope of getting rich quick and a makeshift settlement began to form on the shores of Big Bear Lake. Several years later after the gold rush had ended, one man saw the potential of the rough and ready village as a vacation destination. After organising an innovative form of transportation for the times, converted trucks that could be used as buses, people began to flock to Big Bear Lake to enjoy the fresh mountain air and the nearby hot springs. By the 1920s, Big Bear Lake had evolved to be one of California's top inland resort areas, but one with a very limited resident population. It was a California city without any Italian restaurants until the late 1960s when the first family relocated there from San Bernardino to open Big Bear Lake's first pizzeria.

Big Bear Lake in California is known for Thick Crust Pizza

This California city is renowned for its year round recreational facilities and Big Bear Lake is also known for thick crust pizza. Thick crust, or old world pizza, is the go-to pie baked at all the pizzerias in Big Bear Lake. Whether that's out of choice by the pizzeria owners or because they're well aware their customers are going to have substantial appetites after all those outdoor activities people participate in Big Bear Lake is not clear, but bake thick crust they do. Thick crust is a great pie for satisfying even the heartiest of appetites in the coldest of temperatures so pizza is a popular dish in Big Bear Lake even during the skiing season. Biting into a hot crusty chunk of well-made dough dripping with a rich tomato sauce and smothered with melted cheese beats fondues and hot chocolate hands down every time - well, almost.

Best Delivery Pizza in Big Bear Lake, California

To get the best delivery pizza in Big Bear Lake all you have to do is order from a pizzeria who doesn't try winging it, but that flies into action the moment they get the call. One such pizzeria in Big Bear Lake is the Red Baron Pizza and Sports Bar. Red Baron Pizza has a double-fronted premises on Big Bear Boulevard which is decked out inside with as many TV screens as will fit on the wall. Red Baron doesn't have the lengthiest of pizza menus, but what they do bake is first class. If there's not a pre-made topping ingredient combination on the menu that you like, as long as they've got the right products in stock, they'll make you one to suit your taste.

Best Takeout Pizza in Big Bear Lake, California

If you've been out kayaking on Big Bear Lake or having a stroll around Big Bear Village when hunger strikes, you won't have far to go to get the best take-out pizza in Big Bear Lake. The best take-out pizza in Big Bear Lake is baked at Saucy Mama's Pizzeria on Pine Knot Avenue which is less than a five minute walk from where you are. Saucy Mama's Pizzeria occupies a super trendy premises that's all bare brick, wood furnishings and colorful neon signs. Don't be surprised if you're quickly tempted to sit in and eat rather than get a take-out as it's just that sort of place. The pizzas are great too. If you can't decide which one you want, the Rolston's BBQ Ranch comes highly recommended.

Best Pizza near Big Bear Lake, California

San Bernardino

To get anywhere from Big Bear Lake with a reasonable amount of interesting activities you're going to have to drive for at least an hour. One of the nearest cities is San Bernardino, but that still doesn't have such a great deal to offer cultural-wise. If you're not too worried about being behind the wheel, why not start your day with motoring the entire Rim of the World Highway? It's one of the best scenic drives in California. In San Bernardino itself, you'll find the San Bernardino County Museum informative if you want to learn about local history, or the Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum fascinating if you like ceramics and Egyptian art. The First Original McDonald's is a super spot for a selfie before you drop by the Pizza House on North Sierra Highway for a pie.

Spring Valley Lake

If you thought Big Bear Lake was way up in the hills you'll find Spring Valley Lake even more remote. Spring Valley Lake sits on the shores of a reservoir that's renowned for its water sport facilities. If you can get over dreaming about living in one of the lakeside houses here you can enjoy water skiing, boating of all descriptions, golf on the eighteen hole course, fishing and horse riding at the equestrian center. No one would blame you if you booked an afternoon viewing of one or two of the vacant properties either. It's always good to dream. The best place to chat about what you've seen is sitting at a table in Nick's Pizza on Spring Valley Parkway.


If museum visits are what rocks your boat then Redlands is not a bad choice of place to head for. If they don't then don't waste the trip and go somewhere else. In Redlands you'll be able to browse around the MOR, the Museum of Redlands, which is still busily accumulating collections pertinent to the area's local history, or the Riverside Art Museum, where you can also take a painting class if you're artistically inclined. If you're more into photography than painting the UCR Arts photo gallery will be right up your street. To get some gentle exercise before going for a pizza at Jersey Pizza of Redlands on Orange Street, have a wander around the forty acre UC Riverside Botanic Gardens. Make sure you're wearing comfortable shoes though as there are four miles of paved trails winding through the flower beds and it’s all too easy to get lost among the greenery.

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