Top Pizza Restaurants in Burbank, CA in 2024 Near You

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The city of Burbank is always bustling; there’s plenty to do. There are shops to check out, restaurants, and many activities to participate in. Since everyone is always on the move, pizzerias need to prepare their food fast to keep up.

If you live here, you’ll probably want to enjoy a pizza night from time to time. The area has amazing pies, especially if you love a classic Margherita pizza. No matter what kind of pizza you’re craving, Slice Life makes sure you get it fast, so you can get back to your day.

Pizza in the area is a very popular dish. You can find it at most restaurants and there are many pizzerias dedicated to making the pies.

Overall, Burbank, CA is a wonderful place to enjoy a fresh pizza pie. If you’re hungry, make sure to keep reading! Slice Life has all of the best places in the area listed below. You’ll want to try them next time you order.

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The best pizza in Burbank: a local guide

The Margherita pizza is a type of Neapolitan pie. That means, it is always made using fresh tomatoes, dough, and mozzarella cheese. The pie is then cooked in a wood firing oven, giving it that unique charring that Neapolitan enthusiasts love.

Your pizza will likely include San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and extra-virgin olive oil. If it includes more toppings, you’re probably enjoying another type of Neapolitan pizza and not a Margherita pie.

These pies usually aren’t cut, so people eat them using a knife and fork. You get a thin, crispy crust and plenty of delicious sauce with your meal. If you’ve never had a Margherita pizza, you should try one as soon as you can- they taste amazing in Burbank!

Best Delivery Pizza in Burbank

If you want the fastest pizza delivery service in Burbank, you’ll need to order from Pizza Man. The store is full of a hardworking team, who always ensure that your meal is made promptly. They are also very kind, friendly, and make sure that you’re taken care of.

As a bonus, the location is open seven days a week. You can order from them any day, making them a convenient place to get a spontaneous meal from. The pizzeria also offers many sides, salads, wings, burgers, and more on their menu. They also have plenty of discounts and have an overall amazing value for their food.

Pizza man has excellent customer service and a fast delivery time. You can be sure that your food arrives in perfect condition- hot and ready for you to eat! This place is a local favorite, so make sure you try it out if you haven't already. Slice Life makes it easy to order from any device.

Best Takeout Pizza in Burbank

If you’re already out of the house, then takeout might be the more convenient option for you. You’ll want to place your order with Gourmet Crust Pizza. They have amazing customer service and offer a delicious slice of pizza.

They also offer gluten-free and vegan pizzas on their menu. You can even enjoy a classic New York slice here as well. For their carry out, you can find plenty of deals for ordering a slice at a great price. You’ll want to check it out next time you need a fast lunch. Many locals use their takeout to have a quick bite to eat during their breaks at work.

Overall, their takeout is the best in the city. It’s fast and your food is always prepared to perfection. When you order through us, you can be confident that your food will be ready when you arrive.

Best Pizza Near Burbank


Ameci Pizza Kitchen would have to be one of the best pizzerias in the city. Glendale is a very short drive away, so you can stop by anytime you want. The ingredients are always fresh and the crust tastes wonderful. Plus, the slices have a great texture and you can choose from many different toppings.

Los Angeles

If you want to enjoy some of the best pies in LA, then make sure that you check out Pitfire Pizza. This restaurant has some of the most delicious food in the city. The location makes Neapolitan pies using traditional wood fired methods. You can even enjoy your meal on the outdoor patio.

Long Beach

If you’re craving a Chicago deep dish pizza, make sure that you visit Rance’s Chicago Pizza while you’re in the area. They have an amazing crust and use a ton of delicious sauce to make their authentic pies. They also have fair prices and kind staff to help you.

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